Minutes of May 24, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez, Megan Ingegno, Mary Brodman, Irina Loutchkina, Robert Krack, Matt Spaventa, Edward Suarez, Penny Weniger, Jeff Teichmann, Eugene McElroy, Martin Katz, Melanie Robinson, Krista Dandurand, Nicole Warren, Paul Young, Stacey DeMatteo, Roselyn Riley
Brian Stubbs, Shirley Peck, Melody Tomaszewicz



Andy- Access Services Staff from the Camden and Newark campus may be participating in NBL functional groups, possibly starting in July/2005.

Penny/Douglass- The end of semester shelving is almost completed. Penny is working with Kelly Worth and Facilities to build portable ramps to cover the steps to the upper periodicals collection. The ramp will help with a proposed shift of the books to the West Room. Penny and CMFG staff are in the processing of planning for the shift later on this summer.

Irina/Alex- Large increase in the amount of In-Process books from year-end purchases.

Mary/Alex- The shelving of end of semester returns (around 16, 000 books in the past two weeks) has been completed and shelf reading will now resume. Several mini-shifts for the Stacks collection are planned for the summer.

Roselyn/Art- The library has received a large amount of book returns for other units.

Matt/Douglass- A large amount of book repairs being sent to CS-Alex and they're requesting that the number be limited. Kayo has volunteered to review damaged items before they are sent to CS-Alex and decide it they should be withdrawn rather than repaired.

(2:25-2:35) A discussion ensued, about the backlog of books waiting to be repaired by Collection Services, and how the problem could be alleviated. Suggested possibilities involved the collaborative efforts between subject selectors, Access Services and Collection Services, reports to investigate specific items from a specified time period, and the establishment of guidelines for sending items to be repaired or rebound. Andy will investigate these possibilities with Collection Services staff.

Stacy/Annex- The Annex is still receiving transfer items from the LSM Weeding project. Annex staff have adjusted the first floor shelving to accommodate transfers. They are expecting more items this summer from items being transferred from branch units.

Nicole/Chang- There was a noted increase in In-Process books and book returns for other libraries in the past month.

Melanie/Math- Her staff is busy with shelving, an increase in patron traffic and book returns. She has been working with CMFG staff on the transfer of bound periodicals to the Annex. A proposal to weed the Reference collection has been submitted for approval. Once approved, items will be transferred to the Annex and other NBL units, relocated to other Math collections, and withdrawn.

Paul/Gov-Docs- A mini-shift must be completed before new Statistical Abstracts can be shelved at Alexander. Sprinkler installation at LSM will block access to Gov-Docs until 3 pm each day for the near future.

Eugene/SMLR- He is busy with year-end book returns.

Rob/Alex- He is interested in reviewing temperature/humidity readings for the days during final exams because temperature outside was unusually high. He reported that a temporary HVAC system is expected to be installed in June/2005, in preparation of a new HVAC systems for the library.

Eddie/LSM- Sprinkler installation over the Reference Collection on the first floor is restricting access to the collection during certain times of the day. The selectors picked heavily used items from that collection that will be kept at the Reserve Desk for the time being. With carpet being replaced on floors 1, 2 and 3, two bottom shelves on each face of the Folio collection has been removed so that the carpeting can be fitted underneath the shelves. The Folio collection will be shifted forward to accommodate the removed books, rather than returning them to the lower shelves.

Krista/Kilmer- RDS processing has slowed so work can begin on performing an inventory of the periodicals collection. Krista will work with the library selectors to ensure that items on the shelves should be there. Megan Lord (SERC) will be working at KLMR for the summer and will assist with collection management and RDS duties.

Megan/Physics- She is working with the selector for her library on a proposal to weed the Bound Periodical collection. Another ceiling tile has fallen and will be replaced soon.


Eddie presented a demonstration of the Flash version of the LSM floor map that he has been developing. The flash version is the prototype of what each unit's electronic floor map will resemble. Further discussion and feedback is necessary before the design can be finalized.

To view the LSM floor map draft version, please use this link:

The group was impressed with the floor maps that Eddie developed. Suggestions and comments were made by the group and will be discussed at the next sub-group meeting.

