Minutes of March 10, 2004 meeting

Stacy Dematteo, Andy Martinez, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Martin Katz, Robert Krack, Roselyn Riley, Roger Smith, Gracemary Smulewitz, Matt Spaventa, Brian Stubbs, Edward Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Nicole Warren(recorder), Don Wilson
Mary Brodman, Nick Reichardt



All members who contributed to the creation of the manual were thanked, and copies of the Table of Contents were distributed for review.

The entire document can be found on the Access Services website, by following these links: Functional Groups/Collection Management/Documentation.

Paper copies of the manual will not be distributed to units, so it is suggested that the document be bookmarked on computers.


Dean Meister (Chang) has identified the reoccurrence of newly cataloged books having shadowed titles.

Nicole drafted a procedure which outlines steps to verify and correct the “shadow status”, when receiving IN-PROCESS books.

Andy also included tips for other possible problems to look for, such as call number spacing and circulation status. He will also be working with systems to find out how many titles are shadowed and a plan of action to eliminate them will be decided.

Gracemary also suggested that specific examples of incorrect spacing in call numbers be distributed. These errors are not easy to detect, but are important to correct.

Andy asked that IN-PROCESS statistics for each unit be broken into call number ranges to project the growth of specific areas of the collection, to assess space management needs. An example of the method currently used at Alexander was circulated. Gracemary suggested the possibility of running a report monthly instead of keeping statistics manually.


Group members are reminded that they should always try to volunteer for Collection Management projects, including weeding projects, collection shifts, and inventory. Volunteering for a project not only allows the project to move smoothly and be completed in a timely fashion, but also gives the volunteer a good working experience with collection management. This experience helps to make the volunteer a more marketable employee. Project participation can also be included as your functional group participation for the Pay for Performance program.

Work schedules will be made available for all future projects, with tentative beginning and ending dates will be provided. An email request for volunteers will be sent out before the beginning of each project. All volunteers should always clear any project time with their unit/branch supervisor.


Jeff brought the selector database to the attention of the group. It can be located using the following path from the NBL website:
CollectionsGroup/Collection Development/Selectors/NBL Selectors Database

Staff can enter the class and sub-class from a call number and find out the selector who is responsible for that part of the collection. This database is not complete but is a good starting point.

The database is useful for those times when we need to take immediate action on a book (i.e. water damage or mold) and need to contact the selector for that field. Normal wear and tear items (re-labels or repairs) should always be sent to your unit's Collection Services Department. They will contact the selector if a need arises.


Gracemary will share the format that the Collection Services groups are using for their minutes. This format allows for an action list at the end of the minutes for decisions made during the meeting and for assignments. Once reviewed, this format will be incorporated into future minutes.


Jeff (Alex)
- Mary Brodman has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home. She should be available to come back to work on a part time basis in a couple of weeks.
Stacy (Annex)
- Annex staff are now searching lists of pre 1986 books that have been charged to missing. It is thought that some of these books might have been transferred to the Annex and never had their library changed. Annex staff will also search the end of the year missing list before it is sent to Database Management for withdrawing. Annex staff are continuing to work on their space management database. They are working with Systems staff on developing the program and will start to input data soon.
Eddie (LSM)
- Continuing to work on both the LSM Weeding project and the LSM Special Collections Room project. The weeding project is very dependent on receiving lists of items from the selectors. Has gone back and updated the missing list of items from the weeding project with the selectors final decision (annex, withdraw, stay at LSM). Now, as items are found from this list they can easily be forwarded to the appropriate location without having to check the reports.
Rob (Alex)
- Is currently working almost full time on the LSM Special Collections Room project. The cataloging part of that project should be completed soon. Is working on a project with the Alexander Reference Collection. The collection was shifted recently and now Rob is working with CSD to get labels for items in the collection. About 1500 items need a reference label or need a complete call number label.
Marty (LSM)
- Everything is going well with the in-process books and missing reports.
Don (Kilmer)
- Is currently working with the selectors on a project to locate missing Career Collection items. Is continuing to work on a Stacks weeding project with the selectors.
Matt (Douglass)
- Is currently doing prep work for the upcoming shift of the Douglass Reference Collection. Also helping in the move back upstairs to the permanent Access Services Desk.
Roger (Douglass)
- Is working on getting acclimated to Douglass Library. Branch staff are continuing to work on the Serials Marc Holdings project.
Gracemary (Collection Services)
- CSD is working on creating lists of withdrawn items so that Systems can perform a batch withdrawal. This will save time and manpower. CSD currently has staff working on the LSM weeding project 5 days a week.
Brian (Alex)
- Helping to train part time employees who were hired to cover Mary's absence.
Roselyn (Art)
- Working on missing lists.
Shirley (Alex)
- Helping on LSM Special Collections Room project.
Eugene (SMLR)
- Received shelving from Alexander Library. Will be receiving a large number of in-process books from a donation to the library.
Andy (Math)
- Almost finished on Stacks Inventory project. Still working on Serials Marc Holdings project. Will begin prep work on Resv-Math2 collection inventory.


Wednesday, 4/14/2004 at 3:00 pm.
Location will be announced.

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