Minutes of December 8, 2010 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie Maguire, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Bill Lynch, Robert Krack (minutes), Mary Brodman, Shirley Peck, Fred Onorato
Theresa Macklin, Andy Martinez


Information Sharing

Bill (Douglass): The focus on the west room shift continues. Progress slowed a bit during late November but I anticipate a productive week now that all the students are back to their full schedules. I increased the amount of space being left on each shelf as we have already built up enough room to empty the first range of the west room. I will reassess the spacing situation again when we draw nearer to completion.

We have also been working on transferring a large number of Music X items over to the Annex. We've already gone through a handful of lists, and Andy and I have taken turns packing them up and shipping them over to Dean and Lisa.

I also met with Eddie and Andy late last month to discuss a large weeding project which will take place at some point in the near future. A tentative target number has been set around 60K. This will hopefully make room for a desired shift which would swap the Music and Douglass collections, as well as incorporate about 6-7K cinema studies items from Alexander Library. Once the selectors designate a destination library for items under consideration for weeding, I will be weeding and training students to help complete the project.

Eddie (LSM): The periodical shift is progressing slowly. We should be done with 1/3 of the floor near the end of December into early January. There has been more of a focus on scanning in marked item used items as the second floor stacks have gotten unkempt from patrons browsing the books on shelf.

A quick analysis was done of shelving space on the second floor, resulting in the following analysis:

LSM Stacks Collection Space Analysis

EMPTY SHELVES35.56421491

Total Estimated Free Space: 34,083
Number Of Empty Shelves: 960
Total Estimated Space In Stack Collections: 181,157

Please note that this is a rough estimate of second floor STACKS spacing situation. Further analysis of the collection situation will be done if further projects require it

Jamie (DTS): DTS is still working on the bound Chinese and Korean periodicals that are moving downstairs to the newly created location, EAL-BDCHKO. Thus far about 6000 items have been moved and added or relabeled. The process has now been streamlined for a much more regulated approach moving forward.

Other active weeding/transfer projects include Art Stacks (call number range AC-ND), Alex Stacks 2B, Music X and a large amount of relocates from Alex REF to Stacks.

Other upcoming weeding/transfer projects are (but a bit down the line still) Douglass, MATH and the continuation of LSM REF and Alex Stacks collection.

In preparation for the new café at Alexander Library, DTS is transferring Microfilm from the Periodicals reading room to the Annex and pulling loose canceled titles for last to binds.

Rob (Alex): The main focus at Alex has been the East Asian library shift and the new EAL-BDCHKO collection in the basement. The shift in the EAL main collection has reached the upper end of the DS700's and will continue through the DS section until Tao gives us the OK to move further on. Tao has pulled several carts worth of materials and we have been giving them to DTS at a rate of about 2 full carts per week.

The Bound Periodical collection was shifted to make additional room for the growing EAL-BDCHKO collection, but the space is filling up rapidly. We may need to look into additional options depending on how much material Tao transfers to the new location. We estimated that we could only get one additional range of free space out of the remaining Bound Periodical collection if we shifted the whole collection from the A's and this would not leave much room for the small number of growing series still in that collection.

Mary Brodman will be gone for the months of January and February and Rob will temporarily take over coordinating the Collection Management portion of the EAL project.

Returns have started to increase, and with the increase of shelving will come a decrease in time for project work. The EAL project will continue through December as long as time permits us to work on it.

In-Processing statistics for the last three months are up. There was an increase of books processed into the main collection in November as well as in books processed into the East Asian library. The numbers were:

Main: September -872, October-493, November-1084
EAL: September-153, October-20, November-100

There was a mold issue in the Art library last month in the periodical collection. Rob went to Art and boxed the affected books. Joe C. and Sara H. said that they would get replacement copies for the periodicals.

In a separate project the periodical section at Art was reorganized to create space for growing titles. There will also be transfers of several titles from Art's Bound Per. to the Annex to make room.

Kim (Kilmer): We are finishing up searching the quarterly missing book reports. We are up to date on all missing lists and in-transit list searches. Since the Career books have been moved to the glass room on the main floor, I have noticed that the number of missing books in this section has decreased. I accredit this to the increase in shelving to accommodate this collection and the lesser frequency of its use because it is not the first collection patrons see when they enter the building.

Douglass Duplicate Project

Eddie and Bill talked about the new Douglass Duplicate Project. The project's goal is to reduce the number of books in the Douglass collection by approximately sixty-thousand items by removing duplicate copies of material from the Douglass stacks collection. This will allow the Douglass stacks collection to be moved downstairs and the music collection to be moved to the ground floor.

The project will involve checking the condition of materials both at the Douglass library and at the other Rutgers libraries. The copies from Douglass will either be discarded or transferred to the other libraries and the resulting space should allow the music and stacks collection to change places. There is also the option of relocating some of the Douglass materials to another location, such as Ref, or sending the last copy to the Annex.

The Collection Management Group members will receive lists of books that have a copy at Douglass. They will examine the copies in their own collection and check the condition of the book. If the item at the non-Douglass library is in poor condition, it will be replaced by the Douglass copy. A tentative start date for this project was set at the beginning of the spring semester.

Mold at Art Library Discussion

While covering the Art library, Rose reported that there was a mold issue in the periodical collection. Jeff sent Rob over to the Art library to remove the materials from the shelf.

There was a missing ceiling tile in the A section of the bound periodical collection. There was also a ladder that had been sitting in that aisle. It appears that an unused garbage bag was placed over the books to protect them from a slow leak. The leak continued, though, and the books that were under the plastic became extremely moldy.

Rob removed the books, boxed them and Jeff made a list of the volumes being pulled for the selectors. Sara Harrington and Joe Consoli examined the materials and decided to get replacement copies for the affected volumes. There were about 6 shelves that the books resided on, which were in bad shape and covered in mold, so it was decided to discard them and replace them with spares.

In the rush to remove the books Rob and Jeff did not get the barcodes for the affected items. Jamie will be able to identify which materials to charge to the tempunavail or lngtrmpres user by comparing the unaffected books that remain in that collection to the volumes on the Workflows record.

Jamie told the group that in the case of moldy bound periodicals that DTS should be contacted instead of using the usual workflow for monographs. Jamie informed the group that when bound periodicals are moldy that the holdings for the record will need to be updated and in most cases the selectors will option for either withdrawal or replacement volumes.

Rob asked if Jamie would be the contact person for DTS for moldy bound periodicals and Jamie agreed, but said that Rebecca would be involved if there was a need to replace volumes.

Next meeting: January meeting for the Collection Management has been postponed. Next meeting is TBA.

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