Minutes of May 25, 2004 meeting

Stacy DeMatteo, Megan Ignegno, Marty Katz, Rob Krack, Irina Loutchkina, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Matt Spaventa, Brian Stubbs, Edward Suarez, Jeff Teichmann,
Roselyn Riley, Nicole Warren
Roger Smith



Marty (LSM) - Nothing new to report

Irina (Alex) - Working on "In-Process" Books

Eddie (LSM) - LSM Access staff have pulled over 17,000 books for the LSM Weeding project. Currently they have don't have any reports to work on as they were able to process the backlog from the end of the semester. The pulled books are stored on the back end of the Periodical collection on the third floor for CSD to work on. Also working on shelving the books that are stored on the "Overflow Shelving" back into the collection as a summer project.

Stacy (Annex) - Ana is no longer working at the Annex, so they are down one full time staff line. SMLR has been sending material to the Annex for storage, so far 600 of a possible 1000 boxes have been received. The "Available Space" Database is up and running. Humidity and temperature sensors in the Annex are still not working correctly.

Jeff (Alex) - Has renewed all of the books charged out to the CS-Alex user and is working on the recalled items.

Rob (Alex) - Has completed shelving all of the returned items from the end of the semester. Working on completing the re-labeling of the Reference Collection with Julie from Alex-CSD. There was a small flood on the third floor of Alexander Library that did not cause any damage to the collections. Working with Jeff on a proposal to deal with oversized Bound Periodicals in their collection.

Matt (Douglass) - Will complete the re-labeling of the Reference Folio collection by next week. Currently working on the back-log of books returned at the end of the semester.

Megan (Physics) Completed a shift of the Current Periodical Collection. Received gift donations approved by Howard Dess. Some were added to the collection while others were made available to the public for free.

Brian (Alex) - Nothing new to add.

Shirley (Alex) - Working on in-transit lists, missing lists, and various claims returned from the end of the semester


Stacy demonstrated the new "Available Space" Database that was designed and implemented by Chad Mills of Systems. This new database will allow the Annex to know what space for specific heights and widths is available in the Annex and to also keep track of the space opened up by withdrawn items. The database is only available to the IP addresses at the Annex (and Systems for maintenance) so a password is not necessary. This is a vast improvement over the old way of visually finding space in the collection.

She first explained how a special Annex Code is used to shelve all of the items in the Annex. This code is made up of three parts: a circulation code (lets staff know if the item circulates or is in library use only), a shelf code (6 character long string that gives floor, range, section, and shelf location), and a book location code (2 digit long string that gives location of book on shelf). This code is entered in the Workflows record of the book and is used by Annex staff to locate and circulate the item.

With the implementation of the new database, Annex staff were able to measure the old shelving that still had space left on it. This way any new items that are received at the Annex can be first shelved on the old shelving. Annex staff are still in the process of measuring the new shelving (some of it has to be reinstalled) and the old shelving that is full. That will be an ongoing project that will be helped by a feature of the database that asks for you to input the space dimensions for any book that is withdrawn or added from a shelf not in the database. Currently around 950 shelves have been entered in the database.

Stacy distributed printouts of the various screens used in the database and walked us through how items are added for an Annex code, how items are withdrawn and the space added back to the database, and how new shelves can be added to the database. The database can also be used for statistics on how much space is left according to height and width and what has been entered or withdrawn on each IP address. Once all of the shelves have been entered in the database, this will be an excellent tool for optimizing space in the Annex. Thank you to Chad for working on this project and to Stacy for having a concise picture of what she needed at the Annex.


Staff at Alexander Library had brought up a question at a previous meeting concerning items that they have in their Stacks collection that are non-circulating. This led to a larger discussion on what the item type Stacks means to Access and how we deal with items that are stamped "does not circulate" or that do not have the circulate button checked in the Workflows record.

Gracemary was able to shed some light on this discussion. Since it would be difficult to generate reports to identify these items (some are LC-PER class while others are non-circulating according to a selector's decision), it was put forth that a new item type designation, such as NSTACKS or STACKS-N, could be used to identify items that are to be housed in the Stacks collection but should not circulate. This new item type would imply to the public that the item does not circulate and would be added to the other item types that the system does not allow to circulate such as reference. Use of the new item type would take away any uncertainty from Access staff when presented with such an item and would also be easier to control and manage than using a stamp in the book. Gracemary will continue to investigate whether this new item type is possible. In the meantime, CM staff are asked to track any non-circulating Stacks items that cross their desk. Hopefully if a list can be compiled at each unit, less time and work will be needed in the future if a new item type is created.


CM staff are asked to send Andy any comments they have on a proposal put forth by Gracemary on possible uses for the public note feature in a Workflows item record. Specific actions for a single item (notify this selector upon return, etc.) are not necessary but general actions for a type of book (includes CD in book pocket, etc.) are welcome. Please try to get any suggestions that you have to Andy by Friday, 6/18.

Andy will continue to work on the "in-process" procedures. Further work has to be done on the "common errors" section and with developing procedures on who to contact in case of errors. This should be completed by the July meeting


Wednesday, July 14, 2004
3:00-4:30 pm
Place TBA

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