Minutes of February 13, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, L Melanie Miller (Recorder), Roselyn Riley, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Paul Young
Alex Arencibia, Mary Brodman, Eugene McElroy, Teri McNally, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Penny Weniger



Andy Martinez (Coordinator): Andy had nothing to share at this time.

Kimberly Kaiser (Kilmer): Kimberly is assisting with the weeding of the Microfilm Collection at Kilmer. This has been an ongoing project.

Robert Krack (Alexander): Rob reported that the shifting of the Stacks Collection on Level 2A continues and should be completed by March. He also reported that they have been working on separating and identifying e-Folio items to add to an Elephant Folio Collection. E-Folio items are 45+cm. So far they have identified 140 items as E-Folio.

Bill Lynch (Douglass): Bill reported that Douglass has received a lot of “in-process” items during the month of January/2008. This month’s total has been the highest per month total in the last 5 fiscal years.

L Melanie Miller (Math): Melanie reported that Math has received a large shipment of “in-process” items during the month of January/2008. The prep work for a weeding project for the Stacks Collection is underway.

Roselyn Riley, (Art): Roselyn reported that Art has received a lot of “in-process” items during the month of January/2008.

Eddie Suarez (LSM): Eddie reported that the 2nd floor shift is more than half way done and currently in the QR’s. The Folio Collection has been moved from the 2nd floor to wooden shelving units on the 3rd floor.

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander): Jeff did not have anything to share at this time.

Melody Tomaszewicz. (CS-LSM): Melody reported that Serial Inventory for NBL continues.

Paul Young (Alexander/LSM): Paul reported that he has been re-labeling Doc-microfilm drawers at Alexander and at LSM interfiling 1940 NJ topographic maps with superseded NJ Map collection. A shift DOC-MFICHE and DOC-MFILM drawers to correctly file NJ Agricultural materials was completed.

Status Report On Cmg Documentation

The group reviewed the documents being placed on the staff resources page.

  1. Eddy and Rob are working on the Shifting document and reported that they only have to work on PER shelving portion.
  2. Brian has completed work on the shelving document and is going to e-mail it to Andy.
  3. Bill has completed the shelf-reading document and uploaded it onto Sakai and is waiting for feed back.
  4. Kim reported that she is working on the systems report document.

Andy hopes to have all of the staff resources documents completed by the end of the fiscal year. The suggestion was made to add revision review of the staff resources documents to the CMG group calendar, so they can be updated each year if necessary.

Pest Awareness Presentation Update

Rob and Eddy reported to the group that they visited the Department of Entomology and were able to view actual specimens of bugs. They have uploaded pictures of bugs onto Sakai and would like volunteers from the group to pick a bug and submitted a description of that bug to the Sakai site. The description should be short and concise. Eddie will send out an e-mail regarding this project today.

Rob and Eddy also advised the group that there is a thread to the bug page on the Sakai site. There is also a preservation page of do’s and don’ts with links to resources.

The group discussed creating a video on Pest Awareness. It can be done and saved as an MP3 recording. Jeff suggested we talk to Joe Abraham when we get to the point where we are ready to create the video. We are still on track for a presentation on Pest Awareness during the summer of 2008.

Folio Sizes and In-Process

Andy created a document listing the Oversize Collections for RUL and distributed it to the group. He asked the group to review the list and add their comments on the collections and size thresholds. The hope is to have a document listing all of the authorized Oversize Collections for RUL posted on the Staff Resources page.

Andy reminded the group that all Oversize Collections need to be authorized by TAS before they can be established at a site. The group will work on incorporating a check on the book size into our procedures for “in-process” items. Any questions on Oversize Collections should be forwarded to Andy.

Alexander Library CM staff have been pulling oversize items from the Stacks Collection as they shift and forwarding the items to DTS to be internally relocated.

Additional Agenda Items

Rob reported that he had placed a new LC Call Number Test using Flash on the Sakai website. It incorporated different learning styles and seems to work well. To view it you have to use a new version of Flash. Rob will send out e-mail with the link for everyone to review.

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location(s): Pane Room, Alexander Library, CAC
Dana (Electronic Classroom II)
Robeson (Conference Room 290).

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