Minutes of July 13, 2005 meeting

Eddie Suarez, Andy Martinez, Stacy DeMatteo, Jeff Teichmann,Rob Krack, Paul Young, Eugene McElroy, Megan Ingegno,Martin Katz, MelodyTomaszewicz, Matt Spaventa, Melanie Robinson, Nicole Warren, MaryBrodman, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs
Roselyn Riley, Krista Dandurand, PennyWenige
Irina Loutchkina


Information sharing (2:30-2:50)

Andy/NBL: A Sirsi PocketCirc has been purchased, and over the next couple of months it will be incorporated into the Collection Management workflow. Technical Services has received their first shipment of shelf ready books from YBP for Camden, it's uncertain when NBL will begin receiving them.

Brian/Alex: HVAC system construction is ongoing and the stacks have been covered in certain areas to protect from leaks and other damage. Shelf reading continues in the Stacks.

Shirley/Alex: Continues working on In-Process books, which has shown a large increase in the last moth. She continues to search missing books lists.

Mary/Alex: Involved in cleaned up of two water emergencies that occurred in Special Collections in the basement. Several mini shifts in the Stacks Collection are in progress to accommodate an increase in In-Process books and gift books.

Nicole/Chang: All of the range guides in Chang have been updated using the new standard range guide template available through the NBL Access Services page.

Melanie/Math: Has noticed the high levels of humidity in the library and is in contact with Admin. and Facilities to try to fix the problem. Has met with Rob to go over digital directory handout for the NBL Digital Directory Sub-Group.

Matt/Douglass: Assisted with the mold awareness demonstration this month, where he was the program moderator. The program was well attend and went off without a hitch.

Melody/CS-LSM: LSM CS continues to process items for the LSM weeding project and are working to cut down on the amount of in-transit errors. LSM CS will get a part time employee soon to help with the workload for this project. The CS office is the process of starting work on the active titles for the Serials Inventory Project for Alexander and LSM.

Megan/Physics: Howard Dess will be on leave until January/2006, but gave a list of periodical titles to be transferred to Annex. Work on this project will continue.

Paul/Gov Docs: Federal Register on microfiche from 1991-2003 were received at ALEX and the 14,500 fiche were shelved. At LSM all of Gov Docs backlog from end of semester has been shelved.

Rob/Alex: Reported a few leaks on the third floor and plastic has been put up indefinitely until problem is resolved. Continues to work with Eddie on a Flash version of the LC Call Number Training demonstration. Also working on floor map handouts for each unit as well as digital directories.

Stacy/Annex: Received about 1,000 journals from Math as part of a transfer project. Continues to receive transfers from the LSM Weeding Project. A proposal has been submitted to discuss a possible inventory of the Annex.

Jeff/Alex: Along with Rose and Rob, in the coming weeks, student employees will be presented with an abbreviated version of the mold awareness demonstration, so they can identify items that need to be removed from circulation.

Eddie/LSM: End of semester backlog has all been shelved. Voucher employees are completing a mini-shift of the RC section.

Krista/Kilmer: Krista was not able to attend the meeting but did forward information. She reported that the upstairs men's bathroom that has been leaking is finally being repaired. She has also been working on checking the status of the Bound Periodical Collection, first dusting the collection and then location periodicals that have been shelved incorrectly.


Ian Bogus was a guest at this meeting to assist with a discussion of preservation/Collection Services issues.

CM and CS staff are concerned about the backlog of items currently charged to the LSM- and Alex-CS users (approximately 1500-2000 items at ALEX and 500-600 items at LSM), and what can be done to reduce this number.

The group discussed this issue and came up with several remedies. One option is to perform an inventory of both user records based on items that have been charged out to each CS users for an extended period of time. The items will be identified by report, located where the items are currently shelved, and decisions will be made on whether to repair or withdraw the items.

Andy will generate a report for these items and share the report with Ian. Also, once this inventory is completed, the CMFG will discuss if this should continue as a yearly project for the group.

Ian was able to report that the items charged to the CS-users are mostly staying in-house for repairs. A decision is made at the end of the fiscal year (depending on available of money left) on whether certain items can be sent to an outside vendor to be rebound.

It was suggested that one CM staff from each campus be trained to do repairs. After discussion with Ian, it was estimated that 3 months are needed to train someone and it would require approximately 15 hours a week to make a significant decrease in the backlog of items to be repaired. It was decided that CM staff most likely wouldn't have the time to devote to this additional work. It was also suggested that staff could learn how to do easier repairs without extensive training, but the majority of the damage that occurs to our books requires more complex treatment. CMFG and CS staff will continue to examine these options.

Ian discussed how he has been working on criteria for whether something should be repaired, rebound, or withdrawn. This set of criteria will be developed with the input of the library selectors.

