Minutes of August 11, 2004 meeting

Melanie Robinson, Matt Spaventa, Stacy DeMatteo, Nicole Warren, Brian Stubbs, Eugene McElroy, Eddie Suarez, Rob Krack, Mary Brodman, Shirley Peck, Megan Ingegno, Paul Young, Marty Katz, Andy Martinez, Roselyn Riley
Irina Loutchkina, Jeff Teichmann
Penny Weniger



ANDY- Melanie Robinson, the new Branch Manager at the Math Library, was introduced and welcomed as a new member of the group. Paul Young, now responsible for Gov. Docs at Alex and LSM, was welcomed back to the group. Andy asked the group to think about ways that new technology (such as the use of scanners and systems generated reports) can be used in their unit/branch. Group members should contact Andy with their ideas.

MATT/DGLSS- working with Andy and to transfer about 600 books to the FOLIO collection. Project will be completed using a laptop equipped with a scanner and systems generated reports. A shift of the circulating collection is planned for the upcoming semester.

STACY/ANNEX- consistently receiving items from weeding across RUL. Progress continues on the project to barcode all periodicals and add their records online. A project to identify ANNEX items that are missing ANNEX location codes is in the early stages. She will meet with systems to determine the best way to complete the project.

BRIAN/ALEX- shift that were in progress have been completed and now range guides will be replaced.

EDDIE/LSM- remaining items from phase I of the LSM Special Collections Project were scanned, so that the cataloging work can be completed and items transferred to final location. Weeding project has slowed, because of lack of space to house items that are pulled.

ROB/ALEX- working on new range guides for areas of the collection that were shifted, to be completed by the start of the semester. Majority of material in sub- basement has been moved to accommodate the 14 ft extension of a wall. Shelf reading of 2A continues and is about Ĺ completed. Has noticed a problem with no air circulation in the stacks on weekends, Admin. will be will be contacted to investigate solutions.

MELANIE/MATH- acclimating herself with her new position. Transfer of Math's ďXĒ collection continues, some items will go to ANNEX and some to Special Collections.

MARY/ALEX- relabelling of the Reference collection continues. Also trying to find a space to house Water Emergency equipment. The group was reminded to inventory their equipment so missing items could be replaced. Please contact Andy if you are in need of a re-supply of your Water Emergency Equipment. A limited weeding project, targeting major problem areas, is being planned of the circulating collection, until a full weeding project can be started after LSM is completed.

SHIRLEY/ALEX- searching of the Missing, lst/pd, lst/repl lists has been completed and she now anticipates the arrival of the new lists, which will now include lst-assum items.

PAUL/NBL- items from ALEXís NJDOCs have been bound and are being reinserted into the collection. At LSM international and foreign items are being moved from the stacks, relabeled and incorporated into Gov. Docs. Collection may need to be shifted, because top shelves cannot be used.

NICOLE/CHANG- continues working on Serials Marc Holdings project, it's anticipated that Changís current holdings will be completed by the summerís end.

MEGAN/PHYSICS- continues work on Serials Marc Holdings project, but having a few problems. Preparing a shift of stacks and bound periodicals but is waiting for some items to be weeded and sent to ANNEX.

ROSELYN/ART- continues work on Serials Marc Holdings project.


Andy distributed copies of the groupís roster and revised purpose statement for review.

new roster reflects departures and arrivals of members, most noticeable is the reduction of staff from Collection Services. This is possible due to Andyís membership in the NBL Collection Services Team Leaders monthly meeting.

changes to purpose statement were suggested and Andy will make corrections and distribute revisions for groupís final review.


itís proposed that reports be used to track IN-PROCESS books, in order to project the growth of specific call number ranges of collections at each unit.

reports will be saved on an excel spreadsheet and can be used to gauge shelf space needed for shifting projects.

Andy is collecting information about each unitís collections to generate reports, to see how they compare to manual statistics that are being taken. Supply Andy with the necessary information by the end of August.


Wednesday, September 8, 2004
2:30-4:30 PM
SMLR Library/ Cook Campus

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