Minutes of November 12, 2014 meeting

Robert Krack (co-chair / Alexander), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Edward Suarez (LSM/Minutes), Devin Gingery (Chang/Douglass), Jamie Smith (DTS), Betty Ciallelo (Smith Library), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies)
Andy Martinez (Douglass), Theresa Macklin (Robeson), Anthony Timek (LSM), Jimmie Staton (Smith Library), Fred Onorato (Alexander), Shirley Peck

Meeting Location: Sakai web meeting

I. DTS Moving to TSB Announcement

DTS will be moving from the basement level at Alexander Library to the Technical Services building on Busch campus starting in January. This is being done to streamline workflow in having both staffs in the same office.

The change will mean that Access Services staff will have to send DTS items to TSB instead of Alexander library. Rob reminded the group to still mark mail as DTS when it is sent to TSB. Items will still be checked out to the DTS user. Rob will notify the group if any changes take place involving the DTS user.

Rob also announced an update to the DTS problem ticket. Staff will no longer have to write out the local maintenance issue on the slip. Local maintenance now appears on the slip with a check box. Local maintenance issues are written as a Circ note in the item's record.

II. Flash LC Call Number Training Program

Rob suggested that the L.C. training program posted on the library's website could use some revisions. Rose Barbalace from the student coordinator group pointed out that one of the answers is actually wrong. Also, the font that was used isn't very clear and the program doesn't give the student the correct answer if they get the question wrong. Student coordinating group wishes to work jointly with Collection Management group to revise the Flash LC training program.

Stephanie Mikitish and Edward Suarez from student coordinators group will work on revising the program.

III. Space Management Database

Rob reported that the space management database is starting to receive recognition outside of the Rutgers. Rob will be attending the Metro conference in January to deliver a 30 minute talk about space management to the Metro libraries.

There is no widely known tool for establishing a library's space management needs on the market. By making this program available the CM group believes it can provide helpful tool to not just Rutgers but to many other libraries who can tailor this program to their needs.

Rob also called for the other Rutgers library units to set up the database over the next few years. One floor of Alexander library, LSM and Math have completed databases. Kilmer and Chang may start work in January. Douglass will likely need a series of databases as its collections are contained in several different areas of the building.

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KILMER - Soo Lee

LSM - Anthony Timek

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