Minutes of April 8, 2015 meeting

Robert Krack (chair / Alexander), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Fred Onorato (Alexander),Shirley Peck (Alexander), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Anthony Timek (LSM), Abdullah Sherzad (Douglass), Jamie Smith (DTS), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Jimmie Staton (Smith Library) and Alejandro Arencibia (Dana Library)
Theresa Macklin, Devin Gingery

Information Sharing

Please see end of minutes.

I. Group Membership Change (Rob)

II. Library Maps Project -- Update (Rob)

III. DTS Holdings Update (Jamie)

Jamie listed all projects, which were also posted in the information sharing. Only those projects that were cause for further discussion are listed here:

IV. Announcements

V. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 3:16 pm. No meeting is anticipated for May. The next meeting will most likely be announced for June.

Information Sharing


Work has resumed on the collection shift on floor 2A. We have reached the CT section and only two aisles remain to be shifted. The space is finally starting to diminish due to the re-spacing of our collection and a few lost shelves. There is a contingency plan in place if we cannot reach the beginning of the collection: a large amount of free space remains in the A section that will be appropriated for other areas. This space could be shifted forward in the event that we run out of space. We currently have 1 ranges of free space left.

The Adopt-a-Shelf program has been resumed after students returned from winter break. Students have been given more time this semester to work on the program, and we're seeing better results because of this.

We just completed shelf reading floor 2A and have moved to floor 2B. Regular shelf reading continues in addition to the Adopt-a-Shelf program.

There have been significant changes to the In-Processing statistics and procedures after DTS moved to TSB. We are now also counting items that are added to the collection and considered "adds" as they are added to existing records rather than have new records created for them. Although this hasn't increased the statistics for the Stacks collection much, the Government Documents collections have shown significant increases in numbers. Because of this we decided to take more detailed statistics for Government Documents collections in anticipation of eventual space management databases being created there.


At Chang we are just finishing up the stacks shift of our entire collection - we should be done this week. I have also begun working on the Chang space management database




Kilmer is continuing with the duplicate weeding project. A large number of our microfilm reels have also been weeded as part of the Douglass Periodicals Consolidation project. There have also been various holdings verifications for several different projects DTS is working on.


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