Minutes of June 5, 2013 meeting

Soo Lee, Nita Mukherjee, Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva, Edward Suarez, Jamie Maguire, William Lynch, Theresa Macklin

Chemistry and Physics shelving and weeding

Eddie started the meeting with an update about the Physics library. The periodical collection of the Physics library had experienced a major mold outbreak and approximately 4,000 volumes had been infected. The volumes had been sent out for remediation, but the building also needed extensive treatment to prevent re-infection.

The volumes were treated by an outside company and shipped in boxes to the Annex until the building could be decontaminated. The Physics library was treated during the Intersession, and there was some discussion as to the best way to return the books to the shelves. Initially there was a proposal to have the materials shipped en masse to the Physics library and have Collection Management staff from other libraries assist with the shelving. Eddie had consulted with Michele Tokar of LSM who had recently had a meeting about the subject and it had been determined that sending the materials over to the Physics library in batches would allow Physics staff to handle the re-shelving. Eddie cautioned that if the situation changed, Collection Management staff might still be needed to assist with the project.

Jamie also noted that Dean would be stamping the affected volumes with the "Collection Management" stamp and creating a list of volumes that would need notes added to their bib records to indicate that they had been remediated for mold prior to their return.

Eddie also announced that the librarians would begin a massive weeding project of the Chemistry library. There are plans to build a new chemistry building on Busch campus and the current Chemistry library will be closed. Jamie will be attending a meeting next week to determine where the majority of the collection will go.

Missing book training video

Collection Management has been planning a training video for students and voucher workers to help standardize procedures when searching for missing books. Rob had previously written a script for the video, but even after editing it would run over ten minutes in length.

Rob noted that the new searching procedures were very involved, and while it yielded good results when searching that it would take time to explain the procedures. The goal of the project was to create a video that would explain the searching procedures without losing the attention of the audience.

Eddie invited other members of the group to join the project and plans set up a meeting in July for a sub-group to plan a new approach to the project.

End of the year statistics

Eddie reminded the group that the end of the fiscal year was approaching and that the statistics needed to be updated to be included in the year-end report. Bill asked that at the start of the new fiscal year he could combine the shelving statistics for the STACKS items of the newly integrated Douglass/Music collections. The items are now interfiled and function as the same sub-location at Douglass. Jamie noted that there were some sub-locations that were not incorporated yet, but Bill clarified that he was only seeking to combine STACKS books.

Rob also asked to change the call number ranges recorded on the end of the year page to better reflect the growing areas of the Alexander collection.

Information sharing

DOUGLASS- Within the last two months at Douglass we finished receiving the Alexander PN (cinema studies) transfers. These items were initially staged downstairs on our basement level, where they were integrated in with the already existing Douglass PN call numbers. Once everything was received and integrated, the entire collection of Douglass P call numbers was shifted upstairs to the ground level. They begin in the West Room after the M and N call numbers, and end in the Tapestry Room. The basement level now holds Douglass A through L call numbers (not including GV, which remains on the ground floor prior to the M call numbers).

Our current periodical collections (which were formerly separate Douglass and Music collections) have been integrated and consolidated into the West Room. Everything is now housed where the current Music periodicals were/are located.

New shelving was installed in the back corner of the West Room (behind the PAL REF and next to the current periodicals) for the recently created PLAYSCRIPT browsing collection. All of the PLAYSCRIPT items have now been shifted to the new area.

As expected, shelving returns was and continues to be a priority before and after the end of the spring semester. Returns have subsided quite a bit at this point, so we should be caught up with shelving shortly.

ALEX- The large number of end of the year returns has forced us to temporarily halt the shift of 2B. The shelving has recently started to decrease in volume and we have resumed the shift, and hope to be finished by the around the end of June.

We have started sending small daily shipments of several large series from the DOCLUS collection to Dean at the Annex. There are almost 200 shelves worth of material to be moved to make room for growing series in DOCLUS.

We also had a severe water leak the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Fortunately we had created a canopy of plastic sheeting that was in place before the leak that prevented many of the books from being damaged. The books that were damaged were not severely wet and we were able to dry all the materials in house.

While constructing the canopy we noticed that using zip-ties made the canopy much more secure than using packing tape to keep the plastic in place. When the water started to leak it had saturated a ceiling tile which fell onto the plastic and partially dislodged it. It may be worth investigating to see if zip ties and small step ladders might be something that could be incorporated into the existing water emergency supply kits.

LSM-The collection management focus has been on shelving the backlog of returns that came at the end of the spring semester. Once the immediate returns that are put on books trucks are shelved, we will then go through sorting shelves that hold the books that were found left on tables and around the library.

Eddie spoke briefly with the LSM Librarians about identifying sections of the STACKS collection that are in need of weeding. This project has an eye on creating more space if chemistry books are to be transferred over to LSM. The reference weed is continuing into the S through Z portion of the collection. As of now I have 3 title runs to box and send over to Annex.

The IPAD the reference librarians have let Eddie borrow for cm projects will be used for other purposes soon. The IPAD was helpful in looking up information about the collection from the stacks. Acquiring devices such as these maybe something we can look into whenever funds for that are available.

CHANG- Chang has begun shifting their Stacks collection and work on the project should continue through summer.

Next Meeting: TBA

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