Minutes of April 14, 2004 meeting

Matthew Spaventa, Megan Ingegno, Roselyn Riley, Irina Loutchkina, Shirley Peck, Robert Krack, Andy Martinez, Martin Katz, Nicole Warren(recorder), Edward Suarez, Gracemary Smulewitz
Roger Smith, Eugene McElroy, Brian Stubbs, Jeff Teichmann



Matt/Douglass- Preparing to transfer books from Ref to Ref-Folio, pending finalization of procedures for the conversion.

Stacey/Annex- Receiving items from LSM weeding project. Based on systems reports errors in records before starting an inventory of the collection. The Annex Available Space Database, completed with the assistance of Chad Mills from systems, will launch in the coming weeks. Ana-Ramirez-Luhrs will be leaving the libraries.

Irina/Alex- Reserve processing has slowed allowing more time to do In-Processing and to help CS-ALEX with repairs.

Shirley/Alex- Busy receiving In-Process books and working on In-Transit/Missing/Lost Paid/Lost Replaced Lists. Expecting an increase in shelving with semester-end book returns.

Rob/Alex- Taking a break in relabeling of Alex reference section to prepare for semester- end book returns by redistributing overcrowded sections of the stacks. Has taken over some of the responsibility of shelving Gov Docs.

Eddie/LSM- Overflow of books pulled from weeding project are being shelved, but space issues may arise as the project’s progress increases. A shift is planned for T-Z to make room to move the folio section to the back of the circulating collection, but first it needs to be weeded. Spreadsheets of missing books identified during weeding are regularly being sent to Melody in CS-LSM. Has taken over Gov Docs responsibilities and is training a voucher to help. Dave Warner has been helping review the records of items in the LSM Special Collections Room.

Nicole/Chang- Shift and inventory of circulating collection has been completed.


Copies of the Mid-Year Report were distributed to group members for review, paying special attention to their unit’s section. Any changes should be submitted to Andy for inclusion in the Annual Report.


Nicole has created links for each item in the manual’s Table of Contents to make reading of the document easier. Manual can be access from the NBL website by following these links: Functional Groups/Collection Management/Documentation.

An appendix will be added to the manual shortly that includes procedures to make sure In- Process books are not shadowed.

Another appendix will also be added that lists the common errors found while processing In-Process.


Andy revised the procedures for receiving In-Process books to include steps to catch any errors in the books’ records, and to receive items that have a hold on them or instructions to route the book to a specified department.

Procedures may be updated to include instructions for items that are received with a “Notify” slip.

Andy also created a documentation to help staff identify common errors that may be found in the records of In-Process books and how they can be resolved.

Question arose about which departments should be contacted for which errors. Gracemary will investigate this question further and relay her findings to Andy before the next meeting.

Question arose about receiving items that are part of a monographic series. A document will be drafted to help staff identify items that may be part of a series, and how to check to see if their record reflects that.

Procedures for receiving items that have supplemental materials such as cd-roms, are being discussed and Gracemary will update the group when they have been drafted.

Andy is working on creating a systems generated report(s) to show the monthly growth of specific call number ranges in a unit’s collection. For now we will continue to keep statistics manually, broken into call number ranges, until the report is finalized. These manual statistics will be used as a basis for comparison with the reports. In the future statistics reporting will also reflect items transferred to a unit’s collection. At a later meeting we will discuss what statistics will be the most relevant for us to keep.


In May Art Reference Collection will be weeded and condensed onto new shelving.

Group members will be asked to volunteer to help with shifting of the collection to a temporary location. Andy will email everyone once a schedule is finalized.


Group Members will forward any corrections and additions to the Mid-Year Report to Andy by Friday 4/23.

Nicole will work with Marc Forster on redesigning the Documentation page of the Collection Management Functional group section of the NBL Access Services page.

Andy will check on the correct procedures for dealing with “NOTIFY” In-Process books. Further clarification from the selectors on whether a hold should be placed may be necessary.

Andy will work on creating a document dealing with monographic series and how to recognize them for processing In-Process books. Group members are welcome to forward any monographic series that they normally work with to Andy for inclusion in this document.

Andy will work with Matthew from Douglass on further testing of the reports for calculating growth of collections. More work has to be done on the reports with Gracemary and systems.


Wednesday, 5/12/2004 at 3:00 pm.
Location will be announced.

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