Minutes of November 13, 2002 meeting

M.Brodman, M.Doyle, M.Gadek(recorder), M.Herod, M.Ingegno, M.Katz, A.Martinez, E.McElroy, S.Peck, N.Reichardt, R.Smith, M.Spaventa, J.Teichmann, A. Vecchione and D.Wilson
D.Bush, S. DeMatteo, R.Krack
N. Warren


Jeff introduced Amy Vecchione, the new shift supervisor at Alexander. Amy came to Rutgers from UC at Berkley. Her schedule will be Tuesday to Saturday evenings.

Old Business

In-Transit List

Megan D. and Megan I. have finished their unit's lists. Discussion continued with questions regarding new format of list. Why was material type information dropped from the list? Jeff said he would check with Dean on this.

In-Transit Users

Jeff reported that he has the checkout records for the former in-transit users. These were the 'old' users that actually charged an item to an in-transit user record when it needed to be in transit from one unit to another. As a pilot project, Alex searched their user's record and was able to cut the number down to 30. Kilmer has the highest number with 149, most are lower. Jeff will distribute the lists to the in-transit search teams with instructions on searching and charging over to missing users. These users are no longer used in the in-transit process and the records need to be cleared. The records will remain in the system since they are needed for other processes in the system.

Status of Projects

Space Management is looking for workshops that will be helpful to the membership on this group.

The CM manual group is meeting on 11/20. The In-Transit section needs to be redone to incorporate the new In-Transit Users.

Preservation Display is on hold for the moment waiting for a reply from Jane Sloan who is checking on RUTV advertising.

New Business

Water Emergency Equipment

Members were asked to check on Water Emergency Kits, a checklist was distributed and all were asked to make sure that their kits were complete and that fans were assembled before an emergency situation occurs. A Water Emergency Demonstration is being planned for January 16, 2003 with lunch and then the regular monthly meeting of the group following this demonstration. Volunteers are need to set-up for this event, Water Emergency procedures can be found on the Dglss T-Drive. The group is asked to look over this PowerPoint presentation to give opinions on what needs to be updated. New members are encouraged strongly to look over the presentation and note anything that is hard to understand etc.

Review of shifting procedures

Our shifting procedures portion of the manual needs to include the importance of In-Processing statistics when considering the space needed for growth.

Shelving oversized materials

Ian Bogus, Collection Services staff spoke with Jeff about his concern with shelving large items on their fore-edge rather than the preferred practice of shelving on their spine. Many items are pulling away from their bindings as a result. Ian offered to make new labels and / or some type of card with the call number on it to make locating items shelved on their spines easier. The group discussed this and it is apparent that this would involve numerous items. Jeff will speak with Ian about the scope of the project and try to determine a firm resolution.

December meeting

In the past this functional group has had a holiday luncheon for the December meeting. Jeff and Mary discussed this prior to the meeting and due to the increased size of the group, finding a place that can accommodate the group and the extra costs involved with a large group makes this an impossible task. Instead we will have light refreshments in a holiday mode at the next meeting Dec. 11th. However, in the January meeting we will meet the afternoon of the water emergency demonstration. It was decided that we would order in pizza for lunch between the demonstration and the meeting.

Information Sharing

Action Items: (to be completed or reported on for next meeting)

Next meeting - Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 2pm - Libraries Annex

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