Minutes of January 13, 2003 meeting

M.Brodman, S.DeMatteo, M.Doyle, M.Gadek, M.Herod, M.Ingegno, M.Katz, A.Martinez, E.Moore, S.Peck, R.Smith, M.Spaventa, B.Stubbs, E.Suarez, J.Teichmann, N.Warren, D.Wilson
D.Bush (s), R.Krack, E.McElroy, N.Reichardt (s)


The meeting followed the Water Emergency Presentation. The presentation was well attended by staff and librarians; 28 people were in attendance. Kristen St. John the Preservation Specialist for Special Collections was also in attendance.


Brian Stubbs new Night Supervisor at Alexander was introduced and welcomed to the group.

Jeff answered inquiries about PALCI and gave a brief explanation of this new resource that will begin with training later this month. Patron education will be needed, accurate statistics keeping will be very important to monitor resources being requested, time involved in processing requests, etc.

CM Projects Status Reports

- Mary B will need to call another meeting.
-Andy and Stacy looking into preservation workshops.
-Douglass Reference & Art collections takes priority at this time.

Information Sharing:

Matt - Shift of Douglass collection Q-Z is complete. Reference will be shifted in the near future. Waiting for Folio shelving.

Ed – D-21 shifting team waiting for word on Reference shift. Weeding of Periodicals will be scheduled soon, some titles will be going to the Annex, and 17 boxes of the Journal of the American Chemical Society are going to the Thelma Tate project.

Nicole – Processing Reserves, Professor’s are late in putting materials on Reserve. She is still waiting to hear from everyone with their needs to help standardize statistics forms.

Stacy – Labeling and barcoding is completed. Roger will be determining shelf space distribution. Douglass rationalization books have been processed. Shelves are needed for sorting/storing books rather then using book trucks. Concerned about humidity and spontaneous leaks.

Andy – Needs labels for Reference project (labels since rec’d and project completed). Received about 30 X collection books that had been at Cataloging for about 2 years. The books are now X collection in library and have been placed in the X collection cabinet. Sending over books and journals to the Annex. The books are in the process of being sent (over 300 items) and the journals will be sent at the end of February.

Roger – LSM is in the process of pulling journal titles H.Hoffman and H.Dess have been very helpful in making decisions regarding the destiny of titles being weeded. LSM is in desperate need of book trucks.

Megan D. – Beilstein Collection is available online, hard copy is not getting much use the collection will be moved to the Chemistry Department once a place is agreed upon. Plans need to be reviewed to determine how to best accommodate books being received from Douglass. Investigating a report of books that have not circulated in the past 5 years, weeding of these items will allow for the needed space.

Erika – Busy with Reserves, a lot of books are being received form Acquisitions. New security corridor will be installed. (NOTE: Alex, Kilmer and Math also received new security corridors)

Megan I – Shelf reading and shifting. Permanent Reserve collection needs to be looked into, seems Permanent Reserve is being used as addendum to Reference collection. List of books in this category has been sent to selector to make a decision it is necessary to remain part of Reserve. At the present time many books that belong to other units are in this units Reserve section – these are being removed from Reserve and returned to the owning library.

Don – Kilmer corridor has been installed. Received lists from Alexander Collection Services of books that need to be pulled. Students shelving books need additional training and testing on call number test. Jeff encouraged retraining and re-testing of all returning student workers. Shelving is too important of a duty and needs to be reinforced periodically. Shelf reading should be an ongoing task of all student workers.

Shirley – Working on quarterly missing book report, many books on report have Holds.

Marty – RCI conversion left his email with many problems. In-transit list needs page numbers. (can be printed in Word and page numbers inserted)

Mary – Douglass staff office move when smoothly staff is now settled in old Tech. Services area. Circulation desk is still located on the main level this does present a slight problem with desk coverage. Mary asked members to send requests for replacement water emergency supplies ASAP.

To conclude the meeting the group viewed a 3M Promotional CD – Digital Materials Management. This technology is the wave of the future. The technology and the possibilities it presents impressed the group. The group hopes that at some point similar technology will be in use at RUL.

Next meeting: Feb. 12, 2003 – 2:00pm – Annex

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