Minutes of February 8, 2012 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie Maguire, Kimberly Kaiser, Robert Krack (minutes), Shirley Peck, Irina Radeva, Frederick Onorato, Alejandro Arencibia, William Lynch, Theresa Macklin

Information Sharing

Alexander (Rob)- In January Alexander Collection Management concentrated on shelving the influx of returns that arrived at the end of the semester. We also began a project to move items that are currently violating fire code away from the sprinkler heads. That project has been given top priority as we have a limited time to move the materials before being cited in violation and potentially fined.

We were also able to search the Douglass Bound Periodical list in January and sent a copy of the completed list to Jamie in DTS.

DTS (Jamie)- DTS has been working on investigating titles on the Douglass weeding/Consolidation project. To date, the entire list was reviewed to identify duplicate records and what the consolidated holdings would be. All libraries were sent their list of titles to validate holdings. Information on the master list is being updated as results are sent back from the branches.

DTS also sent Douglass selectors a list of titles only owned at Douglass for review in hopes to quickly make some space over at Douglass. Review of that list has been completed by the Douglas librarians. DTS requested that the titles that were marked be transferred to the Annex. Titles that were recommended for other libraries are being offered to those libraries' selectors.

We also worked on designing the RUL Holdings Management Team webpage. This new team has been charged with centralized coordination of Holdings projects. Members include:

Selectors/Staff will be able to go to this site to request projects and/or inquire about the status of a project. It should be noted that requests have to be reviewed first, in collaboration with LRC, and they must be approved before any work can begin. This group is also working to develop standardized procedures for Weeding & Consolidation and intends to start planning for an A to Z consolidation of Rutgers Serial titles.

LSM REF weeding has started back up. Now that the policies for Index, Abstracts and Serial Runs consolidation has been established and the Last Copy policy had been updated things are moving much quicker. Those policies can be reviewed at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/collection_dev/policies.shtml

DTS also completed transfers of large runs of Gov Doc titles to the Annex in order to make room for shifting caused by the fire code violations. We are also working on adding 583 notes to remediated titles coming back from Preservation and are currently processing a cart a week.

On top of all this, regular routine work continues as well as some Electronic Resource projects that have been underway.

Douglass (William)- At Douglass we've been busy with a variety of periodical projects. We completed searching our lengthy Bound Periodical report, notating each title's holdings and sending the list off to Jamie. We also searched a report on our current periodicals to confirm how many bound volumes we have of each title and how much room they are currently taking up on the shelves. This is part of the preparation for an eventual consolidation of that collection.

Some titles will also be moved over to the Annex. These will be pulled sometime this week, checked out to DTS, and shipped.

I am also working on consolidating the current periodical shelving. Everything has been moved onto the main wall where the shelving is located - the two sections at the end (if you're familiar with the collection) have been cleared and the shelving has been removed. This was done to clear up a bit more room for seating on level 2 of the library.

LSM (Eddie)- The reference room weed has been the focus this month, as we are now transferring large run items over to Annex. Biological Abstracts is currently being packed. All items have been transferred and put In-Transit to Annex, leaving me only having to pack the books in bins move it to the shipping room.

A spreadsheet of titles to be moved has been created. Melody Tomaszewicz, Jill Nathanson and myself have been updating it too keep the flow of transits in order.

Vending machines have been moved from the staff break room to the Reference section. The Reference room is being turned into an open space area, thus the focus of the weed is on reducing the collection and eliminating aisles.

I completed a measurement of the Reference collection and calculated a conservative number of 4 aisles that can be eliminated while leaving 7 inches per shelf for the remaining reference titles. This will lead to a forward shift of Reference to the beginning of the collection. The 7 inches of per shelf will be added in a second shift after we evaluate the space needed.

Kilmer (Kim)- We have caught up on the shelving of returned items. With the return of the student workers and a review of our policies, our shelf reading numbers have been increasing. I am halfway finished verifying the list of Douglass microfilm. I hope to finish it up ASAP.

Douglass Bound Periodical Project- Update

As of February 8th Jamie was still waiting for lists to return from Annex, Camden, Chang, Kilmer and Special Collections. The master list is being updated and several titles that were only housed in the Douglass library were sent to the Annex.

RUL Bound Periodical Consolidation Workflow

The goal of this project is to consolidate all print journals across RUL so that one library would have one run of a journal title. Because students can now order articles to be delivered electronically it eliminates the need to have copies of print journals available at multiple locations. Collection Management will be partnering with the new Holdings Management Team to brainstorm ideas regarding planning and space management during this project.

The consolidation project should create space in most of the Periodical collections across RUL by removing duplicate copies. Selectors will determine which library is the most appropriate to house each periodical title. That library will receive one complete set of a journal title, or as close to a complete set as can be made from existing volumes. Any duplicate volumes would then be withdrawn.

The main issue that the Collection and Holdings Management Teams will have to address is determining how to manage space for incoming and outgoing titles during the transfers. If the titles are consolidated alphabetically, problems will arise if one library receives substantially more incoming volumes than outgoing volumes in a given section. For example, if Kilmer received a great number of titles that began with the letter "C" and were going to create space for them by sending out titles from the letter "R," the Kilmer library would be over capacity until the project reached the "R" section of consolidation.

The group briefly discussed solutions for this problem, but Eddie pointed out that before the project could begin each library would have to validate the holdings of their entire periodical collections. Many of the periodical titles do not have updated holdings or may not even have records, so Collection Management will have to check their shelves as they did during the Douglass Bound Periodical consolidation; but on a much larger scale. Rob noted that it would be impossible to plan for upcoming space issues without knowing which titles were going to be sent to which libraries. The group decided to table planning for the project until the Bound Periodical collections could be verified.

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