Minutes of January 14, 2004 meeting

I. Bogus, M. Brodman, S. DeMatteo, M. Gadek, M. Ingegno, M. Katz, R. Krack, S. Peck, R. Smith, M. Spaventa, G. Smulewitz, E. Suarez, M. Tomaszewicz , N. Warren(recorder)
I. Loutchkina, A. Martinez, E. McElroy, N. Reichardt, B. Stubbs, J. Teichmann, D. Wilson



Gracemary Smulewitz visited with the group to familiarize herself with our purpose and goals, and to explore the group’s relationship to NBL.

There was a major leak at the Art library, which has made the FOLIO collection inaccessible to the public.

Roselyn Riley has been transferred from ALEX to the Art Library.


Collection Management Manual

Roger continues to work with Megan I. to format the manual for staff to view online. It should be sent to Marc Forester shortly to be posted to the Access Services website.

LSM Special Collections Room

Mary, Rob, Shirley and Eddie, have pulled cataloged items to be sent to selectors for to determine where they will be relocated. They’re working with Collection Services to add brief records for the remaining uncataloged items. Project in time consuming, but progressing well.

LSM 2nd Floor Weeding

Several CMFG members have lent their assistance to the project and consistent progress is being made. So far about 1850 books have been pulled from the stacks and sent to Collection Services for processing.

Some books are not found on the shelves (either checked out or missing) and are recorded in a spreadsheet and searched at a later date.

Melody anticipates that she’ll be able to increase the amount of processing once the semester begins, and student help is available.


Ian- continues work on reinserting missing pages into LSM bound periodicals, working on new bindery software that will plug serial control information into a bindery database allowing the automated charging and discharging of entire shipments.

Stacey- has created a web version of the Annex policies to be posted on Access Services website, has complied a report of duplicate titles that is being searched and dupes pulled, working with Chris Sterbeck to identify items that don’t have an Annex code, they will be searched, pulled and codes assigned, also working with Chad from TSB to design a web interface that will execute a size and space analysis to determine best placement of items added to the collection.

Melody- busy processing items received from the LSM 2nd floor weeding project.

Nicole- a shift of Chang’s circulating collection has begun and is expected to continue in coming weeks.

Eddie- pulling books as part of 2nd floor weeding project, has created a spreadsheet to track number of items pulled, and any books that were missing or checked out

Rob- actively involved in the LSM Special Collections Room Project, anticipates about three more weeks until the projects completion.

Shirley- has been at LSM working on the Special Collections Room Project, has also been searching missing book lists at ALEX and has noticed an increase in IN-PROCESS books.

Mary B.- has been at LSM working on the Special Collections Room Project, things are running smoothly at ALEX.

Megan I. - hiring and training new voucher employees and working with Roger to format the CM Manual for online viewing.

Matt- has been going to LSM several times a week to help with the 2nd floor weeding project.

Roger- compiling a report of LSM collection growth by range, from this point forward, to help assess growth over the past year for planning their shift, Marc Holdings conversion project is progressing well at branch units.


February 11, 2004
Location to be announced

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