Minutes of October 13, 2004 meeting

Mary Brodman, Stacy DeMatteo, Krista Dandurand, Marty Katz, Rob Krack, Irina Loutchkina, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Melanie Robinson, Matt Spaventa, Eddie Suarez, Paul Young
Megan Ingegno, Eugene McElroy, Jeff Teichmann, Nicole Warren
Brian Stubbs
Jazmine Faherty


Information sharing

Welcome Jazmine Faherty who is visiting the group for this month's meeting as part of her new employee orientation.

LSM (Eddie, Marty)–

ALEX (Mary, Rob, Irina, Shirley)–

MATH (Melanie)-

ANNEX (Stacy, Jazmine)–


GOV DOCS (Paul)–

KILMER (Krista)-

ART (Roselyn)–


Andy has received all of the water emergency supply requests from each NBL unit/branch and has complied a list that will be submitted to the Department heads for review.

Electrical outlet adapters are only necessary if your unit/branch has water emergency equipment (fans, etc.) that have a two prong electrical cord instead of a grounded three prong electrical cord. All units/branches should all have grounded electrical outlets.

All units/branches should be aware of the location of buckets, mops, and wringers in their buildings. These items are usually kept in a custodial area in each building. The location of these items can be shared with any staff that reports to deal with a water emergency.

Also be sure to keep all water emergency supplies separate from other office supplies in a centralized location, so they are not used for a non emergency and are available when an emergency occurs.


Several units/branches will be contacted to supply a list of the collections in their libraries plus a call number breakdown for each.

RUL recently purchased Director's Station and ILINK from SIRSI. Director's Station will have a direct impact on how SIRSI reports are generated and what information will be available for review. Further information will be provided when available.

Andy asked for two volunteers to assist with this project. Matt from Douglass and Rob from Alexander both volunteered. For November and December, both Matt and Rob will continue to keep manual statistics on “in-process” items that they process but will also keep track of “date created” for each item. All other NBL unit/branches will continue to keep track manually of their “in-process” items.


Andy presented a rough draft of a proposal for uniform range guide call number templates to be used across NBL. The templates would allow for uniform look to all range guide labels and would also display such information as collection name and beginning and ending call number.

A number of questions were answered at this meeting. The group approved the general format of the range guides with a side-by-side approach for LC call numbers and a top and bottom approach for shelved by title periodicals. The group agreed that the collection name on the label should mirror the collection name used in Workflows. The group agreed that “class and cutter”, not full call number should be on the LC range guides.

Matt from Douglass and Eddie from LSM volunteered to continue to work on this proposal for the group. Both will work on the format of the labels (best font and font size to use) and the best way to enter the information on the template. More discussion will be held at the next meeting in preparation of submitting this proposal to the department heads for review.


A reminder that all “WITHDRAWN” items will still display in Workflows. They will not display in IRIS, as this current location is shadowed. If you use Workflows to find and display items for patrons, please don't tell patrons about an item if it displays as withdrawn. Any item that has a home location or current location of “WITHDRAWN” is currently unavailable for use by the public.

The CS office has been using LINKPlus for some time to generate bindery reports. These bindery reports look different from the ABLE reports that we were receiving before. Andy will send an email to CM staff noting some of the changes and asking if each unit/branch wishes to have the return shipment date entered on their bindery shipment report.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004
2:30-4:30 pm
Place to be announced

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