Minutes of October 12, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez, Eddie Suarez, Robert M. Krack, Roselyn Riley, Krista Dandurand, Holly Muller, Brian Stubbs, Irina Loutchkina, Shirley Peck, Mary Brodman, Matt Spaventa, Martin Katz, Paul Young, Penny Weniger, Melody Tomaszewicz, L Melanie Robinson, Eugene McElroy, Megan Ingegno, Alex Arencibia.
Jeff Teichmann, Sandy Marsh



We introduced ourselves to Alex Arencibia, who will be group representative from the Dana Library. Alex will be attending the monthly meetings by video conferencing.

The group will work on re-ordering the NBL water emergency supplies in the next couple of weeks. Andy will send a spreadsheet with the supplies to each unit's CM contacts and report back on what supplies are needed.

Monthly in-transit reports will go out to the group on Friday, 10/14. The reports will have two changes. The Alexander and LSM to/from reports will not have any PER items listed. These items will be removed from the reports and sent to Andy/CS contacts for review.

The quarterly missing book reports (after 7/1/2005, before 10/15/2005) will be sent to the group next week.

Penny/Douglass: The Security & Facilities and the Student Assistant Functional Groups are co- sponsoring a security workshop for student employees at Douglass Library on October 19 and 20th. Please encourage your student workers to attend one of the sessions. Penny discussed the printed floor plan handouts for each unit, a sub-group project. Alexander's printed floor plan has been completed. LSM is next to be worked on. The sub-group will be meeting again in the near future to continue this project.

Eddie/LSM: LSM is continuing to weed the second floor. Access Services continues to pull books for Collection Services to process. CS staff are caught up with their part of the weeding project. LSM has started a mini-shift of the third floor bound periodical collection.

Rob/Alex: Rob reported he has been moving shelving from the BB storage area, training students and working on LC training documentation.

Krista/Kilmer: Krista reported that she attended the video conferencing training session as part of her responsibility as the conferencing person for the group. She also discussed microfilm boxes that she found on a shelf and what she is doing to process them.

Holly/LSM: Holly reported that book sales for LSM have picked up a bit, largely due to donations sent over from Chang Library and additional withdrawn books from LSM. Please contact Holly if you have donations for the book sale.

Paul/Gov Docs: Paul is noticing a higher amount of RDS requests for Microfiche (Doc-Fiche). Paul has worked on mini shifts undertaken in DocLaw U.S. of House Docs and Federal Supplements.

Marty/LSM: Marty reported that he has finished processing the large quarterly missing book report.

Melanie/Math: Melanie reported that a portion of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series have been moved to temporary shelving and will ultimately be transferred to Annex. This work will take place during October/November 2005.

Shirley/Alex: Shirley reported that there are a lot of new books being processed. She also worked on a report of Alexander Library old in-process items (found 150 out of 220 items).

Mary/Alex: Mary reported that the bibliographers wanted shelving in the administrative offices so shelving was taken from the surplus shelving in the BB level. Alex CM staff will work on a revised inventory of the surplus shelving stored there.

Matt/Douglass: Matt is working on the last of the Music to Douglass transfers. The "El Tiempo" newspapers stored in the library have been transferred to the Annex. The first steps of the major collection shift at Douglass will be shifting the bound periodicals temporarily to the end ranges of the West Room. This will happen at the end of November/2005.

Melody/CS-LSM: Melody reported that the active titles portion of the serials inventory at Alexander and LSM is underway. CS staff will divide the work amongst themselves.

Megan/Physics: Megan had to place a book cart in the bound periodical collection to handle the overflow from this collection. She is working on transferring the items to the Annex, first making sure that the titles are inventoried.

Eugene/SMLR: Eugene reported that all is quiet at SMLR. He is working with the group to surplus some shelving stored in the basement.

Alex/Dana: Alex is taking care of bound periodical collection. As part of this, he is in the middle of a massive shift of the entire collection that has taken over a year and is almost done.

Review Changes To Access Services Web Site

The Access Services website is available for review at:

The look of the web site is new but the information is the same, i.e. it still includes group minutes, range guide template, emergency information, etc.

