Minutes of November 9, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez, Alex Arencibia, Krista Dandurand, Martin Katz, Robert Krack, Irina Loutchkina, Sandy Marsh, Eugene McElroy, Holly Muller, Melanie Robinson, Matt Spaventa, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Melody Tomaszewicz, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Mary Brodman, Megan Ingegno, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley, Jeff Teichmann


Information Sharing (Entire Group, 2:30 - 4:30 PM)

Andy Martinez: Andy asked that the group forward their water emergency supply order to him by Friday, 11/11/05, so that the entire order can be submitted to Department heads by the end of the next week. The group was reminded that monthly In-Transit report will be sent by email on Monday, 11/14. Andy asked the CM staff that received a report for the second phase of the old in-process report to please get the results of their search to him by Friday, 11/18/05. Two of the three sample inventories for NBL have been completed (Chemistry and Art Libraries), with Kilmer scheduled for the week of 11/14. The LC Call Number PowerPoint tutorial has been posted to the Access Services web site.

Alex Arencibia: Alex continues work on the shift of the Bound Periodical Collection. Once completed, this shift should allow for five years of growth for active periodicals. Part of the project includes work on a database of current and closed periodical titles.

Krista Dandurand: Krista recently took on the responsibility of maintenance for the Reference Collections. She will now be the main contact at Kilmer Library for Collection Management issues.

Martin Katz: Business as usual.

Robert Krack: Plastic sheeting was removed from the 3rd floor. Because of the excessive rain last month, a pump has been installed on the 3rd floor. Rob is working on a proposal to deal with the oversized bound periodicals in the basement.

Irina Loutchkina: Business as usual.

Sandy Marsh: Sandy has been recording missing book searches on an access database, that Katie will modify to follow the NBL CM statistics format. Camden CM staff will use the 15 min conversion chart to calculate stats. This semester she has assigned students specific areas in the collection to Shift, shelf read and clean, etc. This gives her part time employees "ownership" over a specific part of the collection, hopefully leading to better collection maintenance.

Eugene McElroy: Business as usual.

Holly Muller: Holly and CM staff recently sent several books to the CS office due to mold. After this she was contacted to check the area in the collection where these books were located for possible mold. Holly checked and no moldy items were found. 19 cartons of withdrawn books came were sent from the Annex for the book sale. Due to the large amount of books for the book sale, she is considering stamping the books with a date and discarding after a certain amount of time.

Melanie Robinson: Melanie continues work on the active title portion of the Serials Inventory, completing work on several titles that were missed. The light problem reported in the library has been fixed by Facilities.

Matt Spaventa: Matt processed a large quantity of new microfilm for the library. A shift of the Current and Bound Periodical Collections is planned for the end of this month.

Brian Stubbs: Brian continues work on the shift of the 3rd floor. He is considering a shift of the Reference Collection, but first wants to work on another shift.

Eddie Suarez: Eddie continues work on the Stacks Collection Weeding project, where approximately 3000 books have been pulled. He continues work on a mini-shift of the Bound Periodicals located on the 3rd floor.

Penny Weniger: Penny reported that she is planning on calling a meeting of the NBL Digital Directory sub-group, possibly for work on floor plans. She proposed that the sub-group meet over the break. She is creating a print document on how to locate a book in each library unit. The digital directory group is still waiting for Flash program to complete their work on this project.

Paul Young: Paul announced that lights were installed behind the LSM circulation desk. He has also helped with opening the Art and Kilmer Libraries due to scheduling gaps. There has been an increase in RDS Gov. Doc. requests from Camden and Dana. He worked with RDS and Imaging Services staff to streamline the way that government document fiche requests are processed. Copies are made because Fed. document fiche is hard to replace.

Updating Group Purpose Statement

Andy had previously sent an email to the group containing a breakdown of the various purpose statements submitted by the group. The email gave two choices for similarly themed sentences and asked the respondent to choose their preference. These choices would be sent to Andy to be compiled. Approximately have the group sent their choices to Andy.

The final draft will be sent to the group on Monday, 11/21 for review and then forwarded to Judy Gardner.

