Minutes of October 14, 2009 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez (Recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz,
Bill Lynch


Information Sharing

Andy (Coordinator): Andy reported that 2,490 items charged to missing, lost-paid or lost-replace have been withdrawn from the catalog in October following the searching of the July Quarterly Missing Book Reports. 190 items will remain charged to missing, lost-paid or lost-replace due to an attached order or outstanding bill.

Elsa (Dana): Elsa reported that the 2nd floor shift of the Stacks Collection is nearly completed. Six aisles are remaining. A water leak in the basement caused by a leaking water spout was dealt with. There were books in the area (right above a range in the PER Collection), but none were damaged as the books were moved immediately. An inventory of the Stacks Collection TX class is being investigated.

Shirley (Alexander): Shirley discussed the new book shelf at Alexander Library, redesigned after the project in the Reference Room was completed.

Rob (Alexander): 70% of the Government Documents overflow has been incorporated back into the collection. There was a noticeable increase in Gov. Doc. Microfiche shelving from 2 to 3 items to several hundred at a time. He is pushing for more shelf reading of the STACKS collection, as staff are halfway through the PR LC class. Rob reported on two new sub-locations in the Gov. Doc collection created for use at Alexander, DOC-EFOLIO and DOCUS-EFO.

Mary (Alexander): Mary's work on the Douglass East Room shift has been completed. Current mini shifts underway at Alexander completed on 2B and underway on the 3rd Floor. Mary reported on the shelf reading projects in the Reference, Soc, and Eng collections at Alexander.

Brian (Alexander): Brian worked with Kim on water emergency supply list that will be updated for the staff website.

Kim (Kilmer): Kim is continuing call number training with new part-time employees. She is working on a project to install shelving tags on some oversized items in the Reference collection.

Eddie (LSM): Eddie finished a Z to Journal of S back mini-shift in the Periodical collection and is now preparing for shift of A to Journal of A periodicals to allow for 2 years growth. New stack guides were placed from aisles 20 to 30 in Periodical collection. He reported that water damaged tiles in the Stacks collection were replaced by facilities.

Eugene (SMLR): The binding of the trade union proceedings is almost complete, with 100 volumes bound. SMLR obtained a used desensitizer from LSM to replace a broken one.

Melody (DTS): Melody is continuing work on various weeding projects for NBL.

Review of Water Emergency Powerpoint

The 4th draft of the water emergency PowerPoint was reviewed by the group and comments were recorded for future revision. The PowerPoint will have audio files attached to the slides that read out dialogue for each slide. The recording of the audio tracks will be done in November at the Sharon A Fordham Lab at Douglass Library.

In Process Items Order Note

Systems have implemented an automatic notification for reserve staff and the selector that ordered the item. The notification occurs twice, first when an item is ordered and then when it reaches the technical services department for processing. The selector or reserve staff place their user ID (or name of the reserve library) in the note field in the order form, which Systems capture in automated reports that run every night.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
2:30 - 4:30pm
Location TBA

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