Minutes of November 12, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez (Recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz, Paul Young
Eugene McElroy, Teri McNally, Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger


Information Sharing

Andy (Coordinator): Andy reported that the aged In-process reports were sent out to group members. Members are expected to search and update the records on the list.
Water emergency supplies were delivered and will be distributed to group members in the next two weeks.
Andy requested that the group should look at the documents on the staff resources page to see if it needs updating. With the new version of Workflows to be in place next year, CM documentation will have to be revised with new screen shots and new procedures.
He called for volunteers to create new SU Doc training materials and a quiz. He also requested that a group member revise the stack check procedures. Brian Stubbs volunteered to work on a draft of new Stacks Checks procedures.

Elsa (Dana): Elsa reported that shifts were underway on the second floor in the Stacks collection and in the Bound Periodical collection of Dana Library.

Mary (Alexander): A shift is ongoing in the Alexander Bound Periodical collection. The shift is backtracking in order to open up room for new titles.

Kim (Kilmer): Kim reported on the collection withdrawal in the Kilmer Reference room to make way for a carpet install and a smaller Reference collection. Kim has met with Linda Zuckerman from DTS-Alex to begin her serial inventory project training.

Rob (Alexander): Rob has trained 7 of 13 students for collection management work this past month. Cleanup of books in the Stacks collection has been completed and he is now focusing on the shift in the Bound Periodical collection.

Bill (Douglass): Bill is currently filling in at the Chang Library for one hour in the evenings Monday through Thursday until a permanent replacement is hired. He is now incorporating work from the Music Library into his Douglass CM workload.

Shirley (Alexander): Shirley reported that she continues to work on in-process items and on her role in the test of the “Mark Item Used” wizard at Alexander Library.

Brian (Alexander): Brian reported that outside workers came in to examine the fire suppression system's pipes. They used ultrasound equipment to diagnose weak points. This is a preventive maintenance to avoid a repeat of the holes-in-the-pipes floods in Special Collections last year.

Eddie (LSM): Eddie reported that a draft of the Insect and Pest Awareness site has been completed and turned in for review. The draft has been posted to the Sakai site for review by staff. New LSM floor maps have been designed and are awaiting approval to be displayed in floor display cases. A mini-shift of the journal of N section of the Bound Periodical collection was almost completed.

Melody (DTS): Melody is continuing work on the Serials Inventory Project for NBL. Items from Chang may be able to be done remotely, that will be explored with DTS staff. DTS work on the INT/FOR collection at the Alexander government documents collection was almost completed.

Paul (Alexander/LSM): Paul reported that a new study space on the third floor of Alexander Library was open. He also discussed the closing of lot 101 at the Kilmer Library for construction and the broken freight elevator at LSM.

Mark Item Use Wizard Test Results At Alexander – Rob Krack

The mark item wizard is a workflow button that records the actualization of a book's use in the collection by a user. Items that are found lying out of place in the collection or in study space areas are collected, recorded into workflows and re-shelved back into the collection. The number of "item uses" is kept in workflows.

Discussion of the project is still on-going. Changes to improve the work flow are being looked into, such as using a PocketCirc device or having Circulation staff do the scanning into Workflows. A draft of the workflow will be discussed at the next meeting.

Floor Maps– Eddie Suarez

Eddie displayed the new floor maps he designed for LSM. The floor maps are poster sized (20’X25”) and are going to be displayed in glass cases on each floor of the library. The maps were converted into PDFs so that we can scale the image down into an 8 ½ by 11 sheet when printed. The map may be used as a template for other sites and suggestions were given on how to display the maps on the libraries' website. The maps are created using Microsoft Publisher, which all staff should have on their work stations, so the idea of standard floor maps across campus will be explored.

Using Director’s Station Program for Overcrowding Analysis – Bill Lynch

Bill demonstrated how the Director’s Station can be used to analyze the growth of the collection. By analyzing the statistics, one may determine if a collection is overflowing or how much growth will be needed in “x” number years to maintain the library. Bill showed how members can navigate around the program to pull down specific numbers regarding call number class. Many of the CMG members have been trained and authorized to use Director’s Station.

Andy asked the group to consider giving a 5-10 minute explanation of any statistics that they use from Director’s Station during each group meeting. Time will be left at the end of each meeting for group members to discuss the reports.

Preservation DVD

Andy purchased preservation/water emergency information from Heritage Preservation, Inc. The information includes a "Field Guide to Emergency Response" booklet and DVD, an "Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel", and a "Working with Emergency Responders" poster.

The group will watch a chapter on the DVD during each meeting and will see how our collection emergency responses can be improved.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location TBA

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