Minutes of October 9, 2002 meeting

M.Brodman, D.Bush, S.DeMatteo, M.Doyle, M.Gadek(recorder), M.Herod, M.Ingegno, M.Katz, A.Martinez, E.McElroy, S.Peck, N.Reichardt, R.Smith, M.Spaventa, J.Teichmann, and D.Wilson
R.Krack, N. Warren


M.Herod has finished her assignment at the Art Library and is now at the Annex.

Old Business

CM Manual

The subcommittee in charge of CM Manual is still reviewing the final draft. Copies will soon be distributed to all units.

CM Statistics

Jeff is still waiting for one unit to bring their statistics up to date. Statistics forms should be tailored to each units needs, standards must remain on forms. Accurate reporting of statistics is very important and needed to show growth.

Preservation Project

Farideh has been consulted regarding this project, she thinks this is a good idea to focus on. Discussion continued with many avenues that can be focused on. The display will rotate between the four larger units in an effort to show the damaging results food has on library materials. Food/Drink Policy should be enforced more strictly, suggestions included security people to patrol areas, use RUTV to make a commercial to get the message out to our users. As a means of preservation write articles for the Targum, ask for slogans for the project. A subcommittee of Mary B., Nick, Don, and Stacy was formed to plan this project. Kristen St. John will also be asked to join or provide ideas.

In-transit items

Jeff has spoke to Judy and Chris with recommendations as to resolve the long overdue in-transit lists. Chris is on vacation; upon his return he will respond to possible solutions.

New Business

As an item of new business, the group discussed its goals for 2002-03. Following the CM manual completion, the group will discuss enhancements for the existing water emergency training documentation. Perhaps another demonstration / presentation of the water emergency program is necessary. The program was originally presented in 1999 and there have been many new staff hired since that time. Stacy and Andy will investigate the two educational goals for the group, preservation and space management respectively. The goal of assessing the space conditions of the NBL will be shelved for the moment. With the additional space available in the Annex, many NBL collections will be weeded. CM staff will not be performing any shifting until after collections have been weeded, so a collective look at the space concerns of the NBL will wait until after shifting can be completed.

Information Sharing

Nick---Working with Mary Fetzer to measure Gov. Docs to address space concerns. Special attention needs to be given to this collection because they are so unique and by law Gov. Docs must remain at Alexander Library.
***Jeff & Mary will take a look at the space issue.

Marty---New book shipments have returned to more manageable level.

Marilyn---In training to assume new responsibilities at the Annex.

Don---Kilmer is very busy. Don attended the recent Branch Managers meeting to meet with Collection Services members to develop his collection services skills.

Stacy---Annex is dray, going through many new phases, new shelves are installed, screw covers have been received. Moving back shelves to accommodate items being received. Getting rid of duplicates to date 45 boxes of vols. have been withdrawn. Weeding, moving need book ends.

Mary B---All caught up on lists at the moment.

Roger---Still waiting for Thelma Tate to pick-up boxes from LSM Special Collections Room. Shifting is on hold until weeding is completed. Getting ready to fill LAII position.

Megan D---Training new students, she is giving call number tests and all have a good sense for understanding procedures. Problem with books being received from Douglass rationalization project not being re-labeled before arriving at Chemistry.
***Megan called Mary G earlier in the day & told her of the problem. Mary spoke to Bob the person shipping the books and suggested he contact Paul Cabelli to go over procedures.

Matt---Douglass getting ready for D-2l, shifting Microfilm

Andy---Almost finished with Ref Per shift. Needs 30 call number labels

Action Items

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