Minutes of April 9, 2003 meeting

M. Brodman, S. DeMatteo, M. Doyle, M. Gadek, M. Katz, R. Krack, A. Martinez, E. Moore, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, R. Riley, R. Smith, M. Spaventa, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann, N. Warren(recorder), D. Wilson
D. Bush, M. Herod, M. Ingegno, E. McElroy, B. Stubbs
Staff from LSM and ALEX Collection Services



Copies of an updated roster of the group’s members were distributed

The group was reminded that only the year-end lost/paid, lost/repl, and missing book lists should be forwarded to selectors, not the quarterly lists.

30- 45 two-faced ranges have been made available by Special Collections, and it will be decided where they can best be used.

PRESERVATION AND BINDERY PRESENTATION- Ian Bogus, New Brunswick Libraries’ Bindery Coordinator)

Preservation techniques have been upgraded in the past 2 years, based on workshops lead by Kristin St. John. Now the work done is mostly of archival quality, with the use of products such as removeable/reuseable glues, wheat starch paste and special cloths. The new methods are more time consuming, but the end results are worth the extra time.

Previously, damaged bindings were taped or repaired with pre-made hinges, which was even more damaging to the books. Now new cloth is put in the back of the binding, in addition to new end sheets and spines. This method is believed to be more secure than the book’s original binding.

Ian circulated examples of damaged books, as well as books in different stages of repair. These helped show the effort that goes into repairing books, old repair techniques vs. the new, and the impact improper shelving has on a book.

For preservation of brittle books, boxing is preferred over repairing to put as little stress as possible on the book.

Ian reminded of the dangers of shelving larger books on their fore-edge, which causes them to pull away from the spine and eventually fall out the casing. In the future collection services staff and collection services staff will discuss optimal alternatives for shelving larger books.

Ian urged collection management staff to use good judgment when deciding if a book should be sent for emergency repairs. Unless the book has fallen out of its casing, immediate repair may not be necessary.


Space Management- Andy has collected documentation about space management, which he will compile in a central location for the group to access.

Collection Management Manual – The subcommittee has been meeting to finalize some of the wording of the manual, and they hope to have everything completed by June. Copies of the final draft will be distributed to members of the group for review.

D-21 Project- Shelving has been taken down and everything else has been moved in preparation for construction. Some demolition will begin next week, to put in a new wall.

Preservation Display – Most of the people assigned to this project are working on the manual, so their attention is focused on that. As soon as time allows, they will continue working on the preservation display.

NB Collection Management Standardized Statistics Forms – Nicole presented the group with a revised draft of a shelving form and a shelf reading form. The shelf reading form will suit the needs of the all units, but it is difficult to standardize a shelving form because of the diverse needs of some units, like Alexander and Douglass. She will work on a revision of that form, specifically for the branches.

NBL Weeding Project – This project continues, primarily at Alexander, Kilmer and Chemistry, but will soon include LSM. Selectors are working from lists that will be passed on to Collection Services to pull. Rob is going to revise the form currently inserted in books to pull, which will include the selector’s initials and action to be taken on the book.

Shadowed Titles Correction Project- Dean Meister (Chang) ran a report of books with shadowed titles and marc records, to be unshadowed and modified to MARC records. The list of items that need to be corrected was distributed and divided among the group.


Standardization of Stacks Check Requests – Since this group searches CR books, this development will make the searching process more efficient. Andy distributed copies of the information that should be included in a request and asked for the group’s input. He stressed that is not necessary to reply to request with negative results, unless the search is specific to your library and a response is requested. There was concern that the patron’s name in the subject line may violate confidentiality, and maybe the staff person’s name could be used instead. It will be discussed further at the ASC meeting.


Nick/LSM - been visiting all of the units to take photographs for a PowerPoint presentation to be shown at the Meet & Greet luncheon April 15, 2003.

Roger/LSM – anxious for the weeding project to progress at LSM, as there is a need for more space. He also shared that Raymond Balter, the new staff person at SERC, is currently undergoing training.

Stacy/Annex- still receiving material from the Douglass Rationalization Project, and she’s waiting for the arrival of more material from the weeding projects across NBL. Rob will be adding to the weeding forms any restrictions on materials sent to the Annex - such as limits on circulation, photocopying restrictions, etc.

Megan D./Chemistry – continues to be involved with the weeding and shifting projects at her unit. It was discovered that one of the current periodical shelves is bowing and this is a concern. Replacement/repair options will be explored.

Nicole/Chang – Systems and Imaging Services are investigating ongoing problems with public computers and print release station. There is a significant decrease in patrons when the computers are down.

Don/Kilmer – preparing material to be sent to the Annex and Alex –CSD. Old shelving from Douglass it going to replace the shelving that now houses current periodicals. Georgina is back, but only working ½ days. This alleviates some of the additional workload he took on while she was gone.

Mary /Douglass – Ed and Rob have been shifting and packing the last of the items in the “cage”. A new security gate and cameras have been installed, and two guards have been hired.

Shirley /Alexander – busy shelving, and is anxious to participate in the weeding project.

Erika/Art – notices that there is some confusion among about processing PALCI material, among her student employees. Patrons have been removing the blue band, which contributes to the confusion, when trying to route items back to the correct locations. Art is now no longer date-stamping books. She invites everyone to visit the exhibition that is currently on display at the library.

Matt/Douglass – One small section of reference needs to be shifted, before construction begins. After the wall is constructed, staff will begin paging books for patrons.

Marty/LSM – has been busy searching the missing, lst/pd, lst/repl lists, and has had the chance process RDS requests in Drue’s absence.

Mary/Alexander – Staff has been shifting and shelving as usual, in addition to cleaning up BB. Excess shelving found there, along with some shelving from Douglass has been donated to the Middleton Township Library.

Rob/Alexander – has been busy searching missing books list, helping prepare Douglass collection for construction, and acclimating himself with new computer.

Eddie/LSM- working off of a list of current periodicals at LSM to measure and determine if a shift is feasible.

NEXT MEETING: To be announced

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