Minutes of August 11, 2010 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie McGuire, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Andy Martinez, Robert Krack.(Minutes)
Bill Lynch, Theresa Macklin, Fred Onorato, Shirley Peck, Mary Brodman


Collection Management Group Update

Eddie began the meeting by thanking Andy for the work he performed in leading the group for the past four years. He stated that the CMFG would change its meeting practices in the coming months to integrate electronic meetings into the yearly schedule. Face to face meetings would take place every other month while electronic meetings will be conducted through the chat function or through the electronic message board system on Sakai as needs and schedules dictate.

Eddie will update the Collection Management roster and email list to reflect the changes in the functional group.

Information Sharing

Eddie: During the summer, LSM has caught up with its shelving backlog from the end of the previous school year. Shelving duties are currently split between Eddie, who shelves the main collections, and Kevin Conover who shelves the Government Documents.

Eddie is working on a mini-shift in the "A-Journal of A" section of the periodicals to make space for additional volumes. LSM has also received a series of microfiche from the Chang library, but they are awaiting cabinets to house the fiche.

Electrical outlets are being installed in LSM for group study rooms. Due to the outlet installation the public terminals will be temporarily unavailable for the next few days.

Jamie: DTS is working on several weeding projects and transferring titles to the Annex. Irina Loutchkina and Roselyn Riley have been bar-coding periodicals at the Art library to help get serials ready to transfer to the Annex. DTS is also working on a weeding project at the Alexander library.

DTS has worked on the EAL project by internally relocating periodicals that were previously in the EAL stacks collections into a new sub-location in the bound periodicals collection at Alexander. During the internal relocation it was determined that some of the titles could be sent to the Annex and many series have been sent there already.

DTS is creating an electronic form for staff use for major projects involving DTS. The form would be used for any project that would involve more than one hundred items and would help coordinate projects with other departments and help resolve scheduling issues.

Kim: At Kilmer, Kim has taken over all of the shelving responsibilities and has been able to keep up with the incoming new materials. Kim has been shifting to accommodate materials transferred from other libraries as they weed their collections. Even though space has been made to accommodate these materials, integrating these new materials has proved to require constant up keep. She has also been working on the missing lists for the summer.

The Kilmer library has new furniture and she reports that they are now open until 2 am during the fall and spring semesters. The former media library location in Kilmer is now being converted into group study rooms.

Andy: Construction hasn't started yet on the new music seminar room but they are doing some shelving work in preparation for the project. The installation removed one and a half ranges of space and the materials have been incorporated into the rest of the collection. The media materials from Kilmer have been transferred to the media library at Douglass. Andy anticipates a large weeding project for Douglass in the coming months.

Rob: Rob reported that there was a major project at the Alexander library to reorganize the East Asian library's collection so that it would match standard of the other New Brunswick library collections. The project involved reorganizing 96 sections of books in the Japanese collection and 500 sections of books in the EAL main collection.

The project initially had several students working on it, many of which were paid with funds that were left over from the previous fiscal year and who were hired on a temporary basis. The funds were only useable until mid-June and the students who were paid with those funds had to stop working. Additionally funding for federal work study students and vouchers were severely reduced this summer and the remaining students were prioritized to cover the desks in the evenings and extended hours study program.

Once the reorganization of the collection was started it was impossible to stop working on the project because the collection was temporarily out of order as the books transitioned into their new locations. Access Services staff assisted with the shelving while the Collection Management department concentrated on the reorganization project. Additionally a new shelf reading policy was enacted by Jeff Teichmann to help compensate for the loss of student workers; all staff members now perform one hour of shelf reading per week.

The reorganization phase of the project was completed on Wednesday August 11th. Mary Brodman, Stephanie Mikitish and Robert Krack all worked to help coordinate the remaining students and staff who worked on the project.

While the East Asian library has been reorganized, there are two tasks that still remain. Materials will be internally relocated to a new sub-location and moved to the basement or the library Annex to make room in the collection. After the materials have been transferred the collection must be shifted to accommodate new incoming materials.

In addition to the East Asian library project there was also a recurring and major water leak on the third floor. The area that the water affects has increased in size and the water leak has been active for most of the summer. Books in the sections directly underneath the area were damaged by water in multiple incidents as the strain on the condenser units increased with the summer heat. It was estimated that it would cost $30,000 to repair the damaged units in the mechanical room that caused the leak. Francoise Puniello is looking into finding funding for the repairs.

Due to the EAL project and the recurring water leak many projects and tasks were temporarily postponed. The missing and recon lists have not been searched and the in-transit lists were not searched until July. There is some back logged shelving in the stacks and EAL collections, but Reference, Periodicals and Government Documents are up to date on shelving. Additionally shifts on 2B and in Government Documents and many other projects have been indefinitely postponed.

Art library: Staff members from Alex have been sent to the Art library in order to help with desk coverage and shelving while Kristen is on maternity leave. The staff members have helped with the backlogged shelving from the previous semester and have assisted in bar-coding periodicals to facilitate transfers to the Annex. There are still materials on an overflow shelf that require shifting in the main collection to put away. Jamie suggested examining the materials at Art to see if it were possible to send some of them to the Annex before attempting to fit them into the collection. Access Services staff have also been cleaning up the circulation area at the Art library.

Alex: Replacement carpeting was installed on the first floor of the Dana library. The thesis and dissertation collections were permanently moved to the archives at Dana. Ranges that were disassembled for the carpet installation have been replaced but the books that were on those ranges still need to be re-shelved.

There was a collection of Reference books on an overflow shelf in Dana. Some of the books were weeded and sent to the library Annex and the remaining books were integrated back into the Reference collection.

Alex has been working on a shift in the stacks of the main collection when time permits

Collection Management Statistics

Eddie asked that all Collection Management staff review their statistics.

Assistance in Alexander and Art Library projects with the East Asian library reorganization concluded thus, there was no need to request help at this time. Additional help may be required at the Art library in the future but will be re-examined in the near future.

Media shelving discussion

The group briefly talked about moving stacks-com materials into the public areas of the library, but decided to table the discussion until the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
2:30- 4:00pm
Sakai Chat

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