Minutes of December 11, 2013 meeting

Robert Krack, William Lynch, Soo Lee, Jamie (Maguire) Smith, Irina Radeva, Anthony Timek, Shirley Peck, and Frederick Onorato. Jimmie Staton (Smith Library), and Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Edward Suarez
Andy Martinez, Devin Gingery, Theresa Macklin, Alejandro Arencibia

New Members

Rob and the CMG welcomed our newest member, Elsa Alves. She is the collection management coordinator for the Institute of Jazz Studies on the Newark Campus.

Suspension of Routine Serials Binding

Jamie stated that the binding of serials will cease due to budgetary constraints. This mainly affects the libraries on the New Brunswick Campus. There was a discussion on what to do with unbound material and the group recommended using Princeton-style file folders to hold unbound materials on the shelves. They come in several materials (steel, plastic, and cardboard) and styles. Price is a consideration with steel the most expensive and cardboard the least expensive.

Another consideration is what to do with serial titles that are also available online? Should we withdraw the hardcopies from our collections after a year? More analysis and input is needed, especially from the subject selectors. SMITH, RWJ, JAZZ, etc. have specialized collections and individual budgets, so they have flexibility in handling serials.

Other considerations:

  1. Tattle-taping
  2. Barcoding
  3. Labeling Princeton boxes
  4. Dealing with missing volumes
  5. Under/Oversized volumes interfiled with regular sized volumes
  6. How to prop-up volumes in under-filled file boxes? Shelf hooks? Spacers?

Another option is to use archival boxes with a flip lid.

Price Comparison

Binding: $9-$13 (standard sizes) and $50-$100 (oversize)

Princeton files*
Steel (Demco): $5.65-$13.01, Cardboard (Gaylord): $2.79, Plastic (Demco): $7.79
*Note that cardboard and plastic come in basically one size (3 7/8" or 4"). Steel is available in multiple sizes.

Archival box (Gaylord): $6.64-$13.96 (multiple sizes)
Jamie will present the group's idea to use Princeton files in lieu of binding to several other groups to see if this is a viable option.

Lyrasis Training

A webinar called "Co-operative Community Emergency Response and Recovery Town Hall" was held Friday, December 6. Rob attended. The presenters were Mona Vance-Ali (Mississippi Delta Collaborative), Christine Wiseman (Heritage Emergency Response Alliance) and Lori Foley (Heritage Preservation Network). Rob noted the following:

Next Meeting

TBD: Will be during the winter recess in January.


Co-chair Robert Krack ended the meeting at 4:07 P.M.

Information Sharing


Everyone is experiencing heavy return volumes with the end of the Fall semester. In particular, ALEX, DOUGLASS, and KILMER are very busy with laptop/extension cord loans. Also, ALEX and LSM are having holiday card making events.


The Adopt-a-Shelf program is now running at full speed now that all available students have assignments. We conducted our first evaluation of the shelves and found that while overall the students have improved their areas, many of them need a better explanation on how to front books. We will be sending out an email to the students with a clear explanation and some pictures to demonstrate a technique that will help them front books faster and with better results.

The periodical project to incorporate the transfers from Douglass has finished with the Alex periodicals and we have moved on to a full shift of the EAL-BDCHKO collection. There are some overflow materials that are being fed into this collection but the majority of the space will be used for growth in this collection.

The mini-shifts on the third floor are nearing completion.


At Douglass we continue to focus on the basement level collection shift, as well as the integration of the Music and Douglass Libraries.

We have reached the HQ call numbers in the basement shift, which is one of the fastest growing areas of our Stacks. I re-measured the collections and we are right on pace, meaning we were able to extend the "room for growth" on each shelf for the HQs.

The (formerly) Music Folio collection was also just transferred to Douglass, and so I have been working on integrating those two collections. All Folio items with M call numbers are currently being housed in the space where the former Music Folio was located, and all Folio items with other call numbers (A-L, N-Z) are located on the shelving where the traditional Douglass Folio collection has been. There were a few non-M Music Folio and M Douglass Folio prior to the transfer, so there was some physical moving necessary to keep the "Performing Arts" portion of the collection separate from the rest of the Folio. Spacers have been placed directing patrons to the other portions of the collection (depending on which one they are browsing), and I will be making new range guides for the Performing Arts portion of the collection later this week.


Kilmer's Recread section is growing at a healthy pace. Books from McNaughton are coming at a steady pace and we recently received an influx of donated books.

We also gave away our microfiche cabinet but I'm still waiting on word as to the permanent location status of the fiche Kilmer currently has.

The dup. weeding project is still ongoing as is the map project to create a uniform RUL map for all the branch libraries.


Weeding Project: Pulled about 1.5 faces worth of H-class material for DTS second floor weeding project . This is part of the test run.

Heavy article scanning requests/periodicals shelving. Stacks returns are also up.

Shelf-reading is continuing.

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