Minutes of November 11, 2003 meeting

M. Brodman, S. DeMatteo, M. Gadek, M. Ingegno, M. Katz, R. Krack, I. Loutchkina, J. Maguire, A. Martinez, E. Moore, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, M. Sheehy, R. Smith, M. Spaventa, B. Stubbs, E. Suarez, J. Teichmann
I. Bogus, R. Clarke, A. Dechavez, R. Riley, M. Tomaszewicz, N. Warren, D. Wilson, P. Young
Farideh Tehrani



The Collection Management Functional Group Manual is completed. Roger has been working on getting it ready to go live on the web. Should be available shortly. Some hard copies will be printed and bound.


Andy and Fred came across some informational sites and thought they might be of interest to the group. They pasted along to Jeff and now these four sites have been added: Off site storage consortiums, Space Saving Techniques, Bib Guides and Building new Libraries extensions.


The group discussed the new coffee mug proposal. We viewed an example of a spill proof coffee mug from Penn State. We discussed various ways of supplying or obtaining these kinds of coffee mugs, if they would be personalized Rutgers coffee mugs like the Penn State mugs or if we would just except any spill proof coffee mug.


The Douglass shift will begin after the construction is completed. So far the measuring of the room and the collection has been completed. The Women's & Genders studies collection will be housed in the former Art room. Target date for the shift is 1/7/2003.

This discussion led way to a question about Pamphlets. It seems that due to Pamphlets often small or thin size they are easily misplaced, lost, or sometimes overlooked. Often if they are shelved next to other bound material once that material is taken off the shelf or reshelved the pamphlet can be pushed behind shelves, fall, etc.... Nick said that when he can he will put phamlets in a plastic sleeve. We all agreed that it would be beneficial for pamphlets to be made more noticeable/independent. We decide to investigate/research other approaches for handling pamphlets.


There were questions about Binding material / repairing material. What is often meant when we say something is at the bindery or needs to be bound is that the material is being sent to an outside source (ICI) to be bound together/rebound. Most often this is periodicals but sometimes if a monograph is badly damaged we will send it to ICI for rebind. Otherwise most damaged books(monographs) are given in-house preservations treatment (repaired).

The binding freeze has been lifted, and it appears that we are all caught up on are backlog of periodicals that needed to be sent out to be bound.

A lot of questions were asked about damaged books at the point of check-out (circulation). This is why it is a great idea that Jeff and Michelle are planning a training session on the circulation aspects of WorkFlows. During this training there will be a review of circulation procedures where most of these questions will be answered.


Our guest Farideh advised us of some urgent projects she would like to see completed, they were as follows:

All are in serious need of help. This will require weeding, shifting, transfers, withdraws, procedures that affect us all and we are all encouraged to help out as much as possible to get these projects done as soon as possible. We were also urged to review Policy for items that may go to the ANNEX.

The group thought it would be best to make a timeline/ schedule for these projects. This way staff at the smaller units can make sure they have coverage and we can all work more efficiently.


Next Meeting: Dec. 10, 2003
2:30 p.m. SMLR room:TBA

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