Minutes of May 14, 2003 meeting

M. Brodman, S. DeMatteo, M. Gadek, M. Herod, M. Ingegno, M. Katz, R. Krack, E. McElroy, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, R. Riley, R. Smith, M. Spaventa, B. Stubbs, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann, N. Warren(recorder)
D. Bush, M. Doyle, A. Martinez, E. Moore, D. Wilson



Effective 6/1/03 Collection Services and Access Services will be merged into one department.

Françoise Puniello will now assume the position of Acting Director of New Brunswick Libraries. Farideh Tehrani will assume the position of Acting Associate Director of New Brunswick Libraries, as well as continuing her duties as Head of New Brunswick Libraries Access Services.

The group was encouraged to attend the Open URL Link Source Demo on 5/21, presented by the Public Services Council Task Force.

Two new posters are being distributed to libraries, one alerting patrons to report missing books and another alerting patrons to keep in touch with their library accounts

Matthew Sheehy, newly appointed Assistant Head, Access Services, has been visiting each of the libraries to meet with staff. Beginning in June he will also be assisting the Music Library, serving as the selector for the Music collections, while the search for the Music librarian continues.


PROJECTS - Collection Management Manual- Instead of distributing copies of the manual on cd’s, it was suggested that the manual be put on the web, making it easier to access and edit.

Preservation Display – work on this project is in progress

NBL Weeding- Meetings are taking place to establish a plan of action for the project’s progression this summer

Standardized Stacks Check Procedures- Guidelines are be finalized and the procedures will be approved and distributed soon.

Standardized Statistics Forms- New revision will be presented at next meeting


Annual Report - The group reviewed this year’s mid-year report and last year’s annual report to determine goals that were met and any additional accomplishments

Staff from each library shared the specific accomplishments of their respective units

The group complied at list of projects and goals for the coming year


This was a brief meeting, and no members had any pressing issues to report

NEXT MEETING: July 9, 2003, Location to be announced.

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