Minutes of June 11, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus, S. DeMatteo, M. Gadek, M. Herod, M. Katz, R. Krack, A. Martinez, E. McElroy, E. Moore, S. Peck, R. Riley, R. Smith, N. Sondhi, M. Spaventa, B. Stubbs, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann, M. Tomaszewicz, N. Warren(recorder), D. Wilson, P. Young
M. Brodman, A. DeChavez, M. Doyle, M. Ingegno, N. Reichardt, R. Clark, J. Maguire



Jeff has stepped down from his position as co-coordinator of the group, and Mary will now be the sole coordinator.

As a result of the Collection / Access Services merger, several new members were welcomed to the group: Ian Bogus (NBL Collection Services), Neera Sondhi (Alexander Collection Services), Renee Clark (Lsm Collection Services), Asuncion DeChavez (Lsm Collection Services), Jamie Maguire, Melody Tomaszewicz (Lsm Collection Services), Paul Young (Kilmer)

An Access Services Web Team has been formed, to maintain information posted on the Access Services portion of the NBLís web site. Nicole will be representing the group on this team.


Collection Management Manual

Preservation Display

NBL Weeding

Standardized Statistics Forms

Standardized Stacks Check Format

Annual Report


Roger shared information about a demonstration he attended, on a RFID (radio frequency identification) system, made by 3M. Books have a special barcode that can be read by a hand scanner, at the rate of 20 books per second. As you scan the stacks, any shelving errors found will be indicated by the scanner. It can also be programmed with a pick list, and when an area is scanned, it will indicate when a book from the list is found. The RFID system is also compatible with Workflows.

Year-end reports for missing, lost/paid, lost/replaced will be distributed in July, and guidelines for their processing will be redistributed

Summer Projects

Nick will be conducting training sessions on Government Documents during the summer. Group members are encouraged to attend. For a preview, documentation can be found on a web site in the LSM (T:) drive.

LSM will be doing a major shift of their periodicals collection (3rd floor), and will enlist the help of group members. This project will be different from shifting a monograph collection and will be especially beneficial for group members who haven't participated in a shift of the periodical collection.


Brian/Alexander Ė is interested in the possibility of workstations being configured to have a beep to denote a successful discharge, and another to denote a discharging error. Often when discharging, a message box appears after scanning a book. Some staff not aware that an error has occurred, continue scanning other books, resulting in some in not being discharged.

Rob/Alexander- a clean up of the stacks is in progress, involving the removal of garbage and checking the condition of shelving. With the arrival of bound periodicals from Douglass, Alex is in the process of consolidating their bound per. collection. Clean up of the sub basement is near completion, and shelving found is also being cleaned in preparation for future use.

Marilyn/Annex- applying Annex codes to journals and inputting their data into the system, in preparation for shelving.

Melody/CS-LSM- involved in the ongoing weeding projects, working on finalizing the Marc holding format, and considering a mass barcoding of all NBL periodicals, but time, money and staffing are concerns.

Matt/Douglass- busy getting caught up with the backlog of shelving.

Eddie/LSM- finishing the last of the shelving backlog, and preparing for shift of periodicals section on 3rd floor. Eddie will contact the group for assistance, when the shift is ready to begin.

Erika/Art- has been working at the Annex this summer, and has barcoded and alphabetized over 500 Kardex cards.

Nicole/Chang- preparing to inventory Changís circulating and reference collections.

Eugene/SLMR- renovations are still progressing, new computers have arrived, a new library director is expected in August, and a shipment of shelving from Alex is expected.

Don/Kilmer- periodical shelving from Douglass has arrived, and after the current collection is weeded, the new shelving will go up. Stacy/Annex- 9 ranges of shelving moved for renovations need to be put back, receiving lots of material from Chemistry, but arrivals from Douglass have slowed, may need the groups help this summer to reset shelving to the correct height.

Neera/CS-Alex- cleaning up 930ís, working on marc holding records, and bindery processing

Ian/CS-NBL- investigating possibility of one vendor for all of RUL, new bindery software has arrived and needs to be tested, attempting to decrease repair backlog and invited collection management staff to learn how to make repairs, to assist them.

Andy/Math- inventorying the stacks collection, and preparing for weeding and shifting later in the summer.

Roger/LSM- received microfiche from Math that will be integrated into LSMís collection, working with selectors to review permanent reserve collections for possible updating of older editions.

Mary/Douglass- construction in progressing as scheduled, Erika and Kristin came over from Art to help with their shelving backlog, which was greatly appreciated.

NEXT MEETING: July 9, 2003, Location to be announced.

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