Minutes of October 11, 2006 meeting

Andy Martinez, Rob Krack, Edward Suarez, Krista Dandurand, Brian Stubbs, Mary Brodman, L Melanie Robinson, Penny Weniger, Melody Tomaszewicz, Bill Lynch, Jeff Teichmann, Shirley Peck, Holly Muller, and Paul Young.
Roselyn Riley, Eugene McElroy, Sandy Marsh, Alex Arencibia


Information Sharing (Entire Group, 2:30-3:00 pm)

Andy/Coordinator: RUL old in-process searches for 2006 are underway. New library and item types have been added that were not used last year. The numbers are going down. Results of the searches should be submitted to Andy by Wednesday, November 1, 2006.

All sites should inventory their water emergency kits to see what needs to be ordered. Please send Andy a list of what needs to be ordered at your site. The request for Water emergency supplies should be submitted to Andy by Friday, October 13, 2006.

Quarterly missing books report for items charged to missing from July 1, 2006 to October 14, 2006 will be made available for searching this month.

Bill Lynch/Douglass and Kilmer: At Kilmer, Bill is working on the new acquisitions to the collections. At Douglass, Bill is in the process of labeling books that were internally relocated to the Folio Collection.

Krista Dandurand/Physics: Krista has been working to complete the prep work associated with a planned shift of the collections. She has already met with Andy and Roger to discuss the proposed shift. The next step will be a meeting with Howard Dess to get his input. She will also get feedback from Howard on the remaining periodical titles that may be moved out of the collection.

Melanie Robinson/Math: Melanie shifted reference items to stacks and withdrew a few reference items, as part of the overall Reference Collection Weeding Project. The work on transferring items to the Annex will start soon.

Paul Young/Alexander and LSM Gov Docs: At Alexander, Paul is shelf-reading the DocRef-US (Census) collection due to a recent cleaning project. At LSM, Paul is adding some New Jersey Geological Survey maps to the Reference Collection.

Mary Brodman/Alexander: The majority of the moldy books that had been sent out for remediation have been returned to the library. The searching for Alexander old in-process list has not been started yet. Alexander staff completed an inventory of items charged out to the CS-Alex user. All problem items (i.e. typed in wrong barcode) were taken to Susan to be fixed. It was suggested that future CS- Alex inventories be scheduled and placed on the CM calendar.

Robert Krack/Alexander: Due to the closing of the undergrad reading room, there have been more part time employees to use for collection management. Rob has been working on training these employees, using the training tutorials. Mini shifts are taking place in 2B, in the H and K sections of the library. New EAL Serial titles need to be worked into the collection, but they have been set aside in favor of the books that have come back from mold remediation. Approximately 2,000 mold remediation books have been placed in a temporary staging area, before they can be re-shelved into the collection.

Penny Weniger/Douglass: Penny discussed a situation where a reserve item with accompanying materials was returned without the accompanying item. After discussion with the group, Penny will use this situation as a good opportunity to remind staff on the accompanying material guidelines.

Edward Suarez/LSM: Eddie is still pulling items from LSM as part of the LSM Weeding Project. Eddie continues to mini-shift the bound periodical collection. He will try to mini-shift all the way to the beginning of the collection.

Holly Muller/LSM: LSM CM staff producing new stack guides for the 2nd floor.

Jeff Teichmann/Alexander: Jeff explained that Alexander staff started inventorying the CS-Alex user in 2001 because they realized that there were too many items charged to CS user. DTS-Alex has searched their area and Access Services staff found 200 in stacks.

Brian Stubbs/Alexander: Brian is continuing to train part time employees.

Melody Tomaszewicz/DTS: Melody conducted a training session for NBL Branch staff that will be involved in phase two of the Serials Inventory project. As part of this project, all of the closed serial titles will be inventoried. Melody created a PowerPoint presentation that outlines changes that need to be made to the serials tool bar. The document was placed on the T-drive for staff to use. A list of mentors when out in an email last week to all the units participating in phase two. DTS staff are currently working on a list of periodical titles for staff to work on.

Shirley Peck/Alexander: Brian set up macros for Shirley to use with the EAL Collection. Shelving in the EAL is difficult as not all of the ranges have stack guides and there problems with shelving labels. Also, the shelving area is dark. The Japanese collection is shelved separate from the Chinese and Korean collection.

Discussion on items that have been treated for mold (Rob)

Rob introduced to the group the status of the library items affected by mold which where sent out in July/2006 for remediation. Most of the items have been returned and will be shelved back into the collections. Although the items have been treated for mold, they may still appear to have mold as the stains remain on the items. Rob brought two books that had been treated to illustrate how the stains may remain on the item. The cover of one item had a big stain, while the other item stain had spots on the cover. Rob reiterated that active or non-active mold is hard to tell apart unless the mold is actively growing.

All items that have been treated for mold will have "COLLECTION MANAGEMENT" stamped below the item barcode and will have a note placed in the Bib records with a standard note explaining that the item has been treated. To make sure that the items do not have mold in the future, Alexander staff are discussing with Ian the possibility of doing a random sampling of the treated items in the future.

The group then discussed specific situations that involve moldy items. Jeff discussed how two in-process volumes where sent to Alexander to be processed, but were found with mold. Jeff spoke to Alexander-DTS staff about having their staff check books for mold and poor condition before the items are sent upstairs to Access Services. One group member mentioned that dust jackets are locations where mold can go undetected. Dust jackets generally should not be shelved with the item in the collection. Melody reported that there is work to setup a gift workflow that includes a review of the items by the preservation department.

Review of in-process procedures

The group reviewed the draft of the "In-Process" procedures. Corrections and comments made by the group at the last CMG meeting were incorporated into the document. The group has signed off on this final draft of the procedures. The document will now be sent to the other departments involved and to department heads for final approval.

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 2:30-4:30 pm
Main Location: TBA
Video Conference Location: Electronic Classroom II, Dana Library; Conference Room 290, Camden Library

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