Minutes of April 9, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Kim Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, L Melanie Miller (Recorder), Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Penny Weniger, Paul Young.
Mary Brodman, Teri McNally, Shirley Peck, Melody Tomaszewicz, Jeff Teichmann

Information Sharing

Andy Martinez/NBL – Andy reported that he sent out RU problem item lists dealing with mismatched item type/home location and chose two due dates depending on the number of problems. Andy will start work on the reports for all “Non-Roman Alphabet Title” items in our catalog for searching. Reports will be sent out to the group in May.

Elsa Alves/Dana – Elsa reported that she has been pulling JSTOR periodicals that will be cancelled in print, which will open up space in the Periodical Collection. Work continues on formalizing their collection management group.

Melanie Miller/Math – Melanie reported that she finished pulling the JSTOR periodicals that have been canceled in print and sent them to DTs to be bound. She also reported that the periodicals that will be transferred to the Annex have all been scanned. Melanie reported that one of the math professors suggested that a list of the periodicals be placed at the end of each row. She will investigate this possibility.

Eddy Suarez/LSM - Eddy reported that he is continuing to work on weeding and shifting. He also reported that certain card catalogs on the third floor will be discarded.

Roselyn Riley/Art – Roselyn reported that Art has been very busy and heavily used by patrons. Patrons are hiding books which staff find during shelf reading. Art staff are investigating whether a shift of the Folio and Stacks Collection is necessary.

Kim Kaiser/Kilmer – Kim stated that she has received a lot of in-process books. She is investigating whether shelving tags would work for some of the items in the Reference Collection.

Rob Krack/Alexander – Rob reported that the shelf reading on level 2A has been completed and a mini shift on the 3rd floor.

Bill Lynch/Douglass – Bill reported that he is working on the print periodical cancellation list for titles that are duplicated online.

Penny Weniger/Douglass – Penny reported that the Floor plan handouts project for the main units has been completed and given to Judy for review.

Brian Stubbs/Alexander – Brian reported that Alexander has been shifting and shelf reading.

Change to Item Type Field

Andy distributed to the group several documents pertaining to the upcoming change to our “Item Type” field. Those documents included the original working paper for the use of item types in Unicorn, the final report from the Item Type Taskforce, and the draft of new item types.

There are 49 new item types that were recommended by the Item Type Taskforce, but the majority of the items in our catalog will only be a couple of item types, such as Book amd Periodcl. Most of the new item types will have a circulating and non-circulating version.

The Libraries are planning on changing the way that the “Item Type” field will be used in our catalog. Currently the “Item Type” field has evolved into a field that duplicates information from the item’s “Home Location” field, such as STACKS, REF, and ARCHIV. The current use of the “Item Type” field has led to problems with Marc Holdings and User Initiated Holds and limited our ability to gather statistics, prompting this upcoming change.

Systems is planning on completing the change to our catalog in July/August 2008.

The upcoming change to the field will allow us to specify, down to the item level, which materials circulate and which do not. We will also be able to automatically block patrons, at the user-initiated holds level, from placing holds on material that is designated as non-circulating. Finally, information for statistical reports will be available in delineated fields that were not previously available.

Once the changes to our catalog are completed, the “Item Type” field will be used to denote the item’s format and whether it circulates/is holdable (i.e. Book-Y), the “Home Location” field will be used to denote the item’s shelving location (i.e. Stacks), and the “Current Location” field will denote the item’s current status (i.e. Checkedout). The item display in IRIS will need to change to incorporate how the three fields will be used in the future.

Much work needs to be accomplished before this change can be performed. Access Services staff will have to review our documentation and workflows to see how the change to the “Item Type” field (and related changes to the “Home Location” field”) will impact our workflow. We will also be working on correcting problems with items with mismatched item type/home location and libraries with unauthorized sub-locations. This work should be completed before Systems converts the item type of the approximately 3.4 million items in our catalog.

The majority of items in our catalog will be converted by batch by Systems, but there will be some items that will need to be physically inspected before they can be converted.

Some of the workflows that will need to be reviewed include how we use item fields for the circ-on-the-fly process (TECHSR), the in-process workflow (IN-PROCESS), and how we flag items for future work using “LOCALMAINT”. Basically any of our processes that include an edit of the “Item Type” or “Home Location” field will have to be reviewed and possibly changed.

From a collection management perspective there will be no relabeling of items once the conversion occurs. The majority of our current “Item Types” will become shelving locations, such as Stacks and Ref.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 2:30 – 4:30pm
Location TBA

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