Minutes of December 13, 2006 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Alex Arencibia, Robert Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, Holly Muller, Roselyn Riley, Melanie Miller (Recorder), Brian Stubbs, Penny Weniger, Eddie Suarez, Melody Tomaszewicz, Paul Young
Mary Brodman, Krista Dandurand, Sandy Marsh, Shirley Peck, Jeff Teichmann


Information Sharing

Bill Lynch (Kilmer/Douglass): The Folio Project for the Douglass Library is moving along, with most of the relocated items now in the collection. Bill has been busy processing withdrawals at the Kilmer Library.

Roselyn Riley (Art): The Art Library has been very busy, with lots of shelving. Patrons have heavily used library, with all study space taken.

Holly Muller (LSM): Holly reported that LSM staff members have been busy shelving end-of- semester book returns. Holly is working to make sure that the part-time evening employees are working efficiently. Holly reported that Better World Books will pick up a shipment from LSM on December 15th.

Brian Stubbs (Alexander): Brian reported that the repair work on the roof is almost completed and so far there have been no leaks found on the third floor. Brian reported that staff are involved in a project to measure the free shelving space in the library, but implementation has been slow due to end of the semester work.

Melody Tomaszewicz (DTS LSM): Melody reported that 34,398 books have been pulled during the LSM weeding project to date, although over 38,000 items have been processed due to items pulled from other NBL sites. The end of the official LSM weeding project is near, though weeding at LSM will continue at a much lower volume.

Rob Krack (Alexander): Rob reported that the mini-shift on 2B has been completed. Rob worked on cleaning out items stored in the basement, mainly gift collections. 97 boxes of books have been packed and will be given to Better World Books as a donation. BWB provided boxes and tape for shipping. A large percentage of the items stored in the basement will be recycled through the RecycleMania program. SC/UA got compact shelving to be installed in the BB level. The shelving used by SC/UA in the BB level has been given to NBL Access Services to potentially use in another location. Rob stated that the shelving stored in the BB level is surplus shelving and can be used at other NBL sites if necessary. Please work with your unit supervisor if you see a need for replacement shelving at your site. Rob reported a new problem with trash being stored in the Stacks Area. There used to have a problem with patrons hiding food in the Stacks Area, now there is a problem with trash.

Eddie Suarez (LSM): Eddie reported that he has replaced the range guides on the 2nd floor. Weeding has slowed down, with no lists processed at this time. Eddie continues to work on the mini-shift of the Periodicals Collection.

Penny Weniger (Douglass): Penny reported that it has been very busy at Douglass, with patrons of the library stressing over exams. Book returns have been manageable. Penny reported that the conference room has been moved from the lower level to the mezzanine level and will have video conferencing available in January. The old conference room has been changed into a group study room.

L Melanie Miller (Math): Melanie reported that she is moving ahead with transfer of reference books to Annex. The project is almost complete, with staff just waiting for items to be shipped to the Annex.

Paul Young (Alexander/LSM): Paul covered at Kilmer on Sunday and went to Art on Monday. He reported a lot of shelving at Alexander due to end of semester and a Gov Doc class. There has been heavy shelving at LSM.

Eugene McElroy (SMLR): Eugene reported getting a lot of returns for books from other libraries.

Alex Arencibia (Dana): Alex reported that book returns have picked up. He is still working on a shift of the Periodical Collection.

Discussion of Shelving Sampling Weeks

Jeff brought up that this year, some of the shelving sampling weeks bridge two months. For instance, four of the shelving sampling weeks this year:

start in one month and end in the next month. This differs from previous years where shelving sampling weeks have always been contained in the same month. Since Collection Management staff record all items that are shelved each week, not just shelving sampling weeks, this should not impact how we keep our statistics. A good discussion followed on how the shelving sampling weeks are selected (randomly) and why those statistics are kept.

Discussion on RM/LP Items from GEAC

Systems was able to produce a list of 4,301 items in our catalog that have a RM… or LP… staff note in the item record. These were items that were reported missing or lost/paid and had a corresponding missing or lost/paid note in GEAC and then were loaded into SIRSI in 1998. When they were loaded into SIRSI, they were left as in library but with the following staff note, RMXXXX or LPXXXX (where XXXX is the 2 digit month and 2 digit year).

For example: See the item record below as an illustration of the staff note in a record:
AC1.G72 v.1
Item id: 39030017811706
STAFF NOTE: Missing Type: RM1095

The group discussed a project where CM staff will verify that an item with a RM/LP staff note is in the collection and then remove the staff note. Items that are not found (and should be on the shelf) will be charged to missing. Here is the breakdown of items for each library:

Alcohol: 16
Alexander: 1,480
Annex: 1
Art: 118
Camden: 315
Chang: 18
Chem: 15
Dana: 1,019
Douglass: 137
Kilmer: 662
LSM: 267
Math: 29
Media: 8
Music: 72
Physics: 3
SMLR: 141

Brian suggested that before the items are physically searched, all items with staff notes that are currently charged out, in-transit, or missing have the staff notes removed. These items will not be physically searched. Also, any item that has been checked out since 1998 in SIRSI will have the staff note removed. These items will not be physically searched. Collection management staff will search the remaining items that are not currently charged out or have been charged out.

Option on Labeling Oversized Items

Andy discussed a labeling option that has been agreed upon by DTS and Preservation staff. This labeling option is only for oversized items that for whatever reason cannot be shelved standing up or laying flat on their side. This labeling option will allow us to shelve oversized items on the spine and still have identifying information for the item easily viewable by patrons. In the past, these types of items were shelved on their fore-edge, which led to damage from the text block pulling away from the book.

For oversized items that cannot be shelved standing up or lying flat on their side, a shelving tag with item information will be attached to the book. For shelved by title items, volume, number, and year information will be placed on the shelving tag. For LC classed material, call number information will be placed on the shelving tag. The shelving tag will be inserted in the book cover so that the item can be shelved on its spine and still have this information on the tag available for viewing by patrons.

This type of work is considered project work, will be scheduled beforehand with Preservation staff and is the last option for properly shelving the item. Before we proceed to this option for an item, collection management staff will first make sure that the shelving in that collection has been set up to fit the proper size for that collection and that the item should physically be in that collection.

This labeling option will be applied to the Douglass Folio Collection and Periodical Collection in January. An example of an item with this type of shelving tag will be distributed at the January meeting.

Discussion on Best Practices for Shelving

The group began a discussion on best practices for shelving in our collections. It is the hope of the group that eventually we will have standard best practice on how many total shelves to have in place per section and how many shelves to actually use for shelving per section. Also, we would like to have a standard best practice on how much space to leave for growth, using that number to signal when a full collection shift should happen or when a collection has reached critical mass and should be weeded. This discussion will continue throughout the remainder of the fiscal year.

Review of "In-Process" Procedures

This has been tabled until the next meeting, where a final draft should be ready for review and implementation.

Next Meeting

The group decided that our next meeting would be our Holiday Party. It will be schedule for our normal day/time and will be a potluck.
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Special Collections Room, LSM, Busch Campus
2:30 - 4:30pm

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