Minutes of August 13, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus, R.Clarke, S. Dematteo, M. Gadek, M. Katz, R. Krack, I. Loutchkina, J. Maguire, E. McElroy, E. Moore S. Peck, M. Sheehy (visitor), R. Smith, N. Sondhi, B. Stubbs, E. Suarez, N. Warren(recorder)
M. Brodman, A. DeChavez, M. Herod, M. Ingegno, A. Martinez, N. Reichardt, R. Riley, M. Spaventa J. Teichmann, M. Tomaszewicz, D. Wilson, P. Young



(A subcommittee has had several meetings and presented the group with food and drink policy suggestions as well as design ideas for posters, bookmark and display.)

-it was decided that patrons should be permitted to bring in water in a sealable container, but no other drinks or food, designated trash cans on each floor should be available for food disposal

-there is concern about staff (including student employees) enforcement of the policies, including the extent to which patrons should be pursued and disciplined. Some staff will not be comfortable approaching patrons and it is suggested that volunteers be available for staff to alert in these instances.

- Some type of training/workshop will be given to inform staff about the policies, the importance of protecting our collection, and guidelines for confronting patrons.

-it was suggested that a guard be placed at the entrance of Alex to prevent patrons from bringing food into the libraries. Some type of statistics could be taken as evidence of the scope of the food and drink problem. The amount of food found around the libraries during a week’s period could be recorded or someone posted at entrance could record number of people caught attempting to bring food in.

-a draft of proposed policies will be presented to Public Services Council for approval and once the policy is adopted work on Public Awareness campaign can continue.


Jamie/LSM-CSD – the binding freeze is still in effect, but she’s able to continue with the IRIS maintenance of serials, and keeping busy with book repairs.

Ian/NBL-CS- announced ICI as new bindery vender for NBL, testing on new bindery software is in progress and book repair training of Access Services two staff people continues.

Brian/Alex- some minor changes have to be made to the CM Manual before it can be made ready for access online, quarterly updates of contact lists in manual is suggested.

Eugene/SMLR- a new library director, Constance Finlay, began working last week, weeding of the collection continues, and there is a search for an archivist to review material in building’s basement.

Irina/Alex- has been attending book repair training and looks forward to helping Collection Services with repairs.

Rob/Alex- shift of Alex reference has been completed, bracing of the shelves and weeding is pending, has had some time to begin catching up on shelf reading, so far about 500 books have been found misshelved.

Marty/LSM- working on IN-PROCESS books, and searching Missing Books lists.

Shirley/Alex- working on backlog of IN-PROCESS books, and searching books from year-end Missing book lists, a number of items are being found and it is expected that future lists will be smaller.

Neera/CS-ALEX- busy catching up on book repairs.

Nicole/Chang- working on project to convert Chang’s serial holdings to MARC format.

Roger/LSM- shift of LSM third floor continues, preparations are being made for the arrival of new student employees in the fall, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled for those involved in the serial holdings conversion project, a mini-shift is in progress at Art Library, several branches have made room for BIND- PREP shelving to house material until binding freeze is lifted.

Eddie/LSM- third floor shift is reaching its second month, six aisles have been moved and 24 remain, project is expected to be time consuming.

Stacy/Annex- Ana Ramirez-Luhrs has been transferred from Douglass, items moved for last year’s construction are being reviewed and duplicate copies of many items are being found and put aside, items from Alex reference are being received and material from LSM is expected.

Mary/Douglass- has been participating in the shift at Kilmer and many damaged books are being found, replacement and/or repair options will be explored, construction is moving along, some minor problems were cause for building evacuations, Matt is working on several mini-shifts.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at SMLR

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