Minutes of October 9, 2013 meeting

Robert Krack, Irina Radeva, William Lynch, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek, and Soo Lee. Via teleconference: Jacqueline Hutton, Smith Library (standing in for Jimmie Staton) and Alejandro Arencibia, Dana Library.
Andy Martinez and Devon Gingery

Welcome remarks by co-chair Rob Krack. Member introductions followed.

Information Sharing

This is the first meeting to move the member information sharing online to the Sakai web space. Rob said that this part of the meeting took up the majority of past meetings, but left little time for other agenda items. A brief discussion followed where Bill and Irina agreed with the new format.

Online Floor Map Project

Both the Alexander and LSM libraries have printed maps, either for distribution to patrons or posted in centralized locations. Rob gave background on the project: Originally, CMG wanted very detailed, interactive online maps. However, this proved to be too much. So, the goal is to produce a non-interactive map with just enough detail. In the future, CMG may decide to upgrade to an interactive map. Jackie asked the question: Does each library have to produce a map? Rob said, no, that the sub-committee would create maps for each library. Soo volunteered to kick-off the project and use Kilmer as the test-bed.

It was discussed after the meeting that an online map project would need a proposal submitted to Judy before anything could be created. Rob volunteered to write the proposal and the online portion of the project was postponed until it could be submitted.

E-mail List

Rob and Eddie discussed the membership of the group versus who needs to be informed of the groups' actions/projects.

Space Management Planning

Rob discussed how Collection Management looks at available shelf space and how this can be improved. A database maintained by the CMCs for the librarians/selectors would be more efficient. There were four initial goals of the project:

  1. Assess collections
  2. Estimate maximum capacity
  3. Make the data reliable for seven-ten years
  4. Assist in shifting projects

A discussion on shifting projects at Douglass and LSM occurred. Alex and Jackie were asked about shifting practices at their libraries. Rob will create a prototype database at ALEX.


Co-chair Robert Krack ended the meeting at 3:35 P.M.

Information sharing

ALEX- (Rob) We finished the clean-up project for the Stacks collection in an effort to prepare the collection for the coming semester. Work has started on a series of mini-shifts to create space and incorporate periodicals that were transferred as part of the Douglass consolidation project in to the Bound Periodical collection. We started a series of small mini-shifts in the collection on the third floor and have begun a program to vacuum the books in our collection using a vacuum with a specially equipped HEPA filter. The vacuuming project has begun in the Government Documents collection but will be moving to other collections in turn. We have also trying a new program this year which we have named the Adopt-a-Shelf program. Student workers will be assigned a range for the coming semester. The student workers will be scheduled to shelf read their range and perform mini-shifts as needed throughout the semester. We have assigned a small number of students to this program and so far the results are very positive. We hope to expand on this program in the coming weeks.

DOUGLASS- (Bill) Here at Douglass we have begun a major collection shift of the basement level. This includes all of our call numbers from A-L (not including GV, which are located in the Performing Arts area on the ground floor). We're hoping this will create about 5 inches on each shelf for future growth, and possibly 7+ in high growth areas such as HQ. This part of our collection has been a problem area since it was shifted downstairs a couple of summers ago, and the lack of space needed to be remedied. Not much else has changed since the September meeting - I have continued helping with the training of students, especially in the realm of collection management. We have some new students helping with the shift, so special attention is being paid so that no major problems arise as the books are moved. I have also been in talks with Jan in Media to see if we can train some of their workers more thoroughly in collection management practices.

CHANG- (Devin) Painters have been at Chang for the past two weeks or so - the entire library is being painted for the first time since it opened! In early September, a large shelving unit that used to hold some of our current periodicals was removed by material services (all of the current periodicals had been condensed into a different shelving unit several months back) and some of our seating was rearranged to accommodate the empty space. We have several new student workers this semester and things have generally been busy.

KILMER- (Soo) Kilmer is in the last stages of cleanup from the Sept. 15 pipe burst incident. Luckily no collections got damaged. The Recread books were temporarily boxed until the carpet dried then put back. Generally, most of the new students have been trained and settling in so good news all around.

LSM - (Anthony) Eddie and I trained the new group of student assistants. The students took care of the shelving backlog (2nd floor stacks and 3rd floor bound periodicals). Returned books seems to have backed off this week. Now we can focus on the shelf reading project for the second floor stacks. Not much is new with the Chem Library move: the collection is still in situ while we wait for facilities to put the contract out to bid. Unfortunately, the environment in Chem is still conducive for mold growth. The plan is to move the collection to Annex and then to LSM. In preparation, Eddie and I measured Chem Ref and LSM Ref, which has plenty of room to absorb Chem Ref. I'm on a committee with Jamie, Dean, and Laura P. which will meet next week to discuss. Meanwhile, Laura P. has been attempting to obtain a de-humidifier from facilities. DTS' weeding projects at LSM via Anna Klose: a.) Ref: They are nearing completion with packing and shipping material to Annex. b.) Second Floor: should be starting by next week. They need to make a test run and get final approvals. RUL intern Manuel Justino is at LSM for his three week tour of duty through October 16. He's been helping with circulation and collection management duties. He assisted with helping to pack-up one of the ref titles last week. This week he's helping with assessment of the second floor stacks. I've requested and received approval for the purchase of a small vacuum (comes with a shoulder strap) with HEPA filters/bags. Carpet tile installation is now complete in the first floor public areas and the conference room. Public elevator was a bit sketchy: it was stuck one day last week and again on Monday. Luckily, no one was trapped.

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