Minutes of July 12, 2006 meeting

Andy Martinez, Mary Brodman, Krista Dandurand, Robert Krack, Bill Lynch, Sandy Marsh, Eugene McElroy, Holly Muller, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Alex Arencibia (excused), Melanie Robinson (excused), Melody Tomaszewicz (excused)


INFORMATION SHARING (Entire Group, 1:00 - 1:30 pm)

Andy Martinez/NBL:
The quarterly missing book report, for items charged to missing before 6-30-2005, will be ready for searching by CM staff the week of 7/17 7/21. The next quarterly missing book report, for items charged to missing after 6-30-2005 but before 7-15-2006, will be ready for searching by CM staff the week of 7/31 8/4.
Irina Loutchkina, Marty Katz, and Megan Ingegno will no longer be part of the CMG, effective 7/1/2006. The group thanks Irina, Marty, and Megan for all the work that they have done for the group and the insightful comments that they added to our discussions.
A reminder to the group that the Collection Services office is now called Distributed Technical Services, effective 7/1/2006. Andy described the two new Workflow user records created for use by the Preservation Department. A brief description of the two user records was offered. Andy reminded the group that no one should be charging items to these two users unless they are approved by the Preservation Department.

Krista Dandurand/Kilmer: Krista reported that a bathroom will be constructed on the first floor of Kilmer Library. Starting Monday, 7/10/06, Krista will be working full time at the Physics Library. Please contact Krista at Physics if you have any CM questions concerning that site.

Robert Krack/Alexander: Rob distributed a handout discussing the work completed so far searching for mold in the Alexander collections. Currently, over 3,000 moldy items have been located in the collections, from over 400 hours of searching (over 510 complete hours for the total project). Approximately 9 % of the total collections have been searched for mold.

Bill Lynch/Douglass: Bill reported that he has completed a mini-shift of the Bound Periodical Collection, incorporating an extra title into the collection. Bill is currently working on a project to incorporate oversized Stacks items into the Folio Collection.

Sandy Marsh/Robeson: Sandy reported that the inventory continues at Robeson. She is also continuing a shift of the Index Area.

Eugene McElroy/SMLR: Eugene reported that all is quiet at SMLR.

Holly Muller/LSM: Holly reported that currently there are no voucher employees working on CM matters at LSM. Full time staff are assisting with CM matters.

Shirley Peck/Alexander: Shirley reported that "in-process" items have increased, with two full carts of items processed at one time.

Roselyn Riley/Art: Roselyn continues work on the inventory of the Art Library collections. She is also assisting with the Serials Inventory project for the Libraries Annex.

Eddie Suarez/LSM: Eddie is back from his vacation. He has been catching up on shelving at the library.

Penny Weniger/Douglass: Penny reported that all is quiet at the Douglass Library.

Paul Young/Alexander & LSM: Paul reported that at LSM, he continues work on the map collection. For Alexander, Paul is packing up Federal Registers for shipment to GPO in Washington, DC.

Final Shifting Statistics Review

The group reviewed the shifting statistics template for final approval. After discussion (and a previous review of the template by email), the shifting statistics template was approved by the group. All of the libraries that collect collection management statistics on the Douglass t-drive now have a section for recording shifting statistics added to their statistics.

As part of the final discussion, the standard reasons for performing a shift were finalized:

1-full collection shift
2-mini shift due to lack of space/influx of returns
3-mini shift due to influx of new acquisitions
4-mini shift due to influx of transfers
5-mini shift due to withdrawals from collection
6-other (please add comment to explain)

Collection Management Statistics for 2006-2007

The collection management statistics for 2006-2007 for all RUL sites are now ready for data entry. Please let Andy know if any of the information on the statistics forms needs to be changed, such as the time frame you use for recording time, the collections that you shelve, shelf read or do in-process for, etc. At each site, now is a good time to review the totals for sections listed in the shelf reading section. If the totals for sections have changed, please report that to Andy.

Review of In-Process Procedures

The group began a discussion concerning revisions to our "In-Process" procedures. Due to the new accompanying materials procedures and information discovered through the various projects that the CMG have completed this past year, now is a good time to revisit how we process "In-Process" items. The group discussed what Unicorn wizard will be used to modify an item, what fields will be revised, what fields will be reviewed for possible mistakes, and if mistakes are found, who will fix them and/or where the mistakes will be reported.

Andy will work on draft procedures incorporating all of the group's suggestions. The draft procedures will be forwarded to the group for review and discussion at the next meeting.

Update from Floor Plan Sub-Group

Penny reported that the sub-group is moving forward with its plans to create paper floor plans for each of the NBL libraries. The main unit on each campus has been completed, so the sub-group will now work on gathering information for the NBL branches.

What Else Can Be Added to Floor Plan Brochure?

After Penny's description of what the sub-group had completed so far, the group discussed if there was anything else that could be added to the floor plan brochure for each site. Some possible additions to the brochures that were discussed included how to read a standard call number guide and inclusion of range guide numbers. After the group discussion, it was decided to keep the information contained on the floor plan brochures as it currently stands.

Enhanced Shelf Reading

As the time for the end of the meeting was near, Andy gave a brief description on some new possibilities that are available for sites to use with shelf reading. At the next meeting, the discussion will continue on whether to use reports from Workflows as a supplement to our normal shelf reading.

Action List

Next Meeting

The August/2006 meeting has been canceled.
The September/2006 meeting will be held on Wednesday, 9/13/2006.

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