The Floor Plan sub- group will meet in the next couple of weeks to discuss the electronic and paper versions of the standard floor plans.


Andy distributed graphs of temperature and humidity readings collected from the data loggers placed in each NBL unit. Each group member received a copy of the readings for their library.

Andy noted that on certain days there were some similar spikes and plummets in readings across all NBL units. The fluctuations were most notable in the humidity portion of the graph. The group hypothesized that the fluctuations were most likely attributed to weather changes.

Andy plans on distributing graphs of the temperature and humidity readings at each CMFG meeting.


Eddie and Rob have been working on a revision of the LC Call Number PowerPoint located on the Documentation section of the CMFG NBL Access Services web site. The revisions have included the updating of text and photos, the addition of sound and visual effects to keep the interest of the trainee, and the removal of the quiz section from the main PowerPoint. The quiz section will be made available in a separate document.

Eddie presented the revised slide show to the group. The group was impressed by the changes and new design of the presentation.

A brief discussion followed about different LC Call Number training methods used across the libraries in NBL. The group decided that a good summer project would be to standardize the training methods for LC Call Numbers across NBL. Training methods will include an online tutorial (PowerPoint) and quizzes, paper flash cards, and actual training in the stacks.

CM STATISTICS (3:30-4:00)

Andy reminded the group to make sure statistics are up to date a.s.a.p. CMFG statistics will be included in the CMFG annual report due sometime this summer.

The official CMFG statistics are kept on the Douglass t-drive:
Douglass t-drive / Groups / Common / NB Col Mgmt Group / Statistics / NB CMFG Stats 04-05 /

The entire group discussed revisions to the statistical spreadsheet for next year, including:

The four larger units (Alexander, Douglass, Kilmer and LSM) keeping track of the amount of time spent doing searches (recorded in 15 min. intervals). Alexander library conducted a test this semester and was able to demonstrate a substantial amount of time spent on this function. As a test, all NBL sites will keep this time statistic for the month of June to see if the smaller NBL branches should also keep time statistics for Searches.

For “Shelf-Reading”, we will eliminate the “number of faces” and ” percentage of collection read” from our statistics. We will only keep statistics on “number of hours spent”.

The group discussed keeping track of items added to the collection from Collection Services, in addition to In-Process books. Andy will speak to Collection Services on how to track these items.

All time records will be done in 15-minute intervals (15 minutes equals .25, 30 minutes equals .5, 45 minutes equals .75).


As of the June 14 monthly in-transit report, ILL and PALCI items will be removed from the reports that CM staff use. These items will be recorded on a new report and sent directly to ILS-ALEX staff for processing.

Andy asked the group if they had suggestion for other changes to the monthly in-transit reports: Stacy requested the inclusion of Annex codes on her report and Matt suggested including scannable barcodes. Please forward any further suggestions to Andy.


The last round of site visits by the group were done 3-4 years ago. Since then new CM staff have arrived who have not been to all NBL units. Also, a well-written report was produced from the last set of site visits that was used to highlight collection problems and projects at each site.

Site visits to each campus will be done over the course of several days in July. The group will be able to view and assess each unit's collections. Further information on the site visits will be sent to the group later this month.


Wednesday June 8, 2005
2:30 – 4:30 pm
Place to be announced


Penny will coordinate a meeting of the sub-group working on the floor maps, for some time in mid-June.

Group members should email any comments or suggestions about the floor map demo to Penny/Andy.

Eddie or Rob will forward to location of the LC Call Number presentation to the group, to download and review.

Once the NBL Access Services web site is working again, Andy and Nicole will make sure that the PowerPoint is made available in the Documentation section of the CMFG page.

Rob & Eddie will work on creating a separate program for Call Number quizzes, to be used after viewing of LC Call Number presentation. This will also be stored on the NBL Access Services web site.

Group members should review the CM statistics for their unit and make sure they are up to date (last month).

Group members should review the current CM statistics spreadsheet and assess which fields they do and do not use, and make sure all collections at their unit are represented in the IN-Process and shelving sections. Please forward information to Andy, who will send out email to group detailing changes and requesting information.

For the month of June, CM staff should keep track of the amount of time they are spending on “Searches”. The time amounts should be separated by the different search types and sent to Andy during the first week in July.

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