Minutes of December 9, 2009 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Kristi Conover, Kimberly Kaiser, Bill Lynch, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez (Recorder)
Rob Krack, Eugene McElroy, Jan Reinhart, Melody Tomaszewicz


Information Sharing

Andy (Coordinator): Andy will be providing the group with a list comprised of "circ-on-the-fly" items that may be in our collections for the group to search starting in February. When found, the item is to be sent to DTS to be fully cataloged. Andy emphasized to the group to add the correct "Route to DTS" note on circ on the fly entries. Andy also asked to the group to evaluate their water emergency supplies for the yearly order.

Elsa (Dana): Elsa reported that the second floor STACKS A-Z shift has been completed. A smaller shift of the Doc NJ collection was also finished.

Shirley (Alexander): Shirley reported on the increase of East Asian books into her "in-process" workflow. The increase has led to some space issues with the East Asian Library collections.

Rob (Alexander): Rob reported that work on the DOCUS shift is proceeding slowly. A handful of volumes remain on overflow shelves. Oversized DOCUS items have been moved to the new DOCUS oversize collections, which are being worked on by DTS staff. Rob also requested Princeton files for badly bounded DOC materials.

Mary (Alexander): Mary has begun measuring the East Asian Collection for a shift.

Brian (Alexander): Brian is working with Rob on the coordination of p/t employees in order to provide more collection management support.

Kristi (Chang/Math): Kristi introduced herself to the group. She will be the collection management contact at Chang and Math.

Eddie (LSM): Eddie will review an inventory report of the STACKS A-BF collection. This section was inventoried in November and now the follow-up reports are being processed. He is continuing a periodical shift in the A to Journal of A aisles. He has also taken up the shelving of the Gov Doc collection for the next couple of months.

Discussion of "Mark Item Use" Draft Document

Andy recommended to the group that they begin to use the "Mark Item Used" wizard to mark used items used in-house by library users. These are items that are retrieved through scheduled walk-through of the library and collections by staff. Used for statistical purposes, these items are not actually charged to a user record, instead the "In-house uses" field in the item record is updated by one and the "Last activity" field is changed to the current date. The use of this wizard also allows us to pro-actively identify items in our collections that are checked out or not found in catalog. The group was advised to work with their unit supervisors to see if the use of this wizard can be incorporated into their workflow.

Review of the Water Emergency Powerpoint

Eddie and Kim demoed the latest iteration of the water emergency power point to the group. The demo featured an audio track that narrated the slides. The track was produced at the Sharon A Fordham lab at Douglass Library. The power point was approved by the group. A Resources section featuring links to related websites and information will be added to the presentation and then the resource will be posted to the Staff Resources Page.

Accompanying Material Items That Have Missing Pieces

DTS notes that items that lack an additional material item (CD, Disk, etc) will be reviewed by the appropriate selector and if kept in the collection, notes will be placed in the Item Extended Info section stating that the additional item is missing. When these items are charged to the patron, the note will appear in Workflows. The item's record states that the number of pieces field will note the actual number of pieces, in many cases 1. No override will be needed to charge these materials if the number of pieces field is 1.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
2:30 - 4:30pm
Location TBA

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