Minutes of September 14, 2011 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie McGuire, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Robert Krack (minutes), Theresa Macklin, Fred Onorato, William Lynch

Information Sharing

Kim (Kilmer): Since school has started, Kilmer is very busy again. The reference collection, focusing on the first two rows, was weeded and shifted. Some books were withdrawn, while many were transferred to the stacks. The rec-read collection was shifted into the six empty sections that were created in front of the reference collection. This new location will help make the collection more visible and easier to locate. I finished searching the additional 1,000 items that needed to be searched a second time from the Douglass duplicate list. I also finished the quarterly missing book report for July and managed to keep up with shelving over the summer.

Rob (Alexander): Throughout the summer session Alexander Collection Management has been working to finish the reorganization and shift of the East Asian Library collections. The transfer of the newly created EAL-BDCHKO collection has almost been completed. The shift of the Japanese collections and the main collections has already been completed. We are planning on using the leftover reinforced shelving from the Folio shelf replacement to create a new Folio section for EAL at the end of the main collection. Shelving has already started going up and we will be moving the collection soon. This will be the last phase of the East Asian Library project.

During the summer we also finished searching the Douglass project list, mini-shifted several locations in the stacks due to lack of space for incoming materials and finished replacing the shelves in the Folio collection with reinforced shelving. Our next two upcoming projects are completing the shift in the DOC collection and then shifting 2B to alleviate growing space issues.

We also discovered that a large number of volumes from the Congressional Record and the Congressional Globe were moldy during the summer session. Stephanie Bartz was able to locate replacement volumes from Seton Hall University Law Library, which was in the process of discarding their physical copies of both titles.

Eddie (LSM): Over the summer, a carpet was installed in the study space that was the DTS office. The carpet extends from the study space to the beginning of the bound periodicals collection. Before the installation, the folio collection was moved to the back of the bound per. collection to make room for the carpet to be laid. The collection was promptly moved back once the carpet was put down.

Shelving slowed down over the summer due to the lack of part-time assistants available to help shelve. Currently, shelving has picked up with new and returning student workers' assistance.

By working on the shelving, it has slowed my progress on the bound periodical shift, which is now through to the "E"s. An overflow shelf has been placed on the end on the bound per sorting shelves.

A series of REF titles were move to Annex. Librarians have been weeding the ref section to open up more room for study areas. A shift of the section will be planned once they have completed the weed.

14 student workers will be trained for collection management this semester.

Jamie (DTS): It was a long summer with minimal student help but we managed to keep our routine work flowing and were even able to work on some project work:

William (Douglass): We were extremely busy this summer over at Douglass. During the month of August the Music collection was moved to level 2 (the West Room) - this includes Stacks, Folio, REF, and PER. Most of the Douglass collection was moved downstairs to level 1. This includes call numbers A through PN, however call numbers GV (now located at the beginning of the Music collection), N (located at the end of the Music collection), and PQ-Z (still located under the catwalk) are still found on level 2.

As you can imagine, this was a massive project, and we had to adapt quite a few times to the changing needs of the collection. Thankfully it was not necessary to move books back onto the upper catwalk, which is inaccessible to handicapped patrons and has wildly fluctuating temperatures. During the shift (which was done through Library Interiors), it fell upon staff to keep up with shelving, shelf-reading the shifted books, and weeding - intense weeding during the first few weeks of August freed up the room we needed to fit all the PNs on one floor.

With the main portion of the project complete, plenty of follow-up work has been done and still needs to be done. New range guides are up throughout the library, Music graduate carrels have been moved to level 2, and extra book-ends have been placed into storage. Later this month the Music periodical collection will be organized and cleaned up in anticipation of new shelving that should be installed sometime in October.

In other news, In-Process numbers have skyrocketed over the last few months thanks to a monstrous donation of poetry books. We received almost 400 PS items in the spring, and have already had more than 300 new PS items so far this fiscal year. I'm hoping no major shifting will be needed to fit all of these books on the shelves.

Damaged book workflow and item ticket discussion

The first item on the agenda was the discussion about the new procedures for items that need repair, relabeling and record work. Eddie created a new DTS/Damaged item ticket to reflect the new workflow for these books. The new tickets are double sided, with one side designated for preservation work and the other side for books to be sent to DTS. The group approved the new tickets with only a few minor adjustments.

In the previous workflow all items from the New Brunswick libraries were being routed to DTS and Jamie would discharge and separate items to be sent to preservation for repairs and then charge them to the preservation user. The new workflow will send all damaged books directly to the Preservation office from each unit for evaluation. However, if a selector is present on site they can still evaluate moldy books before sending them to the Preservation office.

Books that need new labels or books that need record work, such as internal relocations to other collections, should still be sent to DTS. The Camden and Newark libraries have their own programs for record work and relabeling, but moldy and damaged items are still routed to the Preservation office in New Brunswick.

Eddie will bring the new policy to the circulation group for approval before sending out an email with the policy outline and the new shelving slips.

Douglass shift

Bill reported that the main part of the Douglass shift had been completed and that the Music collection and all of its sub-locations were moved to the 2nd floor of the West room. The books in the GV call number range for the main collection are now at the front of the Music collection and will be internally relocated into that collection. The books for the N call number range are now at the end of the Music collection. The remainder of the main collection from A-PN is downstairs. The goal of the project is to eventually create space for a new Performing Arts collection in the West room.

Bill also reported that most of the collection now has less than 1 inch of free space per shelf. High growth areas such as HQ and PN were allocated 3-5 inches for growth. The group expressed concern regarding the lack of space in the collection. The space remaining in the high growth areas will be used up very quickly and if any volumes are cataloged in areas that do not have space they will not fit. Bill said that there is an ongoing discussion between Andy Martinez and Judy Gardner and the selectors to see if the collection will be weeded again to create more space.

Collection Management statistics

Eddie sent out an Excel sheet with shelving statistics for each unit compiled for the last ten years. The group briefly discussed the ongoing trend of decreasing shelving numbers across the units, but the discussion was tabled for another time.

Next Meeting:

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Time: 2:30p.m.-4:30p.m.
Location: LSM Special Collections Room
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