It was suggested that the Mold presentation and booklet be added to the web site. Andy will work with the group to get a final version of both documents to post to the web site.

The group agreed that the space management bibliography section should be removed from the web site. This section was not being used by the group for reference and was not updated on a regular basis.

Rob Krack is working on a version of the Mold Awareness PowerPoint to be used for training part time employees. This PowerPoint will be shared with the Student Assistant FG.

The LC Call Number tutorial is being revised. The group offered additional information that can be added to the tutorial. Rob will work on this revision.

If there is any content (documents, links, etc) that a member of the group want to add to the Collection Management part of the web site, please contact Andy Martinez. Any comments on the format of the entire web site should be forwarded to Roger Smith and Marc Forster.

Recommendation for Name Change for the Group

The group reviewed a handout containing several of the group name recommendations forwarded in the past month. Each of the name recommendations was followed by a brief explanation. It was decided that the entire group would vote by hand on their favorite group name.

The following names have been recommended:

Andy will compile the votes for each group name recommendation and forward that information to Judy Gardner.

Revising The Purpose Statement Of The Group

Andy distributed a document containing various revisions of the purpose statement submitted by the group. A separate handout with a list of sentences from the revisions that are similar to each other was also distributed.

Andy will organize the similar sentences into groups and send this out to the group. Members of the group are to rank them in order of preference (1 being your 1st choice, 2 being your 2nd choice) and email their choices back. A good draft should be available for the group to review by the next meeting.

Report of the LC Call Number Sub-Group

The members of this sub-group are: Robert Krack/Alex, Eddy Suarez/LSM and Megan Ingegno/Physics.

The sub-group has worked on standardizing LC Call Number tests used across NBL. The new standard test has 4 sections, with corresponding tests:

So far, the sub-group has worked on four methods for training/testing part time employees on LC Call Numbers.

The sub-group will continue work on this training program/system.

A WebCT version may be created of the written test so that supervisors can check an employee's progress.

It was suggested by the group to add a section to the tutorial or standard tests to raise awareness on how the labeling of call numbers has changed over the years. That way part time employees will be able to recognize older call numbers vs. newer call number and shelve them correctly.

Should We Add "Shifting" To Statistics Page For All Units?

The group discussed whether some sort of standard statistics should be kept on shifting (both mini shifts and large collection shifts). Some units are already recording statistics for shifting to get a sense of their workflow.

Adding statistics on shifting will aid in budget consideration, give CM staff a better sense of their daily/weekly/monthly workflow, and also give us a historical record for each shift.

When do you begin to take statistics? How big or small does the shift have to be? It was decided that if you have to shift more than one section (face) of shelving, statistics will be recorded.

After discussion, the group agreed to start keeping statistics on shifting.

Andy will work on a spreadsheet to include call number range, time spent, day shift began, and how many shelves/sections were shifted. A draft of the spreadsheet will be sent to the group for review before the next meeting.

Should We Add Quarterly Missing Reports As A Separate Section On Searches Statistics Page For All Units?

The group discussed whether a separate section on the Searches statistics page for our quarterly missing reports should be created. Currently, CM staff are recording statistics for the quarterly reports in the missing book reports section, adding these large numbers to the weekly reports that we receive from Systems.

After discussion by the group, it was decided to add the quarterly missing reports as a separate section. The group will work on this during the next month.

Possible Training/Workshops For Group To Work On

This topic is tabled until the next meeting.

Additional Information

Mary suggested putting the mold presentation on display for the State of the Libraries meeting in November. This idea will be forwarded to the department heads for consideration.

Action List

Please make sure to send your results of the old in-process report searches to Andy.

Please make sure to let Andy know how your unit/branch plans on tracking time for collection management statistics. The choices are in 15 minutes or by minutes to tenths of an hour.

Andy will email the group with the follow-up on the revised purpose statement.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 9, 2005
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Primary Location: Media Center classroom, Kilmer Library
Satellite Location(s): Special Collections Room: DANA; Conference Room: ROBESON

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