Minutes of November 14, 2012 meeting

Kimberley Kaiser (Kilmer), Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Edward Suarez (LSM), Jamie Maguire (DTS)

Information Sharing:

LSM-The weeding of R to S call number range in reference is near complete. The remaining materials that are on the tiled section where the designated food area is will be shifted forward into the rest of the Reference collection. The stacks will then be disassembled. Eddie noted that shifting the materials into the rest of the collection should not take very long. Shelving at LSM is up to date as well.

The librarians at LSM have been testing an iPad for instructional use. They are looking into setting up a kiosk for patrons. In the interim, Eddie has been using the iPad for collection management projects. The IPad has been useful while shifting periodicals. Since the tablet connects to RU-Wireless it allows Eddie to check on certain serials to see if they are still being ordered or what its availability is.

ALEX- The shift on 2B had reached the PN section that is to be transferred to the Douglass/Media library. The materials have been moved to a temporary area on the 3rd floor in order to use the space that they took up for the shift. Jamie plans to start transferring materials in December, so the PN books should not be out of order for very long.

After removing the materials to be transferred there was a great deal of space to be reallocated to the remainder of the collection on 2B. This space will definitely help with areas of the collection that have been growing rapidly and have already run out of space for continued growth.

Irina is also managing several space issues in Government Documents. These space issues should be addressed after the shift on 2B is completed.

Kilmer- Kim is working on a project to eliminate duplicate copies at Kilmer. The Kilmer library is currently short staffed and Kim has been on the circulation desk for the majority of her day, but she has trained several students to help work on the project. The duplicate copy project is currently going through the collection and has reached the BF call number area.

The Rec. Read collection at Kilmer also had to be shifted because the collection needed space to grow.

Douglass- Bill shared information by email as he could not attend the meeting:

We've had mixed reports about just how the collections here are going to end up. As you may know, last summer we swapped the Music and Douglass collections; Music is now on the ground floor (one floor down from the main level) and most of Douglass (A-PN, with a few excluded call numbers) is now on the basement level (two floors down from the main level). The Music collection and some upcoming additions will be known as the Performing Arts collection. We even have a new sign downstairs that says just that. Just what will be housed on that floor is still up for some discussion between our selectors, however.

I've been taking measurements of just about all of our collections, looking over Director's Station reports, and trying to project what will fit where. It seems that some portion of the Douglass collection from the basement level (probably P call numbers) will come upstairs one floor. Some of these items will be housed in the Tapestry Room where the current PER, bound PER, and sorting shelves are currently located. Most of my projections have revolved around this locale: what might fit, with or without room for growth, how much space would be left for our bound PER, how much will we need to weed, etc.

Much of this, of course, depends on how much space we can free up by weeding, consolidating, or otherwise getting rid of bound periodicals. As I'm sure Jamie will discuss at the meeting today, the first consolidation list has been produced, and I will begin pulling these items and shipping them over to DTS sometime this week. After we get a little deeper into that project I think the selectors will have a better handle on what will fit where on the ground floor. There are many other long-term issues up for debate as well, such as REF collection consolidation, a play-script browsing collection, etc., but we'll begin crossing those bridges when we get to them.

DTS- The group congratulated Jamie on her new promotion within DTS.

The Douglass consolidation project is also making progress. We have all the decisions for Douglass holdings and all decisions for titles where Douglass and one other library own holdings. These titles have been sent to Douglass for pulling. We are now waiting for decisions back from selectors where multiple libraries (more than 2) own holdings. Any conflicts, where more than one library wants to keep the title, are being sent to Tom Izbicki for reconciliation. As soon as enough space is made at Douglass and decisions about where collections will be housed within the library are made, we will begin transferring Alexander's PN call numbers. The goal is to start this transfer in December.

Jamie commented that the Kilmer duplicate copy project is going well.

Update on RUL-HMT Group

The group is still working on its webpage and the electronic form that will eventually be used for submitting project requests. Group needs to meet and discuss the process for handling requests once they are made through the listserv or form. But right now the focus is on completing the Douglass consolidation.

Aisle call number spreadsheet

Eddie asked for comments on the spreadsheet to record call numbers that would enable the libraries to have automated computer maps that would help patrons find materials. Rob had already started using a spreadsheet during the shift at Alex and noted that the only differences were that Eddie's spreadsheet had an additional column to identify the library and that the call number ranges were broken down into "Front Call Number Range" and "Back Call Number Range."

Eddie plans to have a master spreadsheet that will have all the information for the libraries in one location. The group discussed whether having individual tabs for each library in an Excel worksheet might eliminate the "library" column.

Rob also asked that the "Front" and "Back" call number ranges be broken apart. If the program that checked the values of the call numbers to determine where a book might be located in a collection was automated, it might not be able to understand the hyphenated data in each cell. For example, a program might not understand "PN1993-PN1995" as a value because the program might not understand that the hyphen in between the values represents a range. By having two cells, each with "PN1993" and "PN1995" it might be easier to code the program to look for a value between cell A and cell B.

Eddie said that he would inquire as to what format would be best for an automated map and the meeting was adjourned.

Next Meeting: December 12, 2:30pm-3:30pm over Sakai chat.

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