Minutes of March 16, 2011 meeting

Edward Suarez, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Robert Krack (minutes), Andy Martinez, Jamie Maguire, Bill Lynch
Fred Onorato, Theresa Macklin, Shirley Peck, Mary Brodman


Information Sharing

Eddie (LSM): Half of LSM's take from the Douglass duplicate project list has been searched. The total number of titles on the list is around 800 items. The third floor shift of bound periodicals continues as the project has now reached the E titles. Space in the area begins to tighten around the Journal of A to the Journal of E section.

Rose Barbalace received an Ask a Librarian question from the Art Institute of Houston-North asking permission to use RUL's shelf reading manual as a primer for the development of its own manual. Eddie agreed provided that they list Rutgers as a source for their material.

LSM received several tables from Alexander for its new study area on the third floor.

Kim (Kilmer): Kilmer is searching its Douglass duplicate list. There is a new collection at Kilmer, the Recreational Reading collection, which consists of various paperback books. These books can only be requested through the book special request button in IRIS, and not through the book delivery/recall button. Kilmer also received a book shelf from DTS to use for the new Recreational Reading collection.

Rob (Alexander): The Ref-Folio shelves in the Reference room were replaced with shelving that was dismantled in the current periodical room to make way for the new café. The Ref-Folio collection were temporarily stored on tables in the Reference room, but has been placed on the new shelving units. The new shelving seems sturdier and creates more space for the collection.

The remainder of the dismantled shelving was either moved to the sub-basement in Alexander library or surplused if it was damaged. The shelving storage area in the sub-basement is now at maximum capacity; no more shelving can be fit into that area. The surplus shelving has also been removed from the elevator lobby on the basement level.

Alexander also caught up with the backlogged In-Transit and Missing book searches, as well as the majority of the backlogged Government Documents microfiche shelving. We recently hired and trained a voucher who will work on microfiche and the Douglass duplicate project.

Mary Brodman returned on March 1st and we resumed working on the shift of the East Asian Library's main collection. Rob has also reorganized approximately half of the new EAL BDCHKO collection to incorporate several batches of material that were processed.

A few hundred volumes were added to the DOC collection and a mini-shift had begun to create room to incorporate them into the collection.

Fred and one of our students have also been working to replace the shelves in the Folio collection with reinforced shelving. The shelving was purchased some time ago, but other projects had higher priority so the shelving was never replaced. The new reinforced shelving will provide stability for the extra weight of the Folio collection and create room by allowing us to utilize the entire shelf if necessary. Regular shelving could only support the Folio collection if the shelves were filled to half capacity; and even then many of those shelves bent under the strain.

Bill/Andy (Douglass): Work on the West Room shift and Douglass duplicate project continues. There was an increase in the number of items received for In-Process; mostly DVD's and books and a recent gift of a collection of poetry.

Jamie (DTS): The re-cataloging and relabeling of the EAL BDCHKO is up to date and on track. DTS is also working on a workflow for new electronic resources. The Reserve Math 2 collection is being eliminated and integrated into the Math collection. DTS is also processing the Waxman donation. The business project is currently on hold.

DTS has several microform boxes available.

Jamie received more lists for weeding at the Art library. Only 40 items remain on the weeding list for 2B at Alexander. Weeding for floors 2A and 3 at Alexander will begin soon after.

Alex (Dana): Dana is working on a second floor shift to incorporate items transferred from the Reference collection to the stacks.

In-Transit discussion

Rob brought up the number of items on the From Alex In-Transit list that were very old and had never been charged to the home library's missing users. The result was that the items stayed on the In-Transit list, in some cases for several years without being resolved.

Kim noted that Alexander's In-Transit lists contained more information than other library's lists because Alexander requested custom reports. There were several books on the From Alex list where a book was in transit not to its home library, but to another library to fill a hold. She hypothesized that the book may be on the shelf in that library rather than either Alexander or the item's home library.

Andy suggested that this could be resolved by requesting a report of all items that had been in transit for a long time and creating a project to search for these items. Eddie will contact Chris about getting more information on the lists as well as contacting Collection Management staff at some of the libraries to ensure that they charge all of their unfound In- Transit books to their missing users.

Moldy books workflow discussion

An upcoming presentation at Camden regarding identifying moldy items and how to deal with them prompted a discussion about the moldy book workflow. Currently there are two separate procedures being used depending on the library. At Alexander, staff members identify moldy items and give them to Rob. Rob prints the item record, charges the book to the long term preservation user, wraps the book and gives it to Ernestine in the Preservation department.

Outside Alexander, staff members identify mold on books, wrap it and charge them to the DTS user. They print the item record and ship the books to DTS, who then charges the books to a preservation user and sends them to Ernestine.

To resolve the use of two different moldy book procedures, Eddie will discuss the current workflows procedures with Preservation and DTS.

Douglass duplicate project discussion

As Collection Management staff began working on the Douglass duplicate lists they discovered some potential problems that needed to be addressed. The first problem was that the call numbers for books in the Douglass library may be different that the call number for the same book in another library. Several staff members noted the discrepancy as they worked on their lists.

Eddie noted that when this was the case there were usually large sections of the list that could not be located on shelf. Rob had discovered the issue while printing the list and suggested that if items were NOS during the initial search that the records be examined in Workflows to determine if the call number varied between the two libraries.

The second issue was that some of the call numbers on the list did not match the title next to it. This was determined to be a sorting issue because the correct title was either directly above or below the line where it should be. It was determined that if the titles did not match the call numbers the problem could be handled on a case to case basis, but staff members should be aware of the issue so that it could be addressed if it arose.

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Time: 2:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.
Location: LSM Special Collections and video conference locations

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