Minutes of February 11, 2004 meeting

R. Smith, N. Reichardt, N. Warren(recorder), D. Wilson, E. McElroy, E. Suarez, M. Tomaszewicz, B. Stubbs, A. Martinez, I. Loutchkina, S. Peck, M. Brodman, M. Gadek, R. Krack, S. Dematteo, J. Teichmann, M. Ingegno, M. Katz, R. Riley, I. Bogus, M. Spaventa
Gracemary Smulewitz



Roselyn Riley was welcomed back to the group

Mary Gadek announced her retirement and announced that Andy Martinez will now be the coordinator of the group. The group wishes Mary well in her retirement and welcomes Andy to his new position.

Congratulations were given to Roger Smith who will replace Mary at DGLSS.

Several selectors visited the ANNEX to assess its housing capacity and to review ANNEX policies.


Gracemary will be working with Andy to restructure the groupís organization and goals.

The group may be broken into focus groups, to best address NBLís Collection Management concerns with regard to holdings, bindery, and shelf management and maintenance

The group was asked to think about how it is represented and how it can function more effectively. Suggestions and/or comments can be reported to Gracemary or Andy.


Collection Management Manual - web version has been completed by Megan and Roger and is ready to be posted online.

LSM Weeding- thereís still a significant amount of pulling to be done, but already there is a visible difference in the amount of space that has been freed up. Mary G. reminded all to contact her with their availability to go to LSM to assist with the project.

LSM Special Collections Room- Mary, Rob and Shirley are now concentrating on the shift of ALEX reference, so assistance will be needed to create brief titles for uncataloged items that were found.

ALEXANDER Reference Shift: A quick shift was done this summer to allow for repair of shelves that buckled. Shelves have been repaired and shifting continued. 2/3 of the shift has been done and the project is expected to be completed in the next two weeks.


Roger- preparing for his move to DGLSS.

Nick- spending time working on LSM Special Collections Room project.

Eddie- The overflow of books on LSM 2nd floor has been shelved and pulling for the weeding project continues.

Nicole- Inventory and Shift of CHANG circulating collection has temporarily stopped, with business of semesterís start. It is expected to continue in next week or so.

Don- Working on weeding and shifting of Career collection, and reviewing status of current periodical collection.

Eugene- busy weeding collection.

Melody- created Excel spreadsheets to maintain statistics for LSM weeding and Marc conversions project, which will be starting at ALEX soon.

Brian- monitoring persistent leak at ALEX that is causing water damage of books.

Andy- continues to inventory MATH collection, estimates about 10 pages of list can be done per hour and project should be done mid March, MATHís fiche collection has been transferred to LSM.

Mary B. - busy with shift of ALEX reference collection.

Rob- busy with shift of ALEX reference collection.

Irina- with the start of the semester, has been busy processing reserves but expects to begin repairing books with Ian in March.

Shirley- continues to process a high volume of IN-PROCESS books and has noticed an increase in Claims Returned reporting.

Stacey- receiving items transferred from MATH and LSM, expecting to receive and store a large collection of archival boxes from SMLR, reviewing lists of missing books from 1986 on to determine if they were transferred to the ANNEX rather than actually missing, continues to enter items with no ANNEX code online and working on database that reflects space available

Jeff- preparing for the arrival of Erika Moore, who will be working on circulation and billing.

Megan- has completed work on the web version of CM Manual and is working with Howard Dess to process a large donation of books.

Marty- busy with increased volume of IN-PROCESS books.

Matt- several mini shifts going on to move and replace sections to accommodate construction.

Roselyn- getting acquainted with her new position at the Art Library, and preparing for a possible shift of the 3rd floor.

Ian- working to test and improve new bindery software that is being created

Mary G. - Mike Mansouri has transferred from DGLSS to SERC and Chiaki Yamada is now doing RDS at DGLSS. Construction is progressing and it is expected that staff will be moved upstairs during Spring Break.

NEXT MEETING: March 10, 2004 - Time and Location to be announced

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