Shifting Statistics

After last month's decision by the group to begin to track statistics on shifts, a draft of the statistics form was distributed to the group. The original draft of the statistics form includes the date the shift began, the collection shifted, first and last call number shifted, time spent shifting, and sections/faces shifted.

At last month's meeting, it was decided that the group would track any shift where more than one section is shifted. Small shifts that are needed to shelve books on a crowded shelf would not be tracked. After reviewing the draft, the group discussed the time frame for recording the information (daily, weekly, monthly), whether it was important to note when a shift began, and whether it was important to note the first and last call number for the shift.

The group decided to remove the fields for date the shift began, first call number shifted, and last call number shifted. Monthly statistics will be kept on how much time was spent on shifting, how many sections were shifted, and what collection was shifted.

From the comments made at the meeting, a new draft of the statistics form will be created and forwarded to the group for review. A final version of the statistics form will be approved for the December/2005 meeting, so that the group can officially begin keeping shifting statistics starting January/2006.

Statistics For Quarterly Missing Book Reports

A draft of the statistics form for the quarterly missing book reports was distributed to the group. The group had agreed at last month's meeting to begin to track the searches for quarterly missing book reports on a separate section of the Searches spreadsheet, instead of incorporating the results into the miscellaneous section.

The group reviewed the draft. A question was asked on whether all NBL sites are searching for the items on the reports at least twice. Andy will poll the group by email and update the draft with the results. A revised draft will be sent to the group before next month's meeting for review so that a final form can be approved in December/2005 and used beginning in January/2006.

Name of Library
Searching Division Statistics
2005 - 2006

Update on LC Call Number Tutorial (Rob and Eddie)

A sub-group (Eddie, Megan, Rob) has been working on a comprehensive Library of Congress Call Number program, to be used for training part time and full time staff. As part of their work, the LC Call Number Tutorial PowerPoint was revised, sample call number tests were created, a handout to be given to part time employees explaining call numbers was created, and a flash card template was created. The tutorial, handout, and quizzes will be tools for use by staff to train other staff.

Sample tests for the Alexander, Math, and Physics library were distributed to the group, along with a brochure handout. The group was asked to review the documents and forward any suggestions/comments to the sub-group.

Further work will be done on the documents, possibly with Microsoft Publisher, to give training staff at each library the ability to customize the quizzes with information specific to their library. The group is also looking into the possibility of making quizzes available through the WebCT software.

One of the possible outcomes of the work from the sub-group will be the placement of an overview of the process, plus the tutorial and quizzes, on the Access Services web site. Placement of all of the training tools on the web site will allow CM and training staff easy access to the information. Rob will work on an overview of the process for the next meeting.

Sandy talked about her training procedures at the Camden Robeson Library. She has a small shelving area that part time employees use to put books into call number order. Then they graduate to using color-coded cards to shelve a sample of books, which are checked for accuracy by full time staff. She uses positive reinforcement to help her students learn.

Ideas For Training Session/Workshops/Programs

The group sent Andy suggestions for possible training sessions, workshops, and programs that could be developed and presented by the CMFG. Two of the suggestions were good possibilities:

Pest Awareness Program: This program will focus on the insects native to this area that can affect our collections, like cockroaches, silver fish, beetles, bed bugs, etc. Andy suggested creating a program that includes a PowerPoint demonstration, handout, and question and answer period. A sub- group could work on developing this program next semester for completion during the summer. One title suggestion for this presentation is RU Pests.

Best Practices Workshop: This practice would formalize the ideal practices for working in the collections. What we should do when we take a book off a shelf, how to handle materials correctly, etc. This workshop would primarily be for Access Services Staff (full-time and part-time).

An email will be sent to the group asking for volunteers to be part of sub-groups for the above programs. The sub-group will be responsible for developing the program over the next semester, with hopes of presenting next summer.

Accompanying Material Update

Implementation of the Accompanying Materials procedures is beginning with Collection Services. Emails were recently sent to CM staff that deal with bind-prep shelves announcing that Serials material that has accompanying material and will be eventually bound will be stored on Bind-Prep shelves until it is time to bind.

At next month's meeting, CS staff will attend to discuss the Accompanying Material procedures and what it means to CM staff.

Action List

Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

This meeting is our annual holiday meeting. Further discussion will take place over the next three weeks on this meeting.

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