Minutes of December 12, 2012 meeting

Kimberley Kaiser, Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva, Edward Suarez, Jamie Maguire, William Lynch, Andy Martinez, Nita Mukherjee

Conducted over Sakai Chat

Information Sharing

ALEX (Rob Krack)- At Alex we are still concentrating on the shift of 2B. The shift is now half way down the fourth aisle of that floor and is about 40% finished. However, due to increases in shelving and finals we will most likely have to postpone the shift until late January.

We have also temporarily removed shelves that were blocking outlets on the perimeter of floors 2A, 2B, 3 and in the basement. This will allow more users to plug in their laptops during finals.

The shelves in Special Collections are scheduled to be replaced by compact shelving during the break. Eddie and I met on Tuesday to discuss what to do with the shelving that is being taken down and the capacity of the sub-basement at Alex for replacement shelving. There is no room left to take in any shelving that is taken down at this time. There is also a large pile of boxes filled with shelf hooks and book ends that needs to be reduced in size. Eddie has offered shelf hooks and book ends to the other libraries and boxes should be shipped out to units in the next couple of days.

DOUGLASS (William Lynch)- Here at Douglass our focus has been almost exclusively on the serial consolidation project. I have been working tirelessly with a few of our best students to pull the necessary volumes and send them over to DTS. At this point, we are just over halfway through with the first list, and expecting a second list within the next week or two.

It's hard to predict how long each page will take, as some titles are simply a handful of volumes while others are multiple sections worth of heavy-duty items. We sent over 40 bins one evening, but since then bins have been hard to come by, and boxing things up takes a little more time. We are finding most of the items on the list, albeit with a few missing volumes here and there.

As per usual, I'm noticing more and more returns this past week, which I'm sure will continue into the end of the semester and the winter session. Hopefully by then we'll have some students freed up from other projects to assist with shelving.

KILMER (Kim Kaiser)- The duplicates project is continuing at a steady pace. With the help of my student workers, I am trying to complete a cart a week. I am currently on CT. There is also talk of new shelving being purchased for the RecRead collection. The shelving would allow for more growth. In additional, these books are going to keep their book covers when possible. This will work to make the collection easier to browse.

Serial Consolidation

Eddie began meeting by discussing the serials consolidation project.

The crux of the project was to compile a list of Douglass periodicals. Subject librarians would pick one library to house that periodical run. Duplicate runs would either be transferred or discarded. The project is now almost to the point, where Jamie might be sending units a list of Periodicals to pull to be either transferred or discarded.

There are two complications that units might encounter during this project. First, if a library does not have space to shelve a title immediately they might have to temporarily house the Periodicals on overflow shelves until it can be shifted into place. Second, if a library has materials to be discarded, DTS can arrange to have plastic recycling bins sent to that unit or have the materials shipped to a unit that already has the bins.

On Tuesday Eddie, Rob and Judy Gardner met with Jamie to gauge how many items were going to be discarded or transferred. Jamie evaluated that the majority of the titles that will be discarded, but there is still a chance that a unit might receive a title that they currently donít have room for. The total list is approximately 900 titles long. Jamie will look into dividing the list by unit so each library can begin planning to incorporate new titles and where they might gain space from titles being removed. However, there are still many titles on the list that are awaiting final decisions so the unit specific lists will only be the first batch of titles for consolidation.

Jamie also said that DTS plans to amend catalog records before items are transferred or discarded, so there should be no confusion when patrons and staff are searching for books. If a title is to be discarded it will be removed from the catalog before being taken from the shelf. Titles that are being transferred will have their locations changed prior to being shipped to their new library. There will also be notes if DTS needs to examine items or barcode materials.

Alexander sub basement shelving surplus

Special Collections plans to replace the shelving in the New Jersey room with compact shelving over the intersession and asked if Collection Management wanted to store the old shelving for replacement parts or future shelving areas. After evaluating the sub- basement at Alex Eddie and Rob determined that there is no more room for any additional shelving from any unit at this time. The evaluation also revealed that there is a large number of books ends and shelf hooks already in storage at Alex that should be dispersed to other units as soon as possible.

Rob asked if there were any units that needed book ends or shelf hooks, as Special Collections had 4 boxes of mostly unused shelf hooks that were going to be discarded. Eddie took the 4 boxes of shelf hooks and also asked that 4-5 boxes of book ends be sent to Math. Kim mentioned that Kilmer would need shelf hooks after items were transferred from SMLR, but could not take them at the moment.

Aisle call number spreadsheet- Eddie is currently working on reformatting the spreadsheet and will present it at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: TBA

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