Minutes of March 12, 2003 meeting

M.Brodman, S.DeMatteo, M.Doyle, M.Gadek, M.Ingegno, M.Katz, R.Krack, A.Martinez, E.McElroy, S.Peck, N.Reichardt, R.Riley, R. Smith, M.Spaventa, E.Suarez, N.Warren, D.Wilson, J.Teichmann
D.Bush, M.Herod, E.Moore, and B.Stubbs



Ryoko Toyama has announced her retirement as of May 2003. No further update regarding the merging of Access Services and Collection Services.

Preservation Presentation:

Jeff introduced guest speaker Kristen St.John, Library Preservationist. Ms. St.John distributed handouts and explained the many different bugs that have damaging effects on library materials. As a preservationist she enlightened the group as to many hazardousconditions can be present yet go undetected. Humidity control is very important, high humidity in the summer can cause mold, when relative humidity is over 60degress mold grows very rapidly. Mold can be toxin and cause allergies in humans and presents it’s self in three stages active, dormant, and dead. Stains caused by mold and cannot be removed. Mold is a threat in books that are donated and damp books being returnedby patrons.

A question and answer period followed Ms. St. John’s presentation.

Space Management:

Andy has signed up to receive a newsletter regarding the management of space. There are no workshops available on this subject. If anyone knows of a website Andy would be happy to hear from you.

CM Manual:

Moving along three more sections to review another meeting is in the planning. Mary B. raised the question regarding money for hard binding of the completed manual.

Preservation Display:

This project is placed on temporary hold until the manual is completed

New Business:

Minutes – Jeff asked for a permanent recorder of the minutes. Nicole Warren volunteered to take minutes. Thank you Nicole.

Tours of NB Libraries – Since there are many new members of the group, we may be scheduling tours of the branch libraries during the summer months. More information will be forthcoming at next month’s meeting.

Information Sharing:

Rob – Douglass Reference shift has been completed. Ed, Nick, Matt, Nicole and assorted part-time (Douglass and Alex) have worked very hard on this endeavor.

Megan – Douglass books that were sent to Chemistry are now out of bins and on shelves.

Andy – Annex transfer is done.

Don – Georgina is still going through tests No visitors please. Collection Services continue to make more demands.

Stacy – Everything that has been received from Math Library 300 monographs and 200 journals have been processed.

Nicole – Nothing new at Chang, shelf reading is an ongoing task.

Roger – Ed is doing a great job with measurements. Would like to see more weeding done. Weeding of permanent Reserve collection at branches is now underway.

Megan I – Physics has added one new title.

Matt – Shifting getting ready for D-21 construction.

Ed – LSM shift, working with title list from Collection Services. Shelving measurements allows for 3 years growth.

Nick – Government Docs quiet at this time. Plans for additional shifts have been put on hold until April. working with Rob and Ed on Douglass project.

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