Minutes of February 19, 2014 meeting

Robert Krack, Soo Lee, Irina Radeva, Anthony Timek, and Frederick Onorato. Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies) and Jacqueline Hutton (Smith Library).
Andres Martinez (co-chair), Devin Gingery, Theresa Macklin, Alejandro Arencibia, Jimmie Staton, Jamie Smith, L. Melanie Miller

Information Sharing

Please see end of minutes.

Personnel Changes

Rob announced that Bill Lynch left Douglass Library for a new position with an environmental non-profit group.

Space Management Database

This is the primary project for the group. Rob held a training session in January for Anthony and Melanie. Anthony gave an update on how LSM was implementing the database. There was a question regarding setting up the file so it matches in-processing stats. Rob will help with this. LSM staff began measuring the collection last week.

Training: Rob would like to use a future CMG meeting to train as many members of the group as possible. The challenge is that we are a multi-campus system, so we would use a webinar-style format. It would also be recorded for future use. Rob is looking at late spring or early summer. There is a possibility of doing outreach with non-Rutgers libraries.

Library Floor Map

The Access Services Committee is still reviewing the proposal.

'How To Search For Missing Books' Video

Working in conjunction with the Student Coordinator Group, a revised script was approved. The original was deemed too long. Rob proposed having the Douglass Media Center assist with filming and editing.

Next Meeting



Co-chair Robert Krack ended the meeting at 3:10 P.M.


CMG members were given a tour of Douglass Library by Chiaki Mills to see all the changes since the most recent renovation.

Information Sharing


At Alexander we finished integrating all of the Periodicals on the overflow shelves into the collection and completed a full shift of the EAL-BDCHKO collection. We also reprinted al the stack guides in the basement and some of the stack guides on the third floor to reflect the shifting projects that were completed.

Work continues on the vacuuming project in Government Documents and the Adopt-a-Shelf program has resumed with the return of the students.

There are several upcoming shifts planned. 2A is the next Stacks collection floor that requires shifting. We are working with the selectors and the Holdings group to see if we can have some older series transferred to the Annex before we begin shifting. The selectors have given us decisions on a list of suggested items and Jamie is currently checking to make sure that they are the last copies in our system before transfers to the Annex can begin. We will also be recalibrating the space management database as the shift occurs.

We are also in the planning phase of shifting the DOCLUS collection to distribute space that was acquired through Annex transfers and the creation of new shelving. There will also be a shift of the State, DOCLNJ and DOCNJ collections when Mary Fetzer and Stephanie Bartz complete work on a project to weed items from the State collection or have them re-cataloged in to other collections.



The duplicate weeding project at Kilmer is still ongoing but considerably slowed down during the busy semester time. The Recread section is steadily growing and will need another mini-shift in the future.

I am also still waiting on word as to what to do with the microfiche at Kilmer. The cabinet it was stored in is being taken by someone else so I have cart-full of fiche with nowhere to go.


CHEM REF is arriving and being processed by DTS. LSM REF will be shifted to make room for the collection.

Shelved backlog of semester returns.

Measuring STACKS for the new CM Database.

Shifted 2.5 aisles of PER to make room for new material at the beginning of the collection (Advances In...). Typical minor shifts in STACKS.

Shelf-reading is continuing. Planning GOVDOC shift. And began vacuuming REF.


At the Douglass Library we continue to shift the Douglass STACKS Collection located in the Basement Level. We currently have about a 1/4 of the shifting project completed. We anticipate finishing by the end of the Spring semester.

At the Media Center the Douglass DISC collection was updated online to include a 12- prefix in front of each call number. This is the final step online to merge the Douglass DISC and Music DISC collections. Access Services staff will now re-label approximately 1,700 items with new call number labels.

Bill Lynch, the Collection Management staff person for the Douglass Library, Performing Arts Library and Media Center resigned his position as of 2/14/2014.

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