Minutes of March 12, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Kimberly Kaiser, Eugene McElroy, Teri McNally, L Melanie Miller, Roselyn Riley


Andy introduced the group to Elsa Alves, the new CMG representative from the Dana Library. Elsa will be replacing Alex Arencibia as the Dana contact for collection management. The group thanks Alex for his work and welcomes Elsa to the group.

Information Sharing (2:30 – 3:00pm)

Andy Martinez (Coordinator):

Elsa Alves (Dana): Elsa introduced herself to the group and looks forward to working on collection management issues.

Mary Brodman (Alexander): Mary reported that CM staff have been busy shelf reading various parts of the Alexander Stacks Collection.

Robert Krack (Alexander): Rob reported that the shift of the Folio Collection has been completed. The shift was performed to make space for new oversize items that were internally relocated from the Stacks Collection. During the shift, CM staff were also taking items that were not oversize from the Folio Collection to be internally relocated to the Stacks Collection.

Bill Lynch (Douglass): Bill reported that February/2008 has seen the 2nd most “in-process” items processed, after January/2008.

Brian Stubbs (Alexander): Brian reported that he has completed a final draft of the “Overview of Shelving” document for the group to comment on.

Eddie Suarez (LSM): Eddie reported that the shift of the Stacks Collection continues. He is currently up to the RE’s. The shift of the Folio Collection has been completed. That collection was moved from the 2nd floor to wooden shelves on the 3rd floor. Eddie reported that so far 41,000 items have been weeded from the LSM Collections as part of the LSM Weeding Project.

Paul Young (Alexander/LSM): Paul reported that at Alexander Library he is shelving the end of the 2007 SRI, ASI, and UN microfiche. At LSM, he is continuing the shift of the Doc-MFilm drawers.

Penny Weniger (Douglass): Penny reported on her trip to the Ivies+ Access Services Symposium held at UPenn.

Status Report on CMG Documentation

The “Overview of Shifting” document, created by Eddie and Rob, was forwarded to the group in March for final comments. After revision due to group comments, the document was posted to the Staff Resources Page for use by the group.

The “Overview of Shelf-Reading” document, created by Bill, was forwarded to the group in March for final comments. After revision due to group comments, the document was posted to the Staff Resources Page for use by the group.

Melanie created a document describing the proper shelving for standard and oversize collections. The document (Proper Shelving for Standard and Oversize Collections) was revised by the group and has been posted to the Staff Resources Page for use by the group.

Work continues on the remaining documents to be posted to the Staff Resources Page.

LC Call Number Breakdown For Circulating Collections – Shelfreading

The group discussed shelf-reading as an important part of collection management work and whether Director’s Station could provide valuable information to assist with that work. Shelf-reading is very important to the health of our collections, but since it is very labor intensive it can be difficult to put the necessary resources and manpower towards that work.

Director’s Station allows you to find out the LC Call Number breakdown of any classed collection (break a collection down into LC Class or Sub-Class percentages) and also find out what LC Classes or Sub-Classes are currently checked out in a circulating collection. This information can be used to find out what the high-use areas of a collection are (by circulation) and possibly use that information to make sure that those areas are shelf-read.

The group discussed whether this information would be helpful in determining what areas should be shelf-read due to our limited resources. Some groups will be able to use this information while other groups will continue with their normal process. It was decided that these breakdowns will be forwarded to CM staff twice a year, once in January, once in July.

Folio Sizes and In-Process

A draft of a document describing the oversize collections and the size thresholds for those collections has been forwarded to TAS staff for their comments. Once completed, this document will list all of the authorized oversize collections at RUL and will be used by CM staff (and hopefully DTS and TAS staff) to decide which collection an item should properly be shelved in.

A check on item size will be built into our “in-process” procedures so that CM staff will be able to check to make sure that an item is in the proper shelving collection. The “In-Process Overview” document will be revised and posted to the Staff Resources Page.

Andy polled the group on whether they had rulers that measured in centimeters. The sizes for oversize collections are all in centimeters (i.e. 30 centimeters for Folio) and items need to be measured to make sure they meet those size thresholds before they are sent to be internally relocated. Andy will submit a proposal to purchase rulers with centimeters for all CMG sites, so that CM staff can use the rulers for our work with “in-process” items, while shelving and shelf-reading, and while shifting a collection.

Online Missing Book Form – Discussion On Possibilities

The group had an informal discussion on the number and type of searches that we perform for collection management work. As part of this discussion, the group brainstormed on how we can use technology to assist with how we submit and track searches (the possibility of an online database to submit and track searches) and what types of situations warrant searching for an item.

This discussion will continue this calendar year, as we discuss different options and ideas.

Additional Agenda Items

Eddie and Rob reported that most of the FAQ’s for the pests that were to be highlighted as part of our Pest Awareness Program have been completed. Work continues on the online resource for staff and the accompanying program.

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location(s): Location to be announced

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