Minutes of February 9, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez, Eddie Suarez, Mary Brodman, Rob Krack, Penny Weniger, Melanie Robinson, Stacy DeMatteo, Jeff Teichmann, Matt Spaventa, Marty Katz, Paul Young, Krista Dandurand, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Brian Stubbs, Eugene McElroy, Megan Ingegno
Irina Loutchina, Nicole Warren, Melody Tomaszewicz


Information sharing

- Marty has noticed an increased frequency in how often he receives new books from CS. He is not aware if this is a permanent change. LSM CS will be asked if this is a permanent change so that Marty can adjust his daily workflow.
- Finishing up mold clean up. The workers left a few odds and ends such as wires hanging, but otherwise no other problems.
- All caught up on normal ALEX reports. Working on shelf reading, missing books, and claims returned.
- Rob has been busying working on the mold awareness program PowerPoint
- Finished the sub-basement inventory of shelving stored at Alex.
- Revised the floor maps of each collection since the conclusion of numerous mini shifts.
- Steady amount of “in-process” items being worked on.
- Jeff announced that Will Torres is leaving Access Services. His last day will be Feb. 11, 2005.
- Awaiting shipment of final phase LSM Special Collections Room transfers.
- Still receiving LSM weeding items.
- Will soon be receiving transfer items from the Math Bound Periodical Collection (approximately 500 items).
- Soon will be receiving Protein Database materials to be stored at the Annex. Approximately 280 boxes will be temporarily stored at the Annex This as part of a large project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Each week some of the stored items will be sent to an office in the Chemistry department for staff to inventory until a smaller amount of material is sent to be digitized.
- Working on serials inventory.
- Searching for ALEX Recon missing items at the Annex. Of approximately 300 items, staff have found 20% of the items. Items are then added to the record as an Annex copy and the missing Alex copy is removed through the missing process.
- Slowly shifting East Room. Progress is slow due to limited student staff.
- Withdrew 4 series (87 items) from East Room. Will be sent to Global Outreach Program.
- Backed up on shelving since the lost of 5-6 work-study students.
- Found some shelving errors in the stacks, will work with student staff to make sure that shelving and shelf reading is done correctly.
- Worked on Federal microfiche at Alex and LSM.
- Weeded Federal Practice series items at Alexander.
- Working with Howard to possibly weed inactive titles in Bound Periodical Collection.
- Working with Georgina on student shelving. Students Assistants are flagging all the books as they shelve, since the discovery of numerous shelving errors.
- Also designing a new PowerPoint presentation to retrain student staff on shelving. Will share with the group when completed.
- Received 500-600 page boxes from the Annex that were stored there during the basement renovation. Eugene moved all these boxes back into the library.
- The bound journals were re-shelved, but the archivist's funding ran out, so all the archival material is still in the boxes stored in the basement.
- Finishing up active title portion of Serials Inventory Project.
- Moved the new books shelf to a smaller location across from the current periodicals (located on shelves under the stairs to the second floor).


Judy and Roger reviewed the proposal and offered one suggestion. Judy suggested a switch from the 2-line format on the call number portion of the guide to a 3-line format. The revision has been made and will be resubmitted to the department head for approval. When final approval is obtained the range guides will be posted on the NBL Access Services web site.

In conjunction with the range guides – each unit should have floor plans that give a detailed layout of the each collection. Staff and patrons would use these maps. They also could be added to each unit's section of the RUL web site. (BSMFG is working on a similar project, so both groups can collaborate on some areas. The CMFG’s maps will more specific to each unit's collection (stacks), while the BSMFG’s maps will detail exits, outlets, fire alarms etc.)

Alexander, Douglass, Kilmer, LSM, Math, and Art already have some sort of map in use. Andy would like these units to send an electronic copy of their floor plans to him.

Andy asked the group to brainstorm about what should be included on the floor plans. Some suggestions were: range guides, locations of wireless access and outlets… Brian suggested that in the future the map could be made interactive and be connected to a database, to be used on the web by patrons and also by staff to created range guides.

Email Andy if you are interested in joining a small sub-committee to work on this project.

UPDATE on INternal user project

The final statistics: The group searched for items charged out to 16 internal users. Of the 112 items charged to the users, 17 items were located in our collections and discharged. The other 95 items were discharged and charged to the missing user of the owning library after 3 separate searches of all the collections in NBL.

Of the 16 internal user records, 12 were removed from the system after consultation with the appropriate departments. Four internal user records were not removed because they were either still in use by the department or were necessary for "in-transit" function to work.

This project is a good example of the ‘clean up” projects that the CMFG can accomplish. Thank you to everyone in the group that worked on this project.

UPDATES to the CMFG home page

Nicole and Marc posted the internal processing forms used by Collection Services and the priority slips for new books on the Collection Management section on the NBL Access Services web site. They are all PDF files. If anyone has any other recommendations of forms to be uploaded, please let Andy know.

In the future the new range guide templates will be available in this section. The instructions and the actual templates will be in two separate downloadable WORD template documents.

Rob has received questions from patrons about how to read a LC call number. He suggested that the group develop a document on reading LC call numbers for the main RUL web page to help patrons and visitors. The group discussed possible ways of educating patrons about call numbers.

Alexander library has a call number guide sheet available to patrons, that explains the layout of the library as well as how to read call numbers. Other units expressed interest in having the same at their locations.

Eddie and Rob volunteered to revisit the old PowerPoint presentation on call numbers that is on NBL. They will determine if it needs an update.


The final mid-year report was handed out for review by the group.


The meeting concluded with Stacy sharing some information from her recent meeting on the status of the LSM weeding project.

1. When units ship out books that are withdrawn, Neera from CS would like to receive a confirmation/status email.

2. All involved staff members will receive an email with the new procedures for the project.

3. All units should designate a back-up staff person to work on the project in case the primary staff person is out.

4. There was a discussion about contacting units with duplicate copies of a withdrawn item to determine which library has the book in the best condition. Collection Services will take care of contacting the appropriate library for a check of their copy. The best copy will be sent to the Annex.

Next meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2005
2:30-4:30 pm
Place to be announced

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