Minutes of April 9, 2014 meeting

Andy Martinez (co-chair / Douglass), Robert Krack (co-chair / Alexander), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Anthony Timek (LSM), Devin Gingery (Chang/Douglass), Jamie Smith (DTS). Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Theresa Macklin (Robeson Library), and Ermira Mitre (Smith Library).
Alejandro Arencibia (Dana Library) and Jimmie Staton (Smith Library).
Eddie Suarez (LSM)

Meeting Location: via Sakai chat

Library Floor Maps

The project has cleared two of three hurdles: Rob looked at our peer libraries, most of whom have online maps. Eventually we hope to emulate Princeton University's online map which gives an approximate location of where a particular item is in the stacks, but the first goal is to create static maps of our collections. http://library.princeton.edu/requests/?bib=PRN_VOYAGER1014006&loc=f

Rob also talked to RUPD to see if there were any security issues with posting maps online. Their advice was to not post room numbers, closets, or other places where people could hide, but other than that they saw no security concerns. Rob, Soo and Devin will meet with the Web Board to discuss implementation. There was discussion on how some libraries have their own maps. It was suggested that it may be a challenge to keep the data up to date when shifts occur.

Kilmer Library will be the test bed. The larger libraries will have priority over the smaller ones. However, there is some debate if the smaller libraries will require maps.

Alexander Library Sub-Basement Cleanup

Rob asked for volunteers to help clean up the sub-basement shelving at Alexander library. The project will take place the second week of June.

Next Meeting

The cleaning project will be held in lieu of the June meeting. The next meeting will be held in July.


Co-chair Robert Krack ended the meeting at 3:38 P.M.

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