Ian requested that when damaged items are sent to CS (and checked out to the CS user), it would be helpful if information on how many times the book has circulated and how many copies of the book exist were included. The CMFG will revise the CS Problem Ticket to include this information.

Both CS offices have been tracking the number of items coming in for repair and the number being returned to their home locations. Due to being short staffed, it has been difficult to keep this workflow steady.


Andy distributed to the group a draft of a proposal outlining procedures for handling moldy books in NBL returned by a patron or found in the collection.

For moldy items that are returned by patrons, it was decided after discussion with Ian that the unit billing supervisor can discard the item and forward the relevant information to the local CS office.

Andy asked the CMFG to read over the proposal and forward any suggestions/corrections to the group for discussion. The proposal has been forwarded to the Billing Functional Group discussion for comment and has been forwarded to the Department Heads for discussion.

Andy will forward the plastic wrap mentioned in the proposal to the four main NBL units in the next week. He will also work on getting smaller plastic wrap for the NBL branches.

The NBL Moldy Item Database is located on the Alex t-drive / Common /AlexColl / Bindery / moldy books / NBL Moldy Book Database

After a discussion by the group and Ian on how damaged books are repaired, it was decided that the group will try to get criteria from the billing functional group to determine what type of damage patron's are normally liable for. This will assist the CS office decide whether the damaged stamp should be removed from an item that has been repaired.


The group discussed the changes to the monthly statistics that we keep. For the shelf reading section, it was decided after consultation with department heads that we keep a column indicating the percentage of the collection that is read, in addition to the time spent and sections read. This will give an accurate reflection of time spent shelf reading and how much is completed per fiscal year.

A formula will be used in the Excel spreadsheets based on the number of faces in each unit's collection, so that when you enter the number of faces read at a given time, it will compute the percentage of the collection that has been shelf read.

For each section in our statistics (Shelving, Shelf reading, and Searches), time spent on this function will be tracked in 15 minutes increments. 15 minutes will be .25, 30 minutes will be .5 and 45 minutes will be .75.

The miscellaneous searches section in the Searches spreadsheet will include a note that gives an indication of what type of searches are reported in this section. It was left up to each site on whether they want to note what the search was specifically for. This information can be entered in the spreadsheet, just please make sure that the search type information does not impact the numbers entered and totaled for the searches.

Andy reported that the shelving sampling dates has been entered on the Shelving spread sheets for each NBL site. This information will be totaled for each site.

Andy asked each unit to check their shelf reading statistics page to determine which collections are noted there. To make the "% of collection shelf read" section work correctly, it will be necessary for each NBL site to count how many sections they have in each collection. Please send that information to Andy so that the spreadsheets can be updated.

OVERVIEW OF 2004/2005 GOALS & NEXT YEAR'S GOALS 2005/2006 (3:31- 3:55)

An overview of CMFG goals for 2004/2005 was distributed, outlining what projects were completed or are ongoing. Four of the five general goals for the fiscal year were met by the completion of specific projects at each library. Due to the nature of last year's goals, they are considered ongoing.

Andy asked the group for suggestions of goals members would like to achieve in the coming year; members suggested some new issues they'd like to be included.

It was suggested that general goals be made more specific, to include what units projects are going on in and what the expected progress may be during the fiscal year. Andy will work with the group to include specific library goals into the group goals for 2005/2006.

The 2004/2005 annual report (minus the statistics section) was distributed and reviewed. Group members were to pay particular attention to the section for their unit. Any additions/corrections should be sent to Andy for inclusion into the annual report.

CMFG 2005/2006 ACADEMIC CALENDAR (3:55 - 4:01)

Andy created a calendar for collection management for the 2005/2006 academic year. The calendar is based on the Access Services Committee calendar and will assist the group on determining how our workflow is impacted at different times of the year.

Andy asked the group to review the calendar, noting if any additional information should be added. The calendar currently includes information for scheduled meetings, reports, scheduled projects, and important dates.

The calendar will be posted to NBL web site. When a future project is planned for the group or a specific library, the calendar can be reviewed to determine the best time to perform the action.


Due to technical difficulties, work on the LC Call Number quizzes could not be reviewed. This agenda item has been tabled for the next meeting.


Shelving and reference sampling dates are now available. To get the dates, please see the Agenda on the Libraries home page.


Group members should count the number of sections (faces) are in their collection and forward that information to Andy, to create the formulas for the percentage of the collection completed during shelf reading.

Group members should review annual report and contact Andy with any changes or additions for individual units.

Contact Andy with any additional dates that members would like to include in the Academic Calendar.


Wednesday August 10, 2005
Location to be determined
2:30 - 4:30 pm

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