Minutes of October 10, 2007 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Alex Arencibia, Mary Brodman, Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Paul Young
Susan Brower from Alex-DTS attended the meeting as a substitute for Melody.
Teri McNally, L Melanie Miller, Shirley Peck, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Penny Weniger



Andy/NBL: Andy will poll the group to submit a supply order for water emergency supplies. Please try to get the order for your site to Andy by Friday, 10/26/07.

Alex/Dana: Alex continues to work on a shift of the Bound Periodical Collection. He is also working on a project to shelf read the collection.

Mary/Alex: Mary reported working on a mini-shift of the Bound Periodical Collection in the basement.

Kimberly/Kilmer: Kimberly reported that she is working on catching up on the quarterly missing book reports. She is also working with the part time employees for training.

Rob/Alex: Rob reported that a mini-shift of the Stacks Collection on level 2A has begun. He is also working on a Flash version of the LC Call Number Test to for staff to use.

Bill/Dglss: Bill reported that there is a large supply of surplus shelving available at the library for any site that wants it. If no one claims the shelving, it will be surplused.

Eugene/SMLR: Eugene reported that SMLR will be closed for several hours on 10/15/07 for repairs to the building.

Roselyn/Art: Roselyn and her staff continue to shelve and shelf read more than normal. She is also working on completing the reports derived from the inventory of the Stacks Collection.

Eddie/LSM: Eddie reported that the shift of the Stacks Collection on the 2nd floor has begun. So far everything is fine with the shift. The sorting shelves from the 2nd floor have been temporarily shifted to the circulation desk on the 1st floor.

Paul/Gov Docs: Paul reported that at Alexander Library the 108th Congress House and Senate Reports have been returned from the bindery and shelved in the collection. At LSM, both current and superseded NJ Topographical maps have been re-shelved and are now available for use.


Andy reported that the NBL Access Services web site will soon become obsolete and will be replaced by web pages located on Staff Resources through the Libraries web site. The draft version of the web pages, located at:
was forwarded to the group before the meeting for review. This will serve as a location for documentation, minutes, and general information for the group. The group discussed the web pages and agreed on the general format. The web pages should go live sometime in October. The group will continue work on creating and revising documentation for the web pages.

The Collection Management Manual currently located on the NBL Access Services Page will be separated into documents discussing a specific service, such as shelving, shelf reading and shifting. Single documents specifically going over a service will make it much easier to revise as services change.

The group agreed on documentation that should be added to the web pages. Temperature/humidity readings for RUL sites will be added to the web pages, along with a “Damaged item letter to selectors” and a couple of useful links to internal departments and library groups.


The group discussed the documents already listed on the draft version of the web pages that still need to be created or revised. The following documents will be worked on by the following staff:

Drafts of documentation will be reviewed by the group and posted to the Staff Resources Page over the next couple of months.


Melanie will provide a 2nd draft of the document discussing shelving on the fore edge for discussion at the November meeting.


Jeff has sent out an email to the members of the sub group polling them for the best day/time to meet. A bug file document has been posted to the Pest Damage Control & Prevention folder on the CMG Sakai web site for the sub group to review. The sub-group members are: Jeff Teichmann, Mary Brodman, Kim Kaiser, Eddie Suarez, Paul Young, and Rob Krack. There is still room for additional 1-2 members if anyone is interested in joining.


Tabled until next meeting


Wednesday, 11/14/2007
Place TBA

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