Minutes of April 11, 2012 meeting

Jamie Maguire, William Lynch, Andrew Martinez, Shirley Peck, Kim Kaiser, Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva, Edward Suarez

Information Sharing

LSM- Four short ranges have been removed from the Reference stacks to make room for study space and vending machines. The Reference librarians are continuing to weed the collection to make room for additional study space.

There are now small floor maps on each floor of LSM. The floor maps are prototypes for the new library maps project and identify the call numbers located in each range as well as locations for service desks and restrooms.

The new laptop with WiFi capability made identifying cancelled and growing titles much easier for the bound periodical shift underway at LSM. The laptop was purchased with end of the year funds and Eddie recommended that the group consider ordering laptops for the larger units. Eddie also noted that the laptops required additional RAM to run Workflows, as it is a RAM intensive program.

ALEX- Work on the DOC shift to abate the fire code violations is in progress. There were several shelves of materials that had to be moved in order to meet the deadline for the violations which are being fed back into the collection as the shift continues.

Alexander Collection management also began a spring cleaning program to get the stacks in the main collection in shape for finals, but that program is proceeding slowly. Books are being fronted, straightened and reoriented in upright positions. Books that are found out of place during the project are being discharged and reshelved. This has helped resolve dozens of missing books issues. We recently finished 2A and have started work on cleaning 2B.

Douglass- In-Processing numbers have increased dramatically, especially in regards to CDs. Douglass's print collection was up to 202,360 items last year and its CD collection increased to 12,461 items. Bill is also devoting time to the Douglass Periodical project.

Andy added that Douglass has also started it's withdrawals from the Douglass lists that Collection Management searched recently. So far 2000 items have been withdrawn that Camden has duplicate copies of. Dana and then Alex are up next for consideration.

DTS- Jamie has been working extensively on the Douglass Periodical project. There are also materials that Camden withdrew that are being offered to Newark.

RUL Bound Periodical Consolidation update

Jamie and Eddie are scheduled to meet with the holdings management group consolidation project on April 16.

Floor Map project

The group discussed adding range numbers to the maps and it was agreed that range numbers would help patrons who were not familiar with the Library of Congress system. There was also a discussion as to have the call numbers from both sides of a range listed on the map or to condense them into one span of LC numbers. While condensing the call numbers saved space on the map, it might confuse patrons when they compared the map to the stack guides printed on each range; so the group opted to have two call number spans displayed on each range.

Several changes were proposed to the map prototypes and the group discussed getting feedback from students who were unfamiliar with the library system. This would allow the group to see if the maps were effective at helping patrons locate materials.

Missing book training

Rob proposed that the group create a training video to help teach students how to locate missing books. Students were having trouble locating missing books when they were searching the bi-weekly lists, so Alex staff retrained several students. When the searching techniques were explained in-depth the student workers were much more successful in locating missing materials. However, because this training is somewhat complicated it would be beneficial to have a video training program to demonstrate these techniques.

Eddie suggested that Rob create a training proposal to be submitted to the training group for evaluation.

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