Minutes of December 8, 2004 meeting

Andy Martinez, Megan Ingegno, Mary Brodman, Irina Loutchkina, Robert Krack, Matt Spaventa, Edward Suarez, Penny Weniger, Jeff Teichmann, Eugene McElroy, Martin Katz, Melody Tomaszewicz, Melanie Robinson, Krista Dandurand, Nicole Warren, Paul Young, Stacey DeMatteo, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs
Shirley Peck



Matt (Douglass) - Labeling of about 100 items in the Folio collection has been completed. In all, 700 items were transferred to the Folio collection.

Mary (Alex)- The amount of shelving and In-Processing has increased recently. The Pane Collection has been weeded and withdrawn items will need to be boxed.

Penny (Douglass)- Busy shelving end of semester returns.

Rob (Alex)- Has been working on the PowerPoint presentation for the Mold Awareness Program. Mini-shifting projects have almost been completed. The library had another water leak on the 3rd floor. A 3 ft crack in the ceiling was discovered as the root of the leak, and mold was detected in the surrounding areas. REHS will be called in to assess the situation.

Brian (Alex)- Busy receiving and shelving end of semester returns.

Eddie (LSM)- The X2 collection has been inventoried, and the majority of the problem titles have been resolved. Items that were missing from the shelves and items that did not show up on the report will still need to be investigated.

Irina (Alex)- Busy processing the increase in newly cataloged items.

Roselyn (Art)- Busy with end of semester returns.

Paul (LSM/Alex)- A mini-shift of the CGS Legal encyclopedias at Alex has been completed. Weeding and re-cataloging of foreign/international items at LSM continues.

Melody (LSM-CSD)- 1, 346 items were processed during November, as part of the LSM weeding project, bringing the total number of items processed to 8955. Progress continues on the Serials Inventory project.

Melanie (Math)- Preparing for the arrival of a professorís donation of several periodicals. Continues progress on the Serials Inventory project.

Megan (Physics) -Howard Dess will complete weeding of the Physics Perm Reserve collection, and remaining items will be transferred to Ref. Periodicals Collection is still in need of shifting.

Stacy (Annex)- Continues to receive transfers from LSM weeding project. Some questionable titles are being sent back to LSM-CSD for resolution.

Krista (Kilmer)- With the semester ending, there has been a decrease in student staff attendance, that doesnít facilitate the increase in shelving that needs to be done.


The final draft of the proposal was accepted by the group and will be forwarded to Farideh and Roger.

Examples of the finalized templates were circulated for the groupís review.

After the proposal is approved, instructions for use and both templates will be available on the NBL page.


Copies of an initial proposal were distributed and reviewed by the group.

The programs seeks to educate Access/Collection Services staff about the danger mold poses to our collections, as well as how to identify and process the affected items.

A PowerPoint presentation, handouts and actual examples of moldy items will be presented.

Several members volunteered to work on different aspects of the presentation, and they will meet in the coming months to solidify the programís content.

The program is tentatively scheduled for March 2005.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Alexander Library
2:30-4:30 pm

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