Minutes of April 10, 2013 meeting

Soo Lee, Devin Gingery, Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva, Edward Suarez, Jamie Maguire, Shirley Peck

General announcements

Eddie began the meeting by welcoming Soo Lee and Devin Gingery to the group. Lee will be working at the Kilmer library, while Gingery will be working at both the Chang and the Douglass libraries.

Alexanderís PN transfer to Douglass project

As of the meeting all of the books from Alexander relating to cinema studies had been transferred to Douglass and have been shelved in their stacks collection. The transfer of almost 8,000 items from various collections in Alexander began shortly before spring break. The books have been received and unpacked at Douglass and are currently being interfiled with Douglassís Stacks collection. There are still around 700 items still checked out to patrons that will be routed to Douglass upon their return via LocalMaint notes.

This was part of a larger project to consolidate the Music and Douglass libraries into one unit.

Jamie informed the group that the majority of the 75,000 items in the music STACKS have been transferred to the STACKS of the new Douglass library in Workflows. The music reference collection has been renamed the Douglass-PAL (Performing Arts Library) collection rather than be interfiled with Douglassís Reference collection. Musicís C-DISC collection has also been transferred into the Douglass C-DISC collection.

Systems was also able to modify MARC holdings records for the Douglass Bound Periodical consolidation project. This will save a significant amount of time as DTS had to create new MARC holdings for each transfer and delete the old ones on each record individually.

Devin said that the reorganization of Douglass is ongoing and shifting will continue as they merge Douglass and Music into one unit.

Alexander sub-basement shelving project

Rob informed the group about a project to create long term storage units for shelving located in the sub-basement of Alexander library. The shelving is currently stored in large cardboard boxes that were leftover from a reorganization project that took place over a decade ago. The boxes have warped over time and cannot support having anything stacked on top of them.

When Special Collections had compact shelving installed this year, Library Interiors brought new shelves to the site in large crates. When the compact shelving project was completed we asked Library Interiors to cut the crates into sizes that we could fit into the elevator of the sub-basement so that we could use them to replace the old cardboard boxes with something more permanent.

Because the shelving belongs to RUL and is available to all libraries, Rob solicited the other group members for help in replacing the old storage units with the new ones. While the crates need a few minor modifications, the majority of the work would entail moving the shelves from one storage unit to another. Rob proposed that Intersession would be a good time to attempt the project because there would be shorter operating hours and more desk coverage. The project should only take one day and a doodle poll will be sent to the group members to determine what the best day for attendance.

Information sharing

LSM- A weeding project of the Reference collection is ongoing. Nine aisles of shelving from the A-S call number in the Reference collection have been taken down to expand a designated eating area. The floor where the stacks once stood will need to be repaired. After the weeding is completed there will be a complete shift of the Reference collection.

The 3rd floor of LSM is being repainted, and there are 3 walls where there are Bound Periodicals that need to be moved to give the painterís access to the wall. Two of the walls have been completed and the materials on the third wall will have to be moved when the painters are scheduled to finish the project.

LSM has also increased the amount of shelf reading being done over the last few months.

DTS- Jamie and DTS staff are working with several members of UMDNJ to train them in serials and holding in preparation for the upcoming merger. Records for periodicals from UMDNJ have been loaded into our catalog but are shadowed to the public. Links from UMDNJ online periodicals were also added with the records, but access to them will be denied until the merger officially begins on July 1st. Although the holdings are not appearing, the links are showing up in our catalog. Bob Warwick is developing a script that will temporarily remove the links until July 1st.

In August the UMDNJ catalog is scheduled to be decommissioned, but Systems is still unable to load their non-periodical records into our records. Systems is working to resolve this so that there will be one unified catalog for all library materials.

Work has also begun to transfer over 2,000 volumes of the Federal Supplement from Alex to the Annex. There is no remaining room for growth in the DOCLUS collection and work on the holdings has begun. Jamie hopes that this work will be complete in 2-3 weeks so that Irina and Rob can begin shipping items to the Annex.

ALEX and ART- Alexander relabeled and shipped the last of the PN transfers at the end of spring break. A shift of the STACKS collection on floor 2B continues and is anticipated to be completed in the early summer. When the Federal Supplement is moved from Alex there will be a shift of DOCLUS to incorporate overflows from several growing titles.

Special Collections and the Art library have recently had compact shelving installed. There is a project ongoing at Art to shelf read and mini-shift the main collection as there may have been some materials put in the wrong place by the contractors when they put them on the new compact shelving.

Alexander also recently requested a new HEP A filter and vacuum bags to resume a project to clean dust and debris off of books in our collections.

KILMER- Soo expects the summer Rec. Read materials to arrive soon. 2-3 shelves of Rec. Read materials have already arrived. Work continues on the duplicate project.

CHANG- There is a proposal at Chang to remove the shelving for the current periodical collection to make room for more study space. A summer project is also in the works for Chang to spread the collection out on their compact shelving. Chang is also expecting items to be delivered from LSM.

DOUGLASS (via email from Andy)- For the Alexander PN to Douglass transfer project, all of the in-library Alexander PN items (Cinema Studies) have been shipped to Douglass, discharged and placed in call number order on our shelves. We should be finished interfiling our existing Douglass items into this collection within the next two days. All of the PN 1993-1999 items will eventually be shifted to the Performing Arts Library on the Ground Floor within the next week.

The rest of the project will be waiting for checked out items to be returned to us and picked up through a circ-note for processing.

We also continue working on the Douglass Periodical Weeding project. We are about 75% completed with the lists. All items should be pulled and shipped to DTS by the end of April.

Next Meeting: The May meeting was postponed.

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