Minutes of June 13, 2007 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Alex Arencibia, Mary Brodman, Teri McNally, Melanie Miller


Information Sharing (Entire Group, 2:30 - 3:00 PM)

Andy Martinez/NBL: Andy reported that starting with the June/2007 meeting, Holly Muller (LSM) and Krista Dandurand (LSM) would no longer be permanent members of the group. Andy and the group thank both Holly and Krista for their work and contributions to the group.

Rob Krack/Alexander: Rob reported that work on the mini-shift of 2B continues.

Bill Lynch/Douglass: Bill reported that he continues to ship surplus microfilm shelving from the Douglass Library to the DTS office located in Alexander Library.

Shirley Peck/Alexander: Shirley reported a large influx of gift “in-process” items recently.

Brian Stubbs/Alexander: Brian reported on the progress of the oversized periodical project at the Alexander Library. He also reported on the high humidity levels recently at the library.

Eddie Suarez/LSM: Eddie reported that the prep-work for the shift of the circulating collections located on the 2nd floor continues. Eddie is using growth statistics taken from “in-process” items and data from Director’s Station to come up with estimates for the shift.

Paul Young/Gov Docs: Paul reported that he continues to shelve and shift the federal microfiche collections.


Andy asked the group to take some time next week to think about significant achievements and projects in collection management at their site.

A bulleted list, as specific as possible, should be sent to Andy by Friday, 6/29/07 so that this information can be included in the annual report for the group.


A document was distributed to the group containing the 2006-2007 group goals and the official charge for the group.

The group was asked to review the previous year’s goals, in light of the group’s charge and the strategic plan for the libraries, and send any general and/or specific goals for 2007- 2008 to Andy by Friday, 6/29/07.

During the discussion, Penny volunteered to explore the possibility of a site tour for the group at TAS in August, in lieu of our normal meeting. Rob volunteered to set up the Sakai site for the group, an important goal for us to meet.

Another possible goal for the group is the training of CM staff in Director’s Station.


A report was generated for all items in the catalog (excluding the Annex) with a staff note with the phrase “Home”. The list should capture all items with staff notes that were once used in GEAC to reflect processing for reserves. The report contains 7,691 items

After discussion, the group decided to recommend that all of the “Home Loc:” staff notes be removed from the item records, without previous searching for the items.

Andy will discuss the possibility of a bulk removal of staff notes with all interested parties.


The group discussed how to use statistics gathered from our “in-process” items to track growth for our collections. Using Director’s Station, each of our collections can be broken down into LC Call Number classes by item count and percentage. The group decided to specify LC Call Number classes on our statistics for “in-process” items, using the percentage breakdown taken from Director’s Station.

This will be put in place for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

The group discussed whether we want to track specific problems that we identify with “in- process” items or to continue to just use one general “problem” category.

After discussion, the group decided to specifically track the following items found while processing “in-process” items:

This will be put in place for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.


The group discussed the possibility of using shelving information for each site that we already know, in relation to item counts and percentages taken from Director’s Station to estimate the physical size of our collections.

A report was formulated that allows us to get the average number of pages for a specific collection, which we can then use to get the average size of a book in a specific collection.

CM staff will continue work on getting the information necessary for this study.

The following agenda items have been tabled until the next meeting.

Next meeting
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
2:30 – 4:30 pm
Place TBA

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