Minutes of August 10, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez, Eddie Suarez, Nicole Warren, Krista Dandurand, Rob Krack, Martin Katz, Brian Stubbs, Holly Muller, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley, Paul Young, Irina Loutchkina, Penny Weniger, Melanie Robinson, Stacy DeMatteo, Matt Spaventa, Megan Ingegno
Mary Brodman, Jeff Teichmann, Eugene McElroy
Melody Tomaszewicz


Information Sharing (2:30-2:50)


Penny/Douglass: Penny reported that she has three new work-study employees working on shelving and shelf reading.

Brian/Alex: Brian reported that the mechanical room above the third floor Stacks Collection is leaking again.

Irina/Alex: Irina reported that she has been working on a large amount of "in-process" items in the past several weeks.

Shirley/Alex: Shirley reported working on a large amount of Stack Checks in the last several weeks.

Paul/Gov Docs: Paul performed a shift of the LSM document section and U.S. document section.

Eddie/LSM: Eddie and part time staff worked on mini-shifts of the R-S sections in the library.

Melanie/Math: Melanie continues to monitor the humidity levels in the library. She continues to work on the active title portion of the Serials Inventory Project. She has also done prep work for the Reference Collection Weeding Project.

Rob/Alex: Rob reported that a gift collection recently donated has been wrapped in plastic until it can be examined.

Standard Range Guide Template Update

Nicole was able to use the Standard Range Guide Templates recently while she updated the range guides used in the Chang Library. While doing that work, Nicole came up with a way to create multiple pages of range guide templates to be saved and used later.

Nicole handed out a document explaining how to create the multiple pages. After you access the templates on the NBL Access Services page, please do the following:

On the Shelved by Title template, you have to insert a page break each time you want to insert a page. The LC Call Number template will allow you to repeatedly paste. These instructions will be inserted in the template instructions on the NBL Access Services page.

NBL Moldy Item Procedures

The group reviewed the final draft of the NBL moldy item procedures. The procedures will be placed on the NB Access Services web site once Department heads approves them.

The actual database is located on the Alex t-drive / Common / AlexColl / Bindery / Moldy Books / NBL Moldy Book Database. Collection Services will be responsible for updating the database with information provided by CM staff.

Access Services staff should feel free to check the database for books from their library whenever they want. Andy will check the database on a monthly basis and report any possible trends to the appropriate CM staff.

Andy handed out plastic wrap to the four main units (Alexander, Douglass, Kilmer, LSM). The four main units should wrap moldy items in mold from now on. Andy will continue to work on acquiring plastic wrap for the smaller branches. In the meantime, branches should contact the main unit on their campus if they need to wrap a moldy book.

At the end of this discussion, Rob performed a live demonstration of how to wrap a moldy book.

Change to CS User Form/Procedures

Andy was able to generate a list of checkouts to the CS-Alex user that were checked out prior to 1-1- 2003. This list of 73 items was given to Ian Bogus, with the hope of cleaning up these long checked out items. After Ian has completed processing these items, a list of items checked out before 1-1- 2004 will be generated and given to Ian.

At a previous meeting, Ian discussed how he is working on developing criteria to help decide whether an item should be repaired or withdrawn. To help Collection Services with this set of criteria, the CMFG has been asked to note the number of checkouts for items that are sent to be repaired/rebound. That number can be found in the "Circ Info" tab in the Display Item wizard.

Andy redesigned the CS User form and instructions to include information on the recent Moldy Items Procedures and a field for number of checkouts. The redesigned form will be presented to department heads for review/approval and then posted for use.

Changes to CMFG Statistics

All of the NBL sites have sent Andy the number of sections for each of the collections that they shelf read. For shelving, shelf reading, searches and in-process statistics, all of the formulas to be used in the spreadsheets have been entered.

Andy reminded the group to please keep time (in 15 minute intervals) for shelving, shelf reading, and searches. For the shelf reading statistics, please remember to track the number of sections shelf read and the number of errors found while shelf reading. For the in-process statistics, please remember to keep track of the items that are found to have problems and are reported to either Collection Services or Database Management.

The shelf reading statistics template has been revised to include a field for "# of sections completed". This will allow staff to note how many sections have been shelf read and enter this information on the statistics spread sheets. The template will be placed on the NB Access Services page for use by staff. The shelving statistics template that we currently use already contains the necessary sections for what we need now.

A discussion arose in the group about how to track the percentage of the collection completed throughout the year. Some of the group noted that we should track the percentage completed each separate month and then have the total collection percentage at the end while others liked the idea of having a running tally throughout the year. Andy will send an email to the group asking for their comments and finalize the process by the next meeting.

The group also asked if the total number of sections per collection could be added to the spreadsheet. This will also happen before the next meeting. The last item for discussion was on whether to make the quarterly missing reports a separate section of the searches statistics page. This possibility will be explored more by email and at the next meeting.

Update on Procedures for Superseded Items

Collection Services sent out a reminder that when receiving items that have a CS processing form, please check the bottom of the form to see if there is any information noted in the superseded section. It may say in that section to send the item to CS-Alex or CS-LSM for further action. Please forward the item to the appropriate CS hub if you see this information.

While these types of things are infrequent, they are important because we want to make sure that superseded items are not discarded accidentally.

If you are dealing with superseded items in your library (items regularly transferred from one collection to another), please make sure to contact End Processing staff at Collection Services with any labeling needs.

Shadowed Item Project Recap

The first run through of this project was completed between April/2005 and June/2005. Andy distributed a document describing the overall project and what was completed.

Approximately 1,000 items were processed, with approximately 200 items withdrawn, approximately 500 items un-shadowed, and approximately 100 possible record merges identified and forwarded to Collection Services.

This project will be run again in February and June of 2006.

Additional Information

The two final items on the agenda, "Possible circulate button project" and "LC Call Number tutorials...." will be tabled until the next meeting.

Action List

A volunteer will be asked to be responsible for taking minutes during the meetings. This volunteer will also be the liaison for posting information to the NB Access Services web site.

A volunteer will be asked to be responsible for taking care of the video conferencing equipment during meetings.

Sample inventories will take place at the Art Library, Chemistry Library, and Kilmer Library.

Update procedures for using Standard Range Guide Templates with how to create multiple pages.

Get changes to CS User/Procedures approved and post information to NB Access Services web site.

Finalize how to track percentage of collections shelf read throughout the year.

Add number of sections per collection to statistic spread sheets.

Discuss possibility of making the quarterly missing reports a separate section on the searches statistics page.

Next Meeting

Wednesday September 14, 2005
Location to be determined
2:30 - 4:30 